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NHI No Humans Involved [EPUB] ✹ NHI No Humans Involved ✾ Ray Ellis – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Half of Treasure Valley is controlled by a violent street gang The other half is controlled by fear Rookie detective Nate Richards is thrust between the twoAbyss a new and mysterious gang has moved in Half of Treasure Valley is controlled by a violent street gang The other half is controlled by fear Rookie detective Nate Richards is thrust between the twoAbyss a new and mysterious gang has moved into the valley and people have started NHI No PDF/EPUB ² dying Nate's girlfriend suddenly disappears and the gang is targeted as the causeWill Nate succumb to the pressure to get the job done by any means necessary and become part of the problem Desperation grows as time runs out and Nate can feel the heat as the pressure builds Will his faith hold Will Nate rise above the pull into darkness Or will he sink into the ranks of the NotoriousNote This eBook was previously released as NHI No Humans Involved.

  • ebook
  • NHI No Humans Involved
  • Ray Ellis
  • English
  • 21 June 2014

About the Author: Ray Ellis

Ray began his law enforcement career with the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orange County California After working for a number of years in the maximum security facility he transferred to patrol working along Orange County's coast as well as the NHI No PDF/EPUB ² inner canyons and barrios After years he moved to Idaho and continued his law enforcement career serving as an instructor for the Idaho POS.

10 thoughts on “NHI No Humans Involved

  1. Marko Baay Marko Baay says:

    Within 24 hours a detective and a 16 year old boy are found dead The murders are evidently gang related Both bodies are left with a mysterious symbol none of the police officers can identify Things get real strange when a box is delivered at detective Nate Richards' front door in the middle of the night containing a cloth with the very same symbol printed on it How does the symbol connect to the new and extremely dangerous street gang that has settled in the old part of town?Nate Richards has to solve the murders but finds all kinds of difficulties on his path Besides the challenges at work Nate struggles with his feelings for his girlfriend Amber whom he loves but is afraid to admit it Unfortunately the king of the new street gang does not have this problem and not for long Amber is in grave dangerNotorious is a marvellous suspense novel written from experience both as to the police work as to human thoughts and actions Some of the characters act rather strange and unexpected but isn't that exactly what people do from time to time? We are all inclined to act contrary to what we should doBeing a baptist myself I love the christian atmosphere the book breathes Nate's father is a preacher Nate being a Christian too wants to convince his superior of God's love for him but the man gives Nate a hard timeThrough the book Nate struggles with his faith He is slack on attending church and Bible studies blaming it on his work His father urges Nate to ask God's help in his search for the killers However Nate's memory is rather short on this topic which does not bring him closer to solving the caseAll in all this is a great read I must admit I had some reservations when first picking up the book How interesting can a book named `NHI' the previous title of Notorious be? But soon I found myself flipping through the pages

  2. Jeff Jeff says:

    I'm not one that normally goes out of my way to read Christian fiction I know that sounds strange me being a Christian and all but I've found that a lot of it is just cheesy Notorious is anything but cheesy A crime thriller set in a town called Treasure Valley Notorious hits the ground running and never slows down It kept me gripped the whole time I was reading itThis book is book one in a series of Nate Richards mysteries Nate is a detective for the Treasure Valley Police Department Nate is also a Christian Treasure Valley has a gang problem and that gang problem has just intensified with the arrival of one Israel Vega and his new gang Abyss Israel is out to show the other gangs in the area that Treasure Valley is his He also takes a liking to Nate's good friend Amber who works at a local bookstore Along with the drama of the gang problems there is also an issue of police corruption that must be dealt with and the added stress of the fact that one of Nate's superiors Lt Larry Brown can't stand him or his beliefs Notorious is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good crime drama and doesn't mind a little faith and Gospel being thrown in to boot

  3. Michael E. Michael E. says:

    Notorious is a fun and exciting detective novel that shows the dark side of detective work as well as the the many different human elements involved across criminal and law enforcement situations You get to see the emotions from an honest cop trying to do his best but who is too close to the crime to be objective You see him struggle with his Christian faith as he is forced to deal with horrible situations The author also shows us part of a dark underworld and you get to feel the fear of a victim the anger of villain and the pressures internal to a police department The story moves fast and the plot has twists and is filled with lots of action It is a gritty novel and I enjoyed it

  4. Marlon Johnson Marlon Johnson says:

    I really enjoy reading this book Has a great plot and very hard to put the book down An African American detective in a urban city dealing with crime and also struggling with his own salvation I would recommmend this book to anyone who loves a crime storyline and and believes that there is hope in God Check it out I believe you will be pleasantly surprise

  5. Mama Mama says:

    35Warning While Christian fiction there was uite a bit of adult violence including references to rape Not for kids Not saying Christian fiction can’t deal with tough topics but some readers might prefer a bit softer content Pros The suspense was great Kept me turning the pages Cons There were several points that the writing was not polished and though not bad it just detracted from the storyline

  6. Regina Farmer Regina Farmer says:

    SuspenseAt first it seems like the typical gangbang book but then after the 3rd chapter it was surprisingly different I enjoyed the way The Most High was a focal point but didn't take over the story In my opinion the book was excellent and can't wait to read the next one

  7. Richard Richard says:

    Fun bookI enjoyed reading this book I will be reading the next book within this series I would recommend this book if you like a good clean crime book


    I did read this through to the end but ultimately dull uninspiring story The female characters were dreadful described purely in the role of female stereotypes The heroine was so dense that it was unbelievable She constantly put herself in danger and seemed to have the personality of a potato isn't God supposed to help those who help themselves her faith that everything would be alright despite overwhelming odds doesn't make up for the fact of lack of brain cells and common sense I get that she was supposed to be pretty and that her faith was appealing at least to Nate but really Her preachy condescending attitude about things she knew nothing about was irritating to say the least The constant references to Christianity I thought were ill judged At one point preaching to a teenager prostitute who had been consistently raped and abused about the mercy of God just felt trite and extremely unpleasant under the circumstances Putting the euivalent of Mary Poppins in a story about drugs and the sexual abuse of women just didn't work While it could have been interesting to delve into a police officer's religious faith being put to the test in the face of the worse aspects of mankind and an interesting take on the usual story it simply didn't work Full of cliches with plot twists so large that you could see them coming from a mile away Although Amber was as thick as brick her reaction to a terrible ordeal was unrealistic to say the least and the damsel in distress recurring story line was insulting Also the description of shared laughter peppered throughout the book was simply annoying as there was nothing that was funny but there were lots of shared moments when somebody said something and everyone in the room laughed for no reason whatsoever Badly written one dimensional characters with religious overtones that jarred with the story lines and the ending was awful Avoid

  9. Robbie Robbie says:

    I wasn't sure when I first began reading this one that I would finish it I stuck with it and am pleased that I did; it was well written fast paced the characters were well developed and the protagonist was decent honest and intelligent It was also well edited unlike many of the new e books I've read I rated this one 45 stars and plan to read the next in the series Nice to meet you Mr Ellis

  10. Valerie Valerie says:

    Good read although I spent the entire book wondering what NHI meant and who Nate's ex was Sometimes it was hard to tell who was talking and a few descriptions seemed muddled but overall I would recommend this book and I'd like to read the rest of the series

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