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Master Sergeant ✯ [PDF] ❤ Master Sergeant By Mel Odom ✼ – Fans of classics like Starship Troopers and The Forever War as well as modern masters like Ian Douglas Jack McDevitt BV Larson and Marko Kloos—will be sucked into Mel Odom’s military science ficti Fans of classics like Starship Troopers and The Forever War as well as modern masters like Ian Douglas Jack McDevitt BV Larson and Marko Kloos—will be sucked into Mel Odom’s military science fiction series the Markaum War starting with Master SergeantThey call it The Green Hell A maze of tangled jungle the planet Makaum is one of the most dangerous places in the universe And for Terran Military Master Sergeant Frank Sage it is now homeThe war between the Terrans and the Phrenorians rages and both sides have their sights set on Makaum If the planet's rich resources fall into enemy hands it could mean devastation for the Terran Army To ensure that doesn't happen Sage is sent to assess the Makaum troops and bring them in line with Terran Military standards But soon after arriving at his post he realizes the Phrenorians are not the only threat Heading up a small but fearless unit Sage must stop a brewing civil war with the power to unleash a galactic cataclysm unlike anything ever seen.

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  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Just had to correct a couple of typos Okayfirst I love military scifi There are 3 series that I snap up as uickly as a new seuel is released I got these I checked out #1 and #2 oops from the library thankfully rather than buying them I got them because I wasam in the mood for some good space operamilitary science fictionfantasy The synopsis looked good so I downloaded the 2 books from the Hoopla audio files our library hasOkay the first almost 3 hours were info dumps about the world the universe and the alien races We got introduced to the main character Master Sergeant Frank Sage and also the alien enemy leading character I was frankly so bored I wanted to lay the book aside much earlier than this I am now 35 hours in and we've gone the other way The last half hour have been one long running battle againstwell against the planet sort of Enemy troops and giant spiders are ripping into the Terran soldiersNow there are also Human natives and humans who work for the seemingly reuisite evil corporationsthey're called corps I've seen the evil corporation trope so often in the last 60 years it does seem to be almost a reuirement AnywayI haven't rated it yet I'm trying to hang in but I've almost decided to lay and if it were a real physical book fling it asideTo be continued soon UpdateYes I laid it aside and thus went with a 1 star rating I know some will like these better and I'm sorry to go with the lowest rating but I just didn't care enough to finish the book Too bad as I really wanted to like it and was looking for a good military science fictionspace opera

