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A Dog's Journey: Another Novel for Humans ❰EPUB❯ ✼ A Dog's Journey: Another Novel for Humans Author W. Bruce Cameron – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Direct seuel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling A Dog's Purpose by W Bruce Cameron Buddy is a good dog After searching for his purpose through several eventful lives Buddy is sure that he Direct seuel to the New York Times Journey: Another PDF Í and USA Today bestselling A Dog's Purpose by W Bruce Cameron Buddy is a good dog After searching for his A Dog's ePUB ´ purpose through several eventful lives Buddy is sure that he has found and fulfilled it Yet as he watches curious baby Clarity get into dangerous mischief he is Dog's Journey: Another ePUB ☆ certain that this little girl is very much in need of a dog of her own When Buddy is reborn he realizes that he has a new destiny Dog's Journey: Another Novel for MOBI :º He's overjoyed when he is adopted by Clarity now a vibrant but troubled teenager When they are suddenly separated Buddy despairs—who will take care of his girl A charming and heartwarming story of hope love and unending devotion A Dog's Journey asks the uestion Do we really take care of our pets or do they take care of us More than just another endearing dog tale A Dog's Journey is the moving story of unwavering loyalty and a love that crosses all barriersAt the publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied.

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  1. Federico DN Federico DN says:

    Destroy me in tiny little pieces why don't you? Bruce Cameron delivers an extremely powerful seuel in this lovely doggish series In the first book we learn the story of Bailey and his infinite loyalty towards Ethan through his multiple lives In this excellent addition to the series we learn the story of Molly and her undying love for Clarity Ethan's nieceA dog's love is something precious and that is the part that I loved But this fucking book hits you from all angles and so many times that I also grew to hate it It burned me so much that many times I just had to drop it and gather all possible strength to read it at a later time It's that messed up but not because of that less valuableA highly memorable read A favorite place well earned A book specially recommendable for the dog lover Innumerable moments to remember Indescribably beautiful insufferably painful After reading it you cannot but love even your doggy companion But I have to strongly warn beforehand that it has many maaany extremely painful moments Empathy is a beautiful and wicked gift It can bring you as much happiness as can pain And there's a very specific pain when you feel that something happens to an animal The movie is a nice adaptation of the book Many serious deviations from the main plot some good some not Luckily the many changes on the plot made the whole thing much less painful than it originally was so it's is a much friendler version than the book Easier to watch easier to loveStill remaining book #3 somedayUntil next time Haceme mierda a pedazos why don't you? Bruce Cameron entrega una fuertísima secuela en esta adorable saga perruna En el primer libro conocemos la genial historia de Bailey y su infinita lealtad hacia Ethan a través de sus múltiples vidas En esta excelente adición a la saga conocemos la historia de Molly y su inmortal amor por Clarity la nieta de EthanEl amor de un perro es algo hermoso y esa es la parte ue amé Pero este maldito libro te pega por todos lados y tantas veces ue también llegamos a odiarlo Me uemó tanto ue varias veces tuve ue soltarlo y juntar toda fuerza posible para poder continuarlo más tarde Es así de jodido pero no por eso menos valiosoUna lectura altamente memorable Un lugar de favorito bien ganado Un libro especialmente recomendable para el canino aficionado Innumerables momentos para el recuerdo Indescriptiblemente hermoso insufriblemente doloroso Después de leerlo no podés mas ue adorar más a tu compañero perruno Pero no puedo dejar de advertir de antemano ue tiene muchos muuuchos golpes bajoneros La empatía es un hermoso y perverso don Puede traerte tanta felicidad como dolor Y hay una especie de dolor muy específico cuando sentís ue le pasa algo a un animal La película es una linda adaptación del libro Muchas serias desviaciones de la trama principal algunas buenas algunas no Afortunadamente los muchos cambios hechos en la trama hicieron toda la cosa mucho más potable ue su original así ue termina siendo una versión mucho más amigable ue el libro Más fácil de ver más fácil de amar ueda pendiente el libro #3 algún díaHasta la próxima

