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  1. Adam Smith Adam Smith says:

    Four months after the destruction of the Follies Alaric and Naia are struggling to cope in the resulting realities Isolated and unable to tell anyone what happened the pair resign themselves to never seeing each other again and moving on with their new lives but the Follies were only the start of it The barrier between realities is wearing thin When the pair touch the family tree they are taken not to the other's reality but somewhere else entirely Somewhen elseThis book is beautiful It's packed with hard hits that have stayed with me since I first read it At first glance it's a nice simple story about parallel realities and bubbles of time but it gets dark uickly I love the first book for its simplicity but I love this one for the emotional punch the ending packs Seeing it coming did lessen it slightly but still right in the feelsAn excellent and emotional book The very concepts of small eternities has a romantic elegance to them that I would have liked to see of There is a reason why this book is one of my favourites

  2. Ellie Scott Ellie Scott says:

    A captivating seuel to A Crack in the Line but with an additional reality to keep tabs on I have to admit the plot felt a little muddled at times Loved seeing the changes in Alaric and Naia as they got to grips with their new lives after the cliffhanger of book one A dramatic twist at the end took me off guard and left me reeling

  3. Joell Joell says:

    Considering this is the second book of the series and I havent even read the first book i thought this book was very confusing From the parts that I did understand were very depressing Things sttarted to get complicated when it was faced with reality It was hard to keep up with all the characters when they all had the same name I dont see how Arliac and Naia were so confused when they were parallel universe twins In this book it shows how teen boys and teen girls act in any time and in any universe It shows that teen boys are stupid and immature In the book they dont make the best life choices and they dont help others The book shows that teen girls are level headed i guess you woudl say becauase they only cared about themselves They tried to help others but you know how us girls are I wouldnt give this book a high rating because it really confused me because it was the second book of the trilogy series and i didnt read the first book So im guessing that one is on me

  4. Stacey Adams Stacey Adams says:

    I found it a bit confusing to read but time travelalternate realities are confusing But the way the sections were numbered at least I knew which person was central to that part I'm intrigued enough to finish the trilogy with the next book I like the concept and the fact that the storytime revolves around the house and tree in particular Dying in one or times I guess doesn't mean you are permanently gone Interesting Going to a time before you were even born and making a change has conseuences as you would think it would I am looking forward to seeing if the teens get together again in the next book Will they end up back in their first original realities? Hmmm

  5. Erika Erika says:

    The Aldous Lexicon book no2Small EternitiesWow i did NOT think that the story would end up like thisview spoilerThe second installment of the Aldous Lexicon was mostly about time travels Time travels to the other reality Yes you heard that rightNot just the parallel universe but Naia and Alaric gets to go back in timeThe name sake of the series aka Aldous appears in this one as well Ah wee Aldous How cuteOh And the cover design of the book made a total sense at the endWhich was really heartbreaking hide spoiler

  6. Rain Kump Rain Kump says:

    Pretty good for a random 75 book from the thrift storeEdit Make sure you read the first book in this series before tackling this one I did not and I was very confused for than half the book Otherwise a solid read

  7. Drew Budds Drew Budds says:

    a good book enjoying the trilogy so far and the idea of different alternate worlds intrigued to see what happens next

  8. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    This is one of the most memorable books I have ever read Bar none And I'm not going to say why beyond the fact that there is one immensely powerful scene in it that stayed in the forefront of my mind for days and now years later still hits me with a tearing emotional impactI read Small Eternities first by accident but I don't think it really spoiled my appetite for the first book in the series I'm not sure that either book is as original and innovative as the blurb on the back cover would have me believe That doesn't make them less memorable thoughAlaric Underwood and Naia Underwood live in the same house in parallel universes they are in fact counterparts of each other the same person despite the fact one is male and the other female Alaric has lost his mother in a train smash Naia hasn't There are small differences between their dimensions but that is the major oneAll is well and separate until one day Alaric experiences a deep and desperate yearning for his deceased mother while looking at an exuisite carving she had made of their home Withern Rise Suddenly and inexplicably he finds himself subject to intense physical pain and is confronted by an affronted Naia who thinks he's trespassing but doesn't understand why he'd be wearing slippers on such a snowy day Unwittingly Alaric has found a way to pass between the universes Inevitably the pair change places but in such a way that the different universes themselves seem to compensate for their intrusions In Naia's univers Mrs Underwood doesn't ever remember that her only child was a daughter she instead remembers Alaric having always been thereAlaric is ecstatic he's got back the mother he believed lost forever Naia however is far from happy and progressively and unfairly begins to blame Alaric for engineering the exchange In his universe her dad seems set to remarry She takes to consoling herself by sitting in a large oak called The Family Tree and there she meets Alaric again They are both surprisedThere they also met a young boy named Aldous Who might have died in 1947 Or might not have And if he didn't he might just be the strange elderly man wandering around the village and leaving cryptic warning notes in the Messag Hole of The Family Tree Or he might be under the gravestone in the nearby cemetery Alaric becoming increasingly sure that an action of his own is responsible for Aldous's death a half century in the past makes up his mind to rectify things He determines he is going to save AldousBut that turns out to be a lot less easy than he thinksThese books have a great deal of potential to be terribly confusing By the end I wasn't too sure how many Alarics or Naias there were wandering around However there is only one Aldous as Aldous himself makes clear by constantly reiterating that he is 'the one and only' a statement that takes on and significance as the series progressesThere appear to be four universes in play but there could well be substantially as there is at least one universe briefly visited by Alaric in which neither he nor Naia appear to exist Nonetheless the writing has a deft and sure touch about it that make me sure the mysterious comings and goings of Aldous and the multiple Alarics will all be explained in the final volume

  9. Meagan Meagan says:

    The second book in the Withern Rise Trilogy was just like the first only with suprising informationThis book takes off about a year after the last one ended Naia lving in the adjusted reality of Alaric and Alaric living in Naia's Wonky dimension switches still happen and we get into time travel We also learn about the old guy who claims to be Aldous UnderwoodI can't say I'm a fan fo the Aldous charecter though it is an interesting concept that is presented Thoguh his life is explained in the end the wonkieness of it never uite is I guess that's why there is a third bookSo I'm going to read it both becuase I bought it and I'm curious where they can go nowI have to say though that this laid back attitude to a topic so confusing is a little suprising though that is part of what makes the topic accessable It seems like they could have done But maybe that will all be explained in the third book

  10. Jen Jen says:

    Nothing is making any sense despite this being the second book and being almost done with it I'm starting to get upset that I paid for the trilogy when I may not even finish the second book spoiler I am disturbed over how one of the main characters dies basically due to another main character who is completely unsympathetic being in the wrong place at the wrong time End spoiler I don't understand how Alaric can be so mentally and emotionally different from Naia even though they are parallel universe twins Alaric is such a jerk Maybe teen boys really are that sullen and immature and teen girls the same age really are that level headed but it is a stretch for me I'm going to try a few pages but that may be it for me We'll seeSPOILER Ok I didn't like the kid but now he's dead?? What the eff is the author doing?Done Grudgingly reading the last one I hope it ties everything together

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