  2. Bob/Sally Bob/Sally says:

    While Master Sergeant Book One of The Makaum War did not go at all in the direction I expected that's entirely okay because it's a far interesting and surprising story for taking that shift in direction Mel Odom has put thought into the concept and world building that I'm used to in a military sci fi thriller and then invested even in the actual story itselfEarly on I was sure we were heading for a Predator meets Avatar kind of story complete with ultra sophisticated mech suits a hostile environment and warring alien races I liked and respected Master Sergeant Frank Sage as a lead and was really interested in the Phrenorians as a hostile insectile type race The confrontation I expected never came to pass however as civil war and corporate drug running end up shifting to the forefrontWhat Master Sergeant ends up becoming is a story about the politics and the economics of war Odom takes us deep into the organizational structure of setting up euipping and running an interstellar war The military needs private contractors to do their job and those contracts need the military to open up new opportunities Of course where there's temptation there's corruption and the planet of Makaum is rife with possibilities for the drug trade It doesn't help that Sage begins his posting by running afoul of the corporation and that confrontation will come back to drive the action in the latter halfThe characters here were strong as is the science and the technology It's a smart imaginative tale and one with a deep social conscience While the confrontations with top brass are a little clichéd I liked the dynamics of Sage's platoon Similarly the tension between professional military personnel and civilian contractors is hardly new or original the interference of the Phrenorians give the story an additional edge and the human element of the civilian refugees really brought the story togetherAs military science fiction thrillers go Master Sergeant is a strong one with than enough plot threads and themes established to carry the reader through the rest of The Makaum War Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  3. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    Mel Odom's 'Master Sergeant is a military science fiction novel set on Markaum a jungle infested planet in the cross hairs of a hostile alien empire and the Terran Federation Although the ferocious war going on between the Terran Federation and the scorpion like aliens is about the to erupt all over the galaxy this book only sets the stage for the greater war to follow in other books But it is full of hard hitting battles between members of the Terran forces and the augmented mercenaries hired by corporations to exploit the world's riches It is not a great book it does not ask uestions about war or its justifications It just gets the job doneMarkaum is an inimical world where human settlers from hundreds of years ago now live on planet but are not members of the Terran Federation or part of the alien empire They have adapted to the constant battle with the fauna and flora but their world's rich animal life diversity and incredible flora has the super corporations and aliens eager to exploit its untapped riches The aliens want the planet as a way station to their military expansion plans and they have a habit of taking over worlds killing the populace with bio engineered contagions and stripping the world of its wealth Corporations are also on planet and have built a space station to exploit the untold bio goods found on the planet The Terran Federation is on planet negotiating with the Markaum elders to have them join the Federation and to protect the populace from the corporations and possible alien attacksFrank Cage a war veteran who has spent the last few years as an instructor for soldiers sent to the front lines has been posted to Markaum to train the green troops there Itching to return to the real war he immediately gets in trouble with the ruthless mercenary DawnStar corporation This space corporation is involved in both legal and illegal activities They have been able to find loopholes in the military presence through bribing certain contacts in the militaryWhile the Corps can help a planet Dawnstar has built and runs illegal drug labs hidden in the jungle They ship in slaves and run their labs with ruthless augmented mercenaries sporting the latest bio cyber weapons and wetwareAlthough Cage is itching to fight the aliens he is tasked by his commander to go after the Corp's illegal operations in the jungle Targeted for assassination by Corp hit men in the the Terran landing zone Cage puts together a select hit suad to go after the Corps in their the jungle hideawaysThe stage is set for an ultimate confrontation between the illegal corp agents and Cage's menThere are plenty of advanced weapon gun battles war fighting and combat Will Cage be able to take down DawnStar's illegal operations before they kill him? Will some natives join the cause? Will the aliens' plans come to the attention of Cage and his men?This is a decent enough intro to the coming hot alien human war while filled with plenty of science fiction advanced weapons augmented mercenaries special forces and fighting

  4. Stephen Simpson Stephen Simpson says:

    A basically fun albeit flawed read First the negative This book is jammed to the gills with well worn sci fi cliches and tropes Gruff enlistedNCO hero who is borderline insubordinate to do what's right? Check Hard ass female secondary character? Check Evil mega corps? Check Evil mega corps kitted out as well as or better than military? Check Main aggressoropponent is alien insectoid race? Check Well worn future tech ideas smart battlesuits flechette guns coil guns etc? Check Window dressing designed to make you think ooooh alien stuff? Check I think you get the picture On the other hand the plot moved along even if it was VERY linear with no real reversals challenges or true threats to the character the dialogue was okay and it was a reasonably enjoyable read Firmly in the category of brain candy; not as good as Kloos's Frontlines series and not in the same league as Scalzi Heinlein or Haldeman but still a worthwhile read for a few hours