  2. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    One dog many lives This dog keeps coming back for his favorite human Ethan no matter what He's been Toby Bailey Ellie and at last Buddy Once Ethan passes away at an old age Buddy thinks his purpose is fulfilled He loved Ethan with all his heart and now Buddy is ready to pass on Onlythings don't go to plan Now what? Was I to be reborn over and over forever? Could a dog have than one purpose? How was that possible?” In his last few years as Buddy he meets Baby Clarity the granddaughter of Ethan Buddy saves Clarity once from drowning and once from an anxious horse and both times Clarity was under supervision of her mother GloriaAnd when Buddy finds himself reborn yet again this time as a poodle mix named Molly he also finds his way back into Baby Clarity's life Clarity now a teenager called CJ desperately needs love affection protection and just about everything only a dog can offerGloria is ever the narcissistic neglectful mother and CJ is coping in all the wrong ways running off dating the wrong sorts and binging and purging Molly doesn't know what to do to help CJ It cannot be a dog's purpose to understand what people want because it is impossible But no matter what Molly will do his best to love his human After his lifetime as Molly he comes back again as Max a Yorkie Chihuahua mix and again as Toby a beagle mix Each time he is reunited with CJ when she needs him most She taught me that it was a good thing to love than just my boy Ethan opening my eyes to the fact that I’d actually loved many people in my lives that loving humans was my ultimate purpose This was an ah mazing seuel It really is an absolute delight when the seuel turns out to be better than the first The author did a fantastic job of blending a dog level of comprehension along with enough clues to alert the human readers to trouble This book tugged all the right heartstrings I desperately wanted this series to continue but I am in absolute love with the way this one ended You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him Audiobook CommentsNarrated by George K Wilson The reader did a pretty good job but his voice sounded toohuman I kept forgetting that MollyMaxToby was a dog because the narrator was so good at his dictionYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  3. Mary Lou Mary Lou says:

    If you read A Dog's Purpose you'll feel the same way good or bad about this continuation of the story Have your hankies ready and your dogs close at hand Some reviewers of these books complain about the simple writing style The story is supposed to be told by a dog and part of the message is that dogs are simple creatures It's part of the books' charms Readers in search of Great Literature shouldn't expect to find it in books that depict dogs with thought bubbles on the covers for heaven's sake Cameron's books are for people who want a uniue engaging dog story My only gripe with this installment is that our main human character never seems to catch a break There's always calamity heading her way and my stomach was in a knot throughout most of the book The good news as much as I enjoyed these two books I was pleased that Journey had a definitive ending This shouldn't be a trilogy or series too much of a good thing can ruin it Now I'm going to go hug my dogs and tell them how good they are There might even be a treat in it for them

  4. W. Cameron W. Cameron says:

    When I was a child I read Old Yeller and absolutely loved it right up to the moment when they KILL OLD YELLER I am willingly spoiling the plot the same way I would yell DON'T DRINK THE POISON at somebody Why read a book where you fall in love with the dog and then in the end the dog dies?I wrote A Dog's Purpose as a love poem to the relationship between people and their pets And since true love never dies and no truer love comes from a source treasured than the heart of a dog I gave my readers a gift the dog doesn't die in the end That's not really a plot spoiler that's the premise This means that at the end of A Dog's Purpose the dog is still alive leading me to wonder what next? Could there be another purpose or an extension of the same purpose?A Dog's Journey picks up where A Dog's Purpose left off If you loved the adventures of BuddyBailey you'll want to know what happens next because it turns out that Ethan has a grandchild and there is no one better to look out for an adventuresome accident prone child than a loving dog especially a dog as wise as Bailey

  5. Nik Markevicius Nik Markevicius says:

    As a writer myself I can't help but look at the mechanics of a piece when I read it Not that I've lost the ability to enjoy a well told tale I'm like an auto mechanic at Cruise Night admiring all the great work A Dog's Journey is a great story a great seuel and one of the best books written about dogs The first book A Dog's Purpose is the kind of emotional gut wrench to a dog owner like me that makes you proud to care for a canine and proud of the loyalty they show to us ADJ does of the same but with a unified focus and it's here in this seuel that the narrative power of Cameron shines Combined with his ability to portray a dog's point of view at a high level of detail and in my experience with dogs accuracy Never did I stop to think Hmm that doesn't sound like a dog I was drawn in with this approach and made to care deeply about the dogs the people and what happens to them I can't always say I get this involved in the characters but when I do those are the books which are usually most memorable If you're not a dog lover or at least a dog liker steer clear If you're like me grab a copy of ADP Aand ADJ settle in and oh yeah be prepared to laugh smile yell at imaginary people cry and of course seek out a furry friend many many times I'm pretty sure you'll want some hugs and licks and cuddles

