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Fright Feast I [Read] ➯ Fright Feast I By Brian James Lane – It doesn’t have to be the Halloween season to enjoy the thirteen terrifying tales contained in Fright Feast I It doesn’t have to be the Halloween season to enjoy the thirteen terrifying tales contained in Fright Feast I.

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  • Fright Feast I
  • Brian James Lane
  • 08 June 2014

2 thoughts on “Fright Feast I

  1. Zain Zain says:

    ExcellentAn excellent group of short stories that are just the right size to keep your interest while giving you the extra oomph that scares you

  2. Grampy Grampy says:

    This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite“Fright Feast I” by Brian James Lane is an all new collection of some very juicy horror shorts The first volume in a series of three “Fright Feast” books so far is loaded with 13 original tales to make your heart stop and your imagination run wild Brian is gifted with a mind unlike “normal” humans Some of the stuff he thinks up should prevent him from ever getting a decent night’s sleep Frankly I would NEVER want to go camping with this guy; if he told tales like these around the campfire I wouldn’t get a decent night’s sleep either Every little sound in the dark real or imagined would have my heart pounding loud enough to actually be heard from the next tent over The tales in this book are some of the best horror shorts I’ve ever read anywhere by anybody period Brian is destined to become known as an author who belongs in the same horror circles as King Koontz Lovecraft Hitchcock Poe and others of their ilkThe 13 tales in this book range in focus from a civil war hero’s statue which comes to life seeking vengeance to a swamp witch who can make people disappear with bogwater to zombies an oddly deformed child a fish story and a “thing” from time immemorial come back to life Plus 7 others as varied as these and just as heart stopping Even Brian’s Prologue is frightening; that’s just one example of how good he is If you are a fan of horror short stories and you think you can handle it you have got to have this collection You will remember these stories for the rest of your life even if that may be only a few moments

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