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More Domestic Discipline Tales ❮Download❯ ➶ More Domestic Discipline Tales Author Louise O. Weston – Further collection of 8 stories about domestic discipline comprising over 30000 words They include stepfather stepdaughter husbandwife boyfriendgirlfriend and motherdaughter storiesIn the first story Further collection of stories about domestic discipline comprising over words They include stepfather stepdaughter husbandwife boyfriendgirlfriend and motherdaughter storiesIn the More Domestic Epub / first story Shoplifters two young girls Lisa and Helen are caught shoplifting and their parents are called rather than the police Firstly Helen receives a strapping from her stepfather whilst at the same time Lisa is receiving a harsh punishment at the hands of her stepfatherIn Leslie's Discipline Leslie is caught by her husband reading erotic stories on the computer and playing with herself Her husband decides to give her a paddling but Leslie wants a peeLiz and John are a happily married couple John likes occasionally to treat Liz as little girl Daddy's Girl describes one such evening which starts with bath time and then a spanking followsIn Jenny's First Punishment her boyfriend is about to leave her Jenny begs him to stay which he agrees to do so long as she will obey him all night Bondage anal play and a harsh spanking resultAnna's Spanking is the story of a nurse who after work goes out to a local club with her friend Cathy having told her boyfriend that she is going to Cathy's house When Nick discovers the lie he goes to the club drags Anna out of the club and initially spans her over the boot of his carIn Lauren's Unacceptable Behaviour Lauren's mother seeks the help of her best friend when teenager Lauren needs some discipline Her friend lets Lauren's mother watch as she disciplines her own daughter with a ginger suppository paddle enema and strap In Out For Dinner Sue's disrespect towards her husband's boss incurs his wrath The journey home is tense Sue realises that she will be in for a severe paddling when they get home She doesn't realise however that that Rob has a present for her Lazy Sophie tells the story of the punishment Sophie receives for leaving her clothes all over the place and the bathroom a mess after she has had a shower The hand and bath brush leave their mark but also get Sophie excited.