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Amor and Psycho [Reading] ➳ Amor and Psycho ➻ Carolyn Cooke – From the author of Daughters of the Revolution and The Bostons winner of the PENRobert W Bingham Prize for fiction come eleven stories about sex and death violence and desire love and madness set in a From the author of Daughters of the Revolution and The Bostons winner of the PENRobert W Bingham Prize for fiction come eleven stories about sex and death violence and desire love and madness set in a vast American landscape that ranges from the largest private residence in Manhattan to the lush rain forests and marijuana farms of Northern California In “Francis Bacon” an aspiring writer learns essential lessons from an aging Amor and Kindle - pornographer In “The Snake” a restless Jungian analyst sheds one existence after another In “The Boundary” a muralist falls in love with a troubled boy from the rez In the surreal “She Bites” a man builds an architecturally distinguished doghouse as his wife slowly transforms And in the transcendent three part title story two best friends face their strange fates linked by a determination to wrest meaning and coherence from lives spiraling out of control At once philosophical and compulsively readable Amor and Psycho dives into our darkest spaces confronting the absurdity poetry and brutality of human existence .

10 thoughts on “Amor and Psycho

  1. Kitty Kitty says:

    I was a little surprised at the reviews of this book that say the author was trying to be edgy I have read books meant to shock I have read schlock and this was nothing like that This was showing this was telling this was very very real If you think the contents of this book are shocking your life has probably been a little bit boring read slightly untragic I loved all the women characters in this book Everything was so complicated masterful Excellent short story book

  2. Margit Margit says:

    Cooke isn't afraid to write about edgy or painful subjects such as cancer suicide sexual abuse pornography and misogyny Her writing is authentic; her characters are real I found myself relating to characters I never would think of relating to in real life If you're not afraid of reading about these subjects pick up a copy of this bookThe Boundary is going to stick with me for a long time I liked the comparison between Native Americans and Jews It reminded me of my own search for identity The way she sprinkled in sentences of backstory about her ex husband was expertly done The voice was powerful authentic and poignant At the ending I physically felt what the character felt and was left sitting in my living room for minutes unable to move myself to continue to the next story I don't remember the last time I was so physically impacted by words or have I ever been? and I think that's about the highest compliment I can offer I think Cooke captured the way teenagers behave perfectly and view spoilerthat powerful feeling of rejection and loss that makes your chest constrict boom out of nowhere hide spoiler

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Amor and Psycho is a collection of edgy absurd short stories I think they were in fact too edgy and absurd for their own good and lacked any depth I only read the first three stories but they gave me a good idea of what the rest were going to be like drab shallow and trying too hard to be catchy I could easily imagine Palahniuk lovers enjoying this book

  4. Delmy Delmy says:

    One of the worst short story compilations that i have ever wasted my time reading It has absolutely no depth no point and the characters are so shallow and unconvincing The author tries so hard to be edgy and I don't know man I read better stories from classmates in highschool Really truly pedestrian and justbad I am very angryat myself for not taking the reviews into consideration I mean

  5. Elliot Chalom Elliot Chalom says:

    I read about half of the stories putting the book down for good after finishing the longest the titular story I could not waste my time any longer The sex desire and love was bland; the death violence and madness unaffecting Even as I was reading the book I uickly forgot nearly everything from the weak stories I absentmindedly read When one picks up a book like this the point is to be left trembling or titillated or in a perfect world both Here I was neither not for a single story If you want psycho look to Norman Bates or Patrick Bateman The poorly drawn characters in this book are utterly forgettable and charmless

  6. Abigail Abigail says:

    Cooke's writing is honest specific and illuminating not to mention wickedly funny I gladly followed her down every dark alley and around every foreboding corner The through line connecting the varied characters and themes in this collection is Cooke's blend of heartbreak humor and scalpel sharp language It's a signature wholly her own and with it she conjures a wholly human range of emotion

  7. Valerie Valerie says:

    WatI love short story anthologies so I saw this at the library and was like hey cool These don't really read like short stories though; at best you could call them snapshots At worst you can call them half assed absurdism I would've rated it lower but I actually liked the last story in the book even though it ended ridiculously abruptly like everything elseOh and trigger warning for those who might need them there's a lot of women dying of cancer in this book

  8. Julie Way Julie Way says:

    I typically like books of short stories and I really wanted to like this one but overall I just didn't I liked some stories better than others of course and some stories seemed weirdly intertwined which I also liked But I kept wanting to get to the end of the story rather than enjoying it and none of the stories really have a conclusion so you can draw your own I gave this book a 3 star rating because it had a lot of vocabulary I didn't know and I really appreciate that

  9. Mae Dragoni Mae Dragoni says:

    Not a bad book interesting but not my cup of tea I enjoyed the writing and the stories but sometimes the stories were vague I liked how it made you think but I think I’m just a person that likes resolution All in all not bad

  10. Matthew Matthew says:

    Great writing

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