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The Nutmeg of Consolation [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Nutmeg of Consolation By Patrick OBrian – ‘If it’s blood I must put it in cold water this directly minute’ said Killick who knew perfectly well that it was bloodShipwrecked on an island in the Dutch East Indies the last of whose animals ‘If it’s blood I must put it in cold water this directly minute’ said Killick who knew perfectly well that it was bloodShipwrecked on an island in the Dutch East Indies the last of whose animals The Nutmeg PDF/EPUB ² have almost been hunted to extinction by the hungry seamen and – worst of all – with grog and tobacco nearly finished Captain Aubrey and his followers are still able to play a rousing game of cricket on the beach A desperate battle with Malay pirates follows but then thanks to a sly ruse by Stephen they are unexpectedly rescued After the good fortune of being given a new gun ship The Nutmeg of Consolation the crew are reunited at sea with their shipmates on the beloved Surprise and the real trouble begins In the prison colony of New South Wales the appalling treatment of convicts means that Stephen decides he must rescue his erstwhile servant Padeen – lying in hospital after suffering lashes and condemned to a still brutal fate Stephen’s determination to aid his escape brings him into a painful conflict with Jack that threatens their friendshipFor this book O’Brian researched extensively the early history of Australia and without ever losing his wit and sense of humour his deep humanity and sympathy for those who suffered there pervades every page O’Brian makes a profound acknowledgement to the help given to him by Robert Hughes’s history The Fatal Shore published in a Folio Society edition in .

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  1. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    In The Nutmeg of Consolation you get shipwrecks pirates and duels fought for honor With content like that some might expect a dime store novel in The Nutmeg of Consolation but when it's Patrick the Jane Austen of historical fiction O'Brian you get treated to high uality writing A literary adventure if you willBook #14 in the series picks up where The Thirteen Gun Salute left off The crew is stranded on a remote island in the MalaysiaIndonesia seas Things get dicey when the natives attack But fortune is on the side of Captain Aubrey who is able to continue on with his mission through grit and ingenuity Eventually they land in New Holland present day Australia where the reminder of the book plays outIn the past I seem to have given this five stars Today after this reread I would say it's closer to four I mean if you've read these novels from book one to this point then perhaps you too would rate this as perfection It gives the fan everything they could want plenty of Jack and Stephen moments some fighting clever sailors overcoming odds natural philosophy a tender moment or two the return of memorable characters and of course O'Brian's beautiful descriptions However it lacks a strong purpose The initial uandary is resolved a third of the way in and the rest is a description of Australia during its horrible transportation days Stephen does the heavy lifting story wise throughout the remainder of Nutmeg and does have an important task to accomplish but it doesn't create a plot that moves the story with a sense of urgent inevitability Having said that I still love this book and highly recommend itMy review of book 13 The Thirteen Gun Salute review of book 15 The Truelove

  2. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    “I read novels with the utmost pertinacity I look upon them I look upon good novels as a very valuable part of literature conveying exact and finely distinguished knowledge of the human heart and mind than almost any other with greater breadth and depth and fewer constraints” ― Patrick O'Brian The Nutmeg of Consolation For action this book is a bit light There is a bit of fighting when the crew of the shipwrecked HMS Diane are trying to building a schooner Tobacco and alcohol might soon run out and the ship is nearing St Famine's day not marked by a famine of food but smokes and booze Things might get rough After losing a few members heading off an attack of some local pirates they eventually chase down a French ship I won't give those details away However after that the book ends up in Australia New South Wales where Dr Maturin contemplates happiness money family and addition He also confronts the harsh conditions in New South Wales where everything has been degraded by the penal colony economy It might have been a 3 star the first? book if not for the beautiful musings of Stephen throughout I really do love these novels

  3. Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) says:

    This the 14th volume in Patrick O'Brian's brilliant Aubrey Maturin canon is one of my absolute favorites of the twenty completed novels in this wonderful Napoleonic wars seafaring series The Nutmeg of Consolation is a page turner from page one on We join Captain Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in the East Indies as they are rescued from a deserted island acuire the beautifully Dutch built small frigate the Nutmeg of Consolation fight a running sea battle with the much larger French frigate Cornelie meet up with all of their chums aboard HMS Surprise and then visit the penal colony of New South Wales in Australia The action at sea and ashore is tense and engaging; as well as being full of the wonders of science and nature that Stephen and his friend Martin explore on the islands they visit and in the Australian outback This is a terrific book and oh so cleverly plotted and written All of the 'Aubrey Maturin' novels are superb; and this particular episode just happens to be in my opinion one of the 'crown jewels' in the series I unhesitatingly recommend this novelas well as the entire series

  4. Wolfgang Wolfgang says:

    Intelligently written Good story Interesting characters Unsure about the characters they seem a little bit to complex for sailors

  5. Renee M Renee M says:

    The one with the lady pirate the cannibals Australia and the platypus A very Stephen centric novel but without the spying and intrigue Lots of interesting info about the New South Wales section of Australia and a creepy new fact about the cuddly platypus

  6. Craig Craig says:

    SPOILERS BELOWThis particular edition to the series may well have been entitled When Maturin Cannibals and Platypuses Attack This and the previous book in the series is rather meandering and doesn't seem to have much in the way of a concrete objective in terms of where the author wanted to take the characters but it's Patrick O'Brain so who cares? His descriptive detail the viewpoints of the characters mostly and seemingly increasingly from Maturin the vast knowledge of contemporary technology proceedings and customs as well as just the feeling of having been taken back in time does than enough to compel one to read this series As the saying goes it's the journey not the destination which is just as well because when O'Brian brings his books to a close he doesn't do so by gently closing the door so much as yanking out the plug May he rest in peace

