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  • Paperback
  • 113 pages
  • Final Countdown
  • Clay McConkie
  • 25 September 2016
  • 9781599550176

4 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. Thebarrys10 Thebarrys10 says:

    Since I love reading about the Second Coming I got this small uick read It was just okay compared to Hugh Nibley and John Pontius two authors I've recently read on the subject I felt like some of this authors opinions were off Still interesting though

  2. James Hofheins James Hofheins says:

    would have been better if the author hadn't ended every single chapter with an exclamation mark

  3. Marta Marta says:

    I found fascinating insight on the 10 lost tribes here

  4. Kasey Kasey says:

    Really good so far it's cool to read all the scriptures with the stuff about the second coming

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Final Countdown❰Download❯ ➹ Final Countdown Author Clay McConkie – After six millennia of human history seven events are about to lead the way to the Second Coming of Christ These dramatic occurrences will seem supernatural and even unbelievable as each emerges upon After six millennia of human history seven events are about to lead the way to the Second Coming of Christ These dramatic occurrences will seem supernatural and even unbelievable as each emerges upon the stage of history in the final act of a drama that began six thousand years ago In culmination of these events Christ will return to the earth and the Millennium will beginFor centuries the prophets have predicted the events preceding the Second Coming Now as time grows short it is ever important to be wary and watchful for the signs of the times The events of the Final Countdown may seem unbelievable but everything that has been predicted by the prophets will soon take placeIn The Final Countdown join celebrated scholar Clay McConkie in this dramatic chronicle of the final days of our worldReviews Few events are as discussed and speculated about as much as the Second Coming It has long been prophesied by prophets the world over and many religions have some sort of similar belief that the world will come to an end and how it will take place In The Final Countdown The Seven Final Events Before the Second Coming author Clay McConkie looks at it from an LDS perspective using the Book of Revelations the Doctrine and Covenants and also modern revelation particularly through the Prophet Joseph Smith to delineate the last events that will lead up to the return of Jesus ChristWe begin with a chapter entitled The uestion of the Sixth Seal in which the author attempts to define just where the sixth seal ends and the seventh begins As we look at the prophecies that fall under those two headings and when the events mentioned therein are supposed to take place we notice an overlap between them The line seems a little bit fuzzy As we go through the book this fuzzy line is mentioned here and there but I think that it's not so important to know what seal each event belongs to as to be paying attention to events as they happen and to be aware of themOther chapters are A Time of Silence The uiet Before the Storm and one that held particular interest for me The Valley of Adam ondi Ahman This valley is located in Missouri and I had the opportunity to visit there as a teenager It's a beautiful place rich with spiritual feeling and historical importance The chapter speaks of the gathering that has been foretold to take place there and what that gathering will meanWe also read about the law of restoration the signs in the heavens the gathering of the Ten Tribes and the curtain of Heaven In many of these instances the author had to use conjecture because so few of the details of these events are actually known to us But he lays out the information that we do have and acuaints us with the things that are expected to take placeThis book is fairly short only ninety eight pages so it doesn't go into a lot of depth and detail but if you're looking for an overview of the final events to get them straight in your mind it would be a good resource.