  5. Nickolas Nickolas says:

    Review Summary Military science fiction fans take notice The Makaum War has begunMy Rating 4 starsMy ReviewPros Vibrant setting and good world building details cool tech engaging action seuences cool aliens Cons Difficult to connect with protagonist rushed ending Bottom Line Mel Odom's Master Sergeant has me enlisting for The Makaum War series Master Sergeant by Mel Odom came at a fortuitous time as I’ve been on a huge military science fiction kick recently ever since Grunt Life by Weston Ochse It’s a sub genre that has always captured my imagination and though I’ve primarily read fantasy for the past couple years military sci fi will always be my favorite Master Sergeant is the first book in The Makaum War a new series by Mel Odom that will hold appeal to fans of the William C Dietz David Sherman Robert Buettner Steve Perry Timothy Zahn and Master Sergeant is the story of Master Sergeant Frank Sage Sage is a battle hardened soldier in the Terran Army that has spent the last several years training up raw recruits for the meat grinder war against the ferocious alien Phrenorians Sage is eager to get back into the good fight but instead of being sent to fight in the conflict he is shipped off to Makaum The jungle world of Makaum also known as the Green Hell is an ultra hostile environment deadly to all but the most resilient lifeforms Before even setting foot on Makaum Sage becomes involved in complex local politics that embroil the planet and threaten to deteriorate into all out war over its rich resources Sage must navigate treacherous allies devious enemies and an ecosystem out for blood if he is to protect Terran interestsMaster Sergeant Frank Sage is one of the few weak links of the novel I found myself supporting Sage’s crusade against the corrupt corporations exploiting Makaum and the natives but I was never uite able to empathize with him Sage is a no nonsense veteran He is a model soldier and a highly capable killer Sage is largely without faults except perhaps for his impetuousness Several times Sage does something foolhardy without considering the implications of his actions Apart from this I was unable to connect with Sage He’s not necessarily two dimensional but he lacks in the personality department Even after 360 pages he felt like a bit of a stranger or an impetuous robot One of my greatest hopes for The Makaum War Book 2 is to get a personal look into what makes Sage tickThe other characters of Master Sergeant have a good foundation for Odom to build upon as the series continues I hope to see development for Lieutenant Murad and sniper Kiwanuka especially Surprisingly I found the Phrenorian Captain Zhoh GhiCemid to be the most intriguing character of the book The Phrenorians or Sting Tails as they are derogatorily called are a terrifying race of aliens that are truly alien Learning little pieces of their society and culture from Zhoh’s few chapters was a delight I anticipate a bigger Phrenorian presence in The Makaum War Book 2 and I consider this a very good thing When the Terran Army and the Phrenorians finally throw down it is going to be awesomeThe planet of Makaum is a character in its own right and I can understand why Odom would want to base an entire series around the conflict for such a beautifully realized world Makaum is truly the Green Hell though it holds a certain majesty once you get past all the layers of deadly flora and fauna You can’t help but to respect the people of Makaum for establishing a way of life against such adversity I’d never want to visit the Green Hell in real life but I’ll read about it any dayMaster Sergeant starts strong with a bar brawl aboard a corporate space station and only continues to raise the stakes as the plot progresses From hectic ambushes and insidious assassination attempts to daring drug raids Odom doesn’t skimp on adrenaline pumping action Any proper military science fiction story needs its share of cool high tech toys and Master Sergeant has them in spades Soldiers are carried into battle in jumpcopters wearing AKTIV suits or piloting mechs Handled drones are used to develop better situational awareness and corporate security mercenaries have cybernetic enhancements Odom engineers some intense skirmishes utilizing all of these and The final confrontation of the book feels a little rushed but it’s still a satisfying missionThough there is room for improvement concerning the protagonist Frank Sage I found Master Sergeant to be a welcome addition to the military science fiction sub genre and I expect other fans will agree Odom writes compelling action and crafts absorbing alien worlds and cultures I can’t wait to slip back into an AKTIV suit pick up a coilgun and join Master Sergeant Frank Sage and the Terran Army back come The Makaum War Book 2Nick SharpsSF Signal

  6. Jo (Mixed Book Bag) Jo (Mixed Book Bag) says:

    Master Sergeant Frank Nolan Sage is not where he wants to be After spending 6 years training troops he wants back in the war against the Phrenorians Instead he is sent to Makaum a planet that appears to be on the sidelines of the war We readers are much smarter than the Master Sergeant We know that Makaum is going to be something much differentWorld Building Odom does a great job of building the universe where Master Sergeant is set From the first page that world is developed using action and dialog By the time I was halfway through the book I understood what and where the story was setBack Story Again that is told in the action and dialog that moves the book There is not that much back story reuired and much of it is presented early in the book The rest is worked into the plot as reuired Plot While Master Sergeant sets up the series there is a definite danger that must be addressed There are numerous problems that are presented Some are pretty straight forward but some reuire Sage and his fellow soldiers to bend if not break the law The heart of this plot is drug running and production but it leads to the bigger problem – what the Phrenorians are planning for MakaumCharacters Master Sergeant Sage is the main character that moves the story His development follows familiar lines for Military Science Fiction books His is backed up by an interesting cast of secondary characters While both the Master Sergeant and the secondary characters are often a stereotypes it is because that is what works in this type of novel It works well in Master SergeantWriting This is a well written story that uses great dialog and action that entertains the reader There are not any new ideas but everything is so well done that any Military Science Fiction fan will enjoy the book It is also a great introduction to those new to Military Science FictionI enjoyed Master Sergeant I knew what was going to happen but really liked how the plot developed I look forward to books in the seriesI received an ARC of Master Sergeant from Edelweiss in return for an honest review