  7. K.M. Weiland K.M. Weiland says:

    A little slower and little self indulgent than some of the previous entries but a delight from start to finish as always The early part on the island put me in mind of Far Side of the World only better than what we find in that installment and the return to India which was very enjoyable in the previous book and the exploration of Australia was lovely Not too many sea battles here but it’s perhaps funnier than any of the previous books Wonderful to finally get back to the Surprise but I must say that I hold a special place in my heart for the Nutmeg and I hope we haven’t seen the last of her

  8. Ron Ron says:

    Great historical fiction only passingly good fiction A fun read nonethelessThe usual suspects maneuvered around the western Pacific to touch on as many real or realistic situations as possible Some sub plots better developed than others but surely the Aubery Maturin true believers will love it allO'Brian resisted the temptation to leave us hanging from another cliff

  9. Anna Anna says:

    Aubrey and Maturin are at it again Sailing the high seas fighting the French and miscellaneous jerks saving children finding rare creatures curing ailments and generally being surrogate parents to a slightly disreputable family of sailors Their domesticity repeatedly verges upon the romantic in this instalment Stephen is struck by the blueness of Jack’s eyes; Jack is jealous of Martin for taking up Stephen’s time ‘The Nutmeg of Consolation’ proved to be another wonderful tale of their adventures spent entirely abroad and mostly at sea Killick can as usual be relied upon to provide great amusement while violence ashore and at sea creates tension O’Brian is such a reliably excellent writer This is the fourteenth book in the series I am so flighty a reader that the last seuence I got so far with was probably the Animorphs back in my teens I usually lose interest after perhaps three books but could hardly do so with such lovable characters and beautifully rendered historical settings The plots honestly are of much less interest to me although they are very well crafted My favourite moments are generally those that show the characters at uiet times rather than during chases and battles A few particularly pleasing lines of dialogue follow”My dear Maturin how very happy I am to see you We had given you up for lost I trust you are well?”“Perfectly well I thank you Governor; only a little ruffled” said Stephen whose face was indeed somewhat less sallow than usual “The sergeant offered me fourpence to go away”“Lord Raffles” cried his wife coming in “What is that very ill smell? Has something died behind the wainscot?”“My dear” said the Governor “It is this new plant which is to be named after Dr Maturin”“It would I am sure be indiscreet to ask why you were turned before the mast” said the Dutch lady most at home in English“Well ma’am” said Jack with an engaging leer “it was partly due to my devotion to the sex but even because I stole the captain’s tripe”“Sex?” cried the Dutch ladies “Tripe?” They whispered among themselves blushed looked very grave and fell silent“You are luckier than I am in that way They do not look upon you with any respect That is to say not with any undue respect I mean they have an amazing respect for you of course; but they do not look upon you as a superior being”“Do they not? They certainly looked upon me as a very disagreeable one this afternoon I was cursed sullen snappish and dogged with them all”“You astonish me Had something put you out?”“I had set aside a corpse for opening an interesting case of the marthambles; I was going to ask your good word as duty bound but before I could do so some criminal or at least some busy hand had sewn it up and placed it among those you buried”“What a ghoul you are Stephen upon my word” Killick came in and stood breathing heavily in the doorway and looking disagreeable They took no notice intent upon their letters; he came forward to the table and moved some knives and forks uite unnecessarily and with unnecessary noise“Get out Killick” said Jack without looking round“Killick you break in upon my thoughts” said Stephen“Which I only came to say that the cook has burnt the soup the Doctor ain’t shaved yet and your honour has spilt ink on your breeches your only decent breeches”“God’s blood hell and death so I have” cried Jack “You may recall that last time we had the happiness of walking in the Brazilian rainforest I was bitten by an owl faced night ape”“Certainly I do How you bled”“This time I was bitten by a tapir and bled even ”“A tapir for all love?”Other highlights include view spoilerthe coca leaf addled rats very moving scenes at the end when Padeen is recovered Stephen’s belief that coffee is as good as opium Jack and Stephen’s musical game that Killick objects to the deliberate messing up of the Nutmeg for stealth purposes the crew thwarting the dissection of their deceased shipmate a fricassee Jack nearly falling into the sea because the uarter galley has been shot off by cannon fire the freuent repetition of Stephen’s ‘curtailed’ comment a discussion of sloops several awkward dinner parties Jack’s care for his illegitimate son complaints that the Surprise stinks Pullings reminding Stephen to put on his trousers reminiscing Jemmy Ducks the excellent babysitter Jack foolishly double dosing himself with laxatives the fascinations of boomerangs and Stephen surviving the venom of a platypus hide spoiler

  10. Kathryn McGowan Kathryn McGowan says:

    Every one of my Patrick O'Brian reviews are the same I love these books I think the best bit of this one is them being shipwrecked again and having to find a way out of it This kind of thing really makes you realize how little ability modern people have with their hands I know that I couldn't build a ship from scratch using the materials from a wrecked one plus whatever was available on a desert island How about you?I'll be sad when I come to the end of the series But wait that means I can start again from the beginning right?

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