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Overclocked [Reading] ➿ Overclocked By K.S. Augustin – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In a new world there are new challenges new dangersnew ways to dieBasement Five’s first cybernaut is lost in a universe of bits and bytesWas it an accident Deliberate Dr Tania Flowers is about to fi In a new world there are new challenges new dangersnew ways to dieBasement Five’s first cybernaut is lost in a universe of bits and bytesWas it an accident Deliberate Dr Tania Flowers is about to find out.

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  1. Tina Tina says:

    Tania Flowers and Carl Orin are lovers and rivals Both are elite scientists for a super secret lab known only as Basement Five And both are angling to be the very first cybernaut a person whose consciousness is catapulted into cyberspace to explore the world of bytes and bitsThrough chicanery Carl earns that special honor But something goes awry While his physical body is peacefully sleeping in a monitored room in Basement five his psyche has been lost adrift somewhere in cyberspace Tania insists on going in to find him If she can't his physical body will atrophy and he will lapse into a vegetative state and dieTania manages to find Carl alright but she uickly realizes that they are not the only ones thereThe first sample chapter of this novella gives absolutely no clue about what the story is about In fact it is nothing really but an extended erotic love scene Normally that would not in anyway prompt me to buy a book As a matter of fact it just might do the opposite as my decision to read or buy a book has never been prompted by a sex scene But the writing was strong enough even in an erotic love scene that I was intrigued enough to continue reading the sample Instead it was the small tiny bit of the second chapter made available that hooked me That was the nugget that gave me a glimpse of the true plot of the story and made me want to read the bookI thought the author did a really good job of anthropomorphizing the net and data systems Tania and Carl's brains caused the net to manifest itself as a city with areas of high bandwith looking like eight lane highways while low bandwidth looked like a single lane country road Secure systems looked like impenetrable buildings with no way in while unsecured networks were houses that you can just walk into he front door The author also plays with the concept of time as a computer system can calculate information at a faster rate than normal human consciousness does so Tania and Carl find themselves adjusting to the pace of cyberspace and it has an interesting effect on their perception It also has a direct bearing on the plotI enjoyed their adventure and the story is really an adventure that I could see easily translated to a sci fi action movie There is even a villain of sortsThis is a novella not a full length novel I generally do not like novellas since often than not I have found that the authors sacrifice a lot of character development and story progression to word count But just as I have found that Illona Andrews is able to work wonders in this length so has this author This is a well paced self contained story And there is enough plotstory here to make me feel like it is truly complete Not only did we manage to get a pretty decent sci fi action story we also got a great romance in the bargain as wellThis is a new to me author whose works I've had on my radar for a while I think I may just bump the next one up

  2. Abra Abra says:

    I received this as a freebie at RT15DNFI really hated this book The hero was the biggest a hole I've read in a while He and the heroine are in competition for a project as well as sleeping with each other They have each devoted themselves to being chosen The night before the big meeting at 930am the hero and heroine have sex and he blindfolds her The hero talks her into falling asleep with the blindfold on and then leaves She wakes up to find the blindfold still on so she can't see the morning light he turned off her alarm and it's two hours after the meeting She finally gets to the secret underground lab to find he was chosen for the project and it has already begunMinor spoiler and the second reason I hated this book so muchview spoiler She forgives him right away because you know they're both ambitious That she would never pull such a dick move is not the point and she forgets right away and I mean right away how betrayed she felt by what he did There's a brief apology but the hero needed to do a great deal of groveling as well as changing the way he had before the scales would be close to being balanced hide spoiler

  3. John Picha John Picha says:

    Technical team tries to retrieve marooned cybernautOverclocked takes place in a laboratory complex called Rimshot Carl and Tania are rival computer scientists who know how to push each others hot keys in the boardroom and in the bedroom They are working on a project to launch a person's consciousness into cyberspace or what they call The Blue The tale takes us on a sort of techno astral projection into a digital dreamscape where the environment is manipulated by cybernauts as much as they explore it In a way the cybernaut's consciousness and brain is blended with the computer's and the story explores the psychological neurological impact of the process Overclocked refers to the speed time moves within cyberspace While in their non corporeal forms cybernauts sync their minds to computer speed by clocking up Without the limits of physical bodies their minds true capability is freed and the cyber explorers essentially function at light speed There is even an instance of literal cybersex Actually there are two sex scenes in the story One is right at the beginning and the other is around chapter 6 They are explicit but used very smartly within the context of the story The First one is a candid character relationship setup and the second one cleverly connects to the first where a lost character is reminded he is a corporeal being through sexIf you enjoy stories like Neuromancer Matrix Tron or Summer Games or if you are intrigued by Houston we have a problem types of thinking crisis tales I suspect you will enjoy Overclocked Oh did I forget to mention there is a strange creature lurking in The Blue?Hackers welcome

  4. Lana Lana says:

    I got a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a marvelously intricate story for a novella meaty and satisfying There were parts of it that despite the author's down to earth explanations still went over my head but I'm okay with reading material that challenges meI enjoyed the evolution of Carl from playboy scientist out for the fame and glory to a self sacrificing man who believed his actions could and were necessary to save the worldThe descriptions of the internal landscape of the internet were useful in visualizing what Carl and Tania were experiencing not everyone who was there saw things the same way and the differences were interesting in themselvesAs with the previous book I read the formatting was phenomenally well done and really made reading this a pleasure chapters were clearly divided no orphaned lines or stray words in the middle of paragraphs A lot of indie published authors are less perfectionist and I deeply appreciate the care that Augustin takes in making these books easy on the eyes

  5. Anne Anne says:

    Pretty interesting

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