  7. Tonya Tonya says:

    First thing is first I was given a copy of this book by Harper Voyager to reviewSo with a surprise I really liked this book I read it in a day and half and probably would have read it in a day if it wasn't for having to eatI'm not much for war books even sci fi set in the future They usually read over my head with all the lingo But this guy writes good characters and a good story His writing is clean and very easy to follow And he kept me hanging in just about every chapter There is so much going on that you can't catch your breath He rarely slows and the action is non stop Even when he threw some bizarre fact about a plant or animal in the middle of a fight scene you were okay because you needed to breatheI liked that he kept romance out it and it was all about the planet the people and the soldiers Throw in some drug lords set it in the future on a far away planet and you got yourself a good ol'timeI liked the main character Sage You route for him even when he is a little over the top I like thatAnd the female characters are strong It's good to read something where the girl isn't falling all over the guy just cause he's all beefy and strong Terracina is pretty awesome And the aliens were well done Like me some freaky spider things that eat each other I think if you like war books you will love this book I think if you like an easy read by the pool this summer you will like this

  8. Sonja Sonja says:

    I received this book in a Goodreads give away I was excited for it at first because I enjoy some good sci fi and some good war in space stories but this was just eh I tried to like it and I managed to finish it but there was too much working against a potentially good storyThis book started off reminding me of b list movies made for the Syfy channel It was full of really overdone clichés and none of them in a good way The only thing I did appreciate was that there were diverse alien species that were hinted at with intriguing details and I liked that the insectoidhumanoid enemy species showed evidence of intelligence and culture beyond the typical mindless killing bugs tropeMy biggest issue is that the flow of the story kept getting interrupted by random needs to explain what some alien bug or fruit was or to give other random details about the tech or planet's history that were not needed and could have been figured out through context clues or the use of a glossary This was especially bad in action scenes where a fast paced section slammed to a halt so that I could learn about something like specially bred spiders that provided no significant value to any part of the story It also bugged me that every alien word was italicized but I'll give that a pass as I suppose some editors consider it essential for some reason to italicize any word not written in EnglishGeneral scenes that weren't driven by action were okay but a little clunky at times especially where clichés were hammered home and didn't really develop the characters The final climax and the action scenes in the last 3 4 chapters was actually pretty good as it wasn't relying on the clichés to drive plot or character and they stopped interrupting scenes to give me exposition and details about random things If the whole book had been like that it would have been a 3 at the least or maybe even a 4 depending on how things wentAs is I have no desire to read the next book If you really like to read anything in the sci fi military genre this might not be a bad choice but I don't particularly recommend it either

  9. L L says:

    I won this in a giveaway The story of Master Sergeant Sage who ships out to a backwater planet that turns out to be a hotspot for illegal drugs and the enemy alien scorpion humanoid race Clearly Avatar inspired it involves battles between the Corporations profiting off of the planet the good guy military and the native people groups The plot takes its time gearing up and the bits from the alien POV don't gel very well or add to the plot Sage who previously wanted to be on the front lines and hated his assignment develops a passion for ridding the planet of the drug market There's futuristic military tech which again feels like something out of Avatar with maybe some Minority Report thrown in but the author is clearly into it There's some character development but none of the cast are particularly memorableCW sexual assaultThe writer is weirdly wary of cursing and sex except to occasionally comment on the female characters' bodies alien mating strategies and to use a rape threat story line against a non POV native woman at the end that's so a male POV character gets to rescue her his love interest She was previously a fairly independent character so it was especially a bummer And yes one of the other male characters says it's best to wish her a uick death if she's going to get raped GreatIt didn't hold my attention enough to make me want to read the rest of the series Writing is mostly competent but nothing special

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    A little slap dash with the biology of the rediscovered colony planet as this is primarily a military drama The humans have several large corporations interested in the colony driving both the politics and the military presence as they are the donors and the technology innovators The companies develop planets with minimal regulation hence little regard for civil rights of natives or for the planetary ecosystems They take profits legally as well as by illegal profiteering and drug development so have layers of armed cyborg militia with the best weaponry but little regulation or training protecting profitsOur primary POV character is military Master Sargent Sage recently stationed on a genetically drifted human colonized frontier world being fought over by the human corporations as well as two alien species that are not human allies The scorpions are enemies and the other species are less overtly at war but still dangerous Both are on planet in an embassy in a demilitarized zone around the major cityThe corporations provide an orbital station once the government builds the gates The military then provide defense and also liaise with the natives just as do the corporations and the alien enemies; each for their own purposes The natives realize they are being going to have to align with one group or another as their planet offers resources for each group now they have a gateway

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