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Stockhausen on Music ➶ Stockhausen on Music Free ➬ Author Karlheinz Stockhausen – If a genius is someone whose ideas survive all attempts at explanation' writes the well known contemporary musicologist Robin Maconie 'then by that definition Stockhausen is the nearest thing to Beeth If a genius is someone whose ideas survive all attempts at explanation' writes the well known contemporary musicologist Robin Maconie 'then by that definition Stockhausen is the nearest thing to Beethoven this century has produced Stockhausen on Epub / Reason His music lastsWith penetrating philosophical and spiritual insights Stockhausen describes in this collection of lectures and interviews conducted in English a whole new universe of sounds and eventsStockhausen's uncompromising attitude to conventional aesthetics has made him one of the world's most admired musicians The IndependentLet there be no doubt that he is a giant a monster cartographer of massive new spaces TempoThe great innovator of the s and s is still a fountain of ideas Stockhausen on Music shows the extrordinary range of his mind The Sunday Times.

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Stockhausen on Music
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen
  • English
  • 21 August 2015
  • 9780714529189

10 thoughts on “Stockhausen on Music

  1. Joe McMahon Joe McMahon says:

    Very good insights into Stockhausen's process and thinking He is very full of himself not without reason; some may find this offputting Lots of good stuff about performing non standard repertoire and the thinking and work that went into his works The chapter on time and sound is particularly interesting; hearing him essentially invent Paulstretch in an offhand remark shows the depth at which he thought about sound Definitely worth reading; I own a copy and dip in once in a while for a refresher in certain aspects of electronic music

  2. Emanuele De libero Emanuele De libero says:

    For musicians and aspiring composers this collection of lectures is incredibly inspiring unuestionably a great genius of his time

  3. Snufkin Snufkin says:

    Fascinating collection of Stockhausen talking about music


    I've been on a Stockhausen spree lately I've compiled a list of all the pieces I've got recordings of by him I've been looking at some scores I've been listening to the recordings over over Stockhausen died last December w him goes one of the last of the composers that were so important to me in my youth Cage Messian Feldman Xenakis now Stockhausen I'm listening to his Kontakte the version that includes intrumentalists as I write this I have 3 Stockhausen bks I definitely read this one I definitely read one of the other 2 but I'm not sure wch one so I'll be taking an educated guess Stockhausen definitely took a few knocks in his life his mom was in an insane asylum was one of the 1st people executed by the nazis in their racial cleansing His dad was a nazi As a friend of mine sd Sounds conflicted Even as an old man he had trouble getting his massive wk long opera performed at one point the Italian musicians revolted in typical union style against the long hrs of rehearsal reuired Stockhausen incorporated the revolt into the opera Henry Flynt protested Stockhausen's Originale when it was performed in NYC but then Flynt's a musical retard in contrast to Stockhausen So to hell w you Henry Stockhausen's former assistant Cornelius Cardew wrote a whole bk denouncing him called Stockhausen Serves Imperialism For that matter even I've had criticisms of the guy his rejection of master trombonist Vinko Globokar's claim of co authorship in the structured improvisations From the 7 Days Stockhausen's having fasted for 7 days while he wrote those pieces bc he was upset over artist wife's Mary Bauermeister leaving him doesn't impress me much either I've fasted for 28 days so whatever BUT THE MUSIC the music It's absolutely wunderbar So forget the rest Stockhausen I miss you already

  5. Jesse Jesse says:

    I really enjoyed this book It filled me we great ideas I was surprised at how easy it was to understand I assumed that because Stockhausen was such an innovator his ideas might be difficult to grasp But he was very clear and thorough He seems to me a composer who looks at sound and music from a wide angle and then also from a microscopic angle waveshape filters etc He had many great ideas about concert presentation as far as audience location mobility and interaction There were some things he said that could be great advice for improvisers And I really like his ideas of music education I look forward to checking out Stockhausen records CDs are in the mail and I will certainly refer back to this book for insight on the pieces that I listen to

  6. Jeff Crompton Jeff Crompton says:

    I've been exploring Stockhausen's music for about 20 years now The music is challenging and enigmatic; strange and beautiful albeit often in an other worldly kind of way The 1971 lectures which are the heart of this book clarified some of Stockhausen's ideas and methods for me although some points remain obscure What comes through clearly is that despite his mystical side and his ego Stockhausen was a clear thinker and a careful craftsman Stockhausen on Music is probably essential for anyone interested in the composer's music

  7. Andy Andy says:

    It's amazing how clear this is I don't know if anyone else tried to mathematize music to the extent KS does in some of these essays without screwing it up royally His theory here is as successful as his music

  8. Eben Eben says:

    Another great strange German outsider I rarely get what he's talking about which makes reading no less inspiring

  9. Carlynn Carlynn says:

    five in a group is good six is already dangerous And seven with seven the mass begins Because then completely different relationships among human beings begin to act 43

  10. David David says:

    So good As a musician definitely one to revisit a few times

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