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A Thousand Tiny Failures [EPUB] ✻ A Thousand Tiny Failures ✾ Tony D. – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sebastian had man boobs and life was a bummeruntil he got surgery and discovered an online community of Pickup Artists Moving to Montreal he stumbles into a world of parties sex drugs and drama – on Sebastian had man boobs and life was a bummeruntil he got surgery and discovered an online community of Pickup Artists Moving to Montreal he stumbles into a world of parties sex drugs and drama – only to emerge with a new but uestionable understanding of himself women and the human condition Have you ever wondered how long will it take to find success with women Does this Pickup Artist stuff really workWhat compels a man to relentlessly flirt for sport and at what costPart instruction manual part hipster Unicorn sexual adventure story A Thousand A Thousand PDF or Tiny Failures is a hilarious and addicting novel for men who want to improve and women who want to understand.

10 thoughts on “A Thousand Tiny Failures

  1. Guilherme Ferreira Guilherme Ferreira says:

    Amazing writing pretty cool and humble story

  2. Caleb Caleb says:

    Really Really good book and not even if your just trying and get good with picking up women This reads just like a novel and is actually really funny Personally I liked this book way than The Game by Neil Strauss Tony D actually tells you like it is and doesn't try and sugar coat itHe actually talks about losing weight and doing stuff so that you physically look better from what i've heard most pick up artist say that looks don't matter at all but I don't believe that for a second Yes looks may not be everything you need to work on your personality no matter what but I have lost 64 poundsmainly for my health but after doing that and gaining some muscle women have been noticing me I also shaved and try and make sure I look good When Tony was young he always had negative views about his body because he had Gynecomastia man boobs He still got a couple of girls growing up but was always worried what they would think once he took his shirt off He finally got surgery for themonly 1000 so why not right He moves to Montreal to learn the art of pickupif your reading this i'm gonna review the book againread it over a year ago and then i'm gonna finish this review after

  3. Goth Gone Grey Goth Gone Grey says:

    Decently written engaging but not for meThis is a fiction and real life hybrid per the author of learning skills to be a pick up artist that translated into a career as a life coach While I applaud and appreciate his ambition this wasn't the book for me The writing and editing are sound The overall theme of being a sex wizard in a world of Muggles drugs alcohol and lies is too far a world away from mine to relate to Where I had hoped to read it for dark humor it was instead a curious mix of self deprecation with smugness added as the book progressed Due to the nature of the narrative many of the stories were variations on the same theme I DNF'ed at 40%

  4. Denver Fernandes Denver Fernandes says:

    Great book Witty and a perfect length

  5. erjan avid reader erjan avid reader says:

    The first thing that strikes me is that the book is VERY EASY TO READ it is not Roosh style not minimal game it is even easier than models; and it s personalThe main hero Tony D starts by describing his initial stage fat social retard with man tits living in Vancouver His dad is cocaine addict one day he shot himself cocain in vein and died Tony eventually manages to escape to Montreal a city full of short term sex french charming girls and starts learning pua craftHe reads mm the game and other classic booksHe worked in a call center and went out every nightTony joins a lair but realizes there are only few men who could teach him somethingHe is unsuccessful and spends 3 months approaching and getting rejected 201 is the ratio of flakesdates he hadHe becomes obssessed with self help and ditches many of his old friendsEventually after partying sarging meeting for 15 year he flights back to sister's weddingHe picks up local girls on a beach talks to famous writerThen he flies back to Vancouver gets a busboy jobcleaning tables and simultaneously joins dating coach company as a junior coach under a chinese boss Rickard YangHe fucks another married girl Jasmine perfect 100% dream girl and never sees her againHe coaches one russian guy to drop oneitis tells him a bit of theoryHe fucks brazilian lesbian rhonda mexican girl angela;Tony starts coaching himself and seduces some girls But now he realized that sex is not as fulfilling he expected it He still chases poon but now he begins reaching for something deep and philosophicaland he can't even say what it is Later on it turns out Yang is fucking douchebag who is only for money he leaves boogers on his car seatthis moment was funny and never gets laid After seeing all this Tony leaves him and starts his own company next day Meanwhile he shares some stories of sex on a beachHe finally hooks up with a girl Victoria 19 they get into relationship; a cyst attack cyst acne breaks out on her face one day and her personality changes a lot and Tony is still newbie in relationshipFinally he does his big dream goes to teach bootcamp to students AFter 3 weekends he has 5k in pockets He realizes that in bootcamps and seduction you can't always be on top you can do your best and always strive to do bestHe buys himself a beer and lies in the park I fucking did it I did it fuck you all I m awesome you can bus your own tables I will do this instead It takes few moments to get things rightAfter the bootcamp he comes back home breaks up with VictoriaEpilogue He goes to Laos to travel and now he s a life coach The end

  6. Cindy S Cindy S says:

    At 11 years old Sebastian was diagnosed with gynecomastia male breasts and growing up in the 90's with a single mother sisters and a deadbeat dad After high school and seeing a surgeon in Toronto to have his breasts reduced he was feeling awesome and ready to start a new life and that is where the typical story ends as he works various odd jobs for a living and then becomes a dating coach As a woman reading the first few chapters I uestioned whether I wanted to continue With chapter titles like Blowjobs and Validation and Sand Pussy and the phrase cock blocker I had already labeled the author as a womanizing jerk as this was a memoir However his writing did peak my interest into the male psyche so I continuedWithin all the mass of information about practically every female he met his opinion on their body their face his erections and whether he had sexual relations with them he did have some words of wisdom which somehow made him endearing by the end of the book There's no such thing as no strings attached sex Every conuest leaves a little emotional trail that follows you like a wounded puppyHe admits that in the end it is the woman that decides whether or not she wants to be picked up and we ladies know that it is true I ended up agreeing with the concept that unless a guy is really handsome he needs all the help he can get and with someone like Sebastian they just might get it

  7. Nikita Voloboev Nikita Voloboev says:

    Great Book Shows what it is like to becometransform into a PUA seduction mindsetProof that all the knowledge that you have learned is meaningless unless is applied in real life scenario Real life experience is the key to everything Not being afraid is the key to real life experiences

  8. Skylar Skylar says:

    an autobiography full of secular living However the style of writing is perfectly intermixed funny dialogues and stories mixed with witty truths Don't read if you can't handle lots of profanity and debauchery Not the book for you Read only if you like to laugh and learn from others

  9. Kevin Oliveros Kevin Oliveros says:

    Funny readAn interesting story of a former loser guy who developed himself into a pick up artist The story showed the struggles of being a man having a pair of man boobs up until he turned into a full on pua Story may not be memorable but it's full of laughs

  10. Maxmilion Sperlich Maxmilion Sperlich says:

    Master in the makingGreat book His writing is good and i have a good sense if he keeps going one day he will be a legend at it Reminds me a bit of neil strauss with the way he conveys emotions and stories Totally worth the read

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