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Open Wounds ❮Download❯ ➵ Open Wounds Author Brandon Ford – The first cut brings a wave of calm that immediately washes over her The second an incomparable bliss The third euphoria in its purest most absolute form A twisted and often unsettling glimpse into th The first cut brings a wave of calm that immediately washes over her The second an incomparable bliss The third euphoria in its purest most absolute form A twisted and often unsettling glimpse into the mind of an unwitting victim