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    I loved A Dog's Purpose It is one of my 5 star books and I am very very stingy with giving out 5 stars Unfortunately for me at least A Dog's Journey suffers from seuel syndrome and just was not as good This book continues to be told by the dog in hisher continued reincarnations This time the dog becomes attached to Ethan's granddaughter Clarity But most of this book was about Clarity CJ and the conversation and thoughts of the dog just became repetitive I never really felt attached to Clarity either and in fact her problems and issues were a bit annoying The best part of this book for me was the first two pages and the final two pages The remaining 327 pages were just filler Easy to read but still just a lot of filler I don't think this seuel was necessary other than for the final two pages

  7. A.D. A.D. says:

    I usually don't read dog books because I can't handle the crying but a few weeks ago I had to put my beloved 16 year old Shih Tzu to sleep and I was really struggling with my decision and my loss Some random person I had to call at a call center told me about it and I decided to give it a try I'm so glad I did It helped me a lot to realize I made the correct choice and was very healing for me Especially because I got my dog as a suicidal teen and having her to love and love me back saved my life So I really connected with the way this dog is taking care of his human because my little Puhka was that for me through my depression and then years of health problems from a horse riding accident that led to 5 years of constant vertigo and then another 5 years of hip problems She waited until after my hip replacement last year at 32 years old was healed enough that she didn't need to take care of me any Just like this sweet dogThough I've never cried so hard in a book before and throughout pretty much the entire thing I also laughed almost the whole time to look at the world from a dog's perspective and get an idea what they might be thinking and feeling Definitely worth it if you're a dog lover

  8. Diana Diana says:

    It amuses me to read a book narrated by a dogI knew we were supposed to bark because CJ was always angry when someone knocked 'Hey Stop uiet Enough' she would yell I didn't understand the words but the meaning was clear she was upset with the knocking and we should keep barkingA Dog's Journey picks up the storyline from A Dog's Purpose with the next generation in Ethan's family I liked book one than this second installment but this one was still very enjoyable for me to read If you loved A Dog's Purpose and didn't want it to end you will likely enjoy A Dog's Journey as it is basically of the same However if you loved A Dog's Purpose in the sense that is was wrapped up perfectly with good closure for you then you may not enjoy this extension of the story

  9. Sydney Sydney says:

    This book was Amazing I read it all in two days It starts off years after the first book left off Buddy is an old dog His master Ethan had died and Buddy was convinced his purpose had been fullfilled and he would finally enter eternal rest at the end of his life He spent the last of his days watchhing after a little toddler Clarity who was always getting into mischief around Buddy's farm As he died he knew that Clarity would need a dog of her own to look after her but he never expected that he would be that dog Yes buddy ends up being reborn and he finds Clarity again who is now a troubed teen suffering from an eating disorder Now named Molly this loving dog devotes herself to Clarity who now goes by CJ Molly goes through lives and in all of them she finds CJ again As you read all of the dog's expieriences and thoughts it really makes you think about your dogs and how their true goal is only to please you I would recommend this book and a dogs purpose to anyone who has a dog or loves dogs

  10. Shelby Shelby says:

    5 Incredible StarsI am so many emotions and thoughts about this book This book had me in tears because it was so sad I also love this book a little better than the first one because I thought that this book made a little sense than the first book did I loved the writing of both of the books After reading this series I fell in love with it and I thought about things a little bit differently about animals and what happens when they die I thought that was interesting in a way I loved this series I am really glad that I read this series because it was so good and so emotional I would recommend this series to anyone that is a dog lover and that was a really good series to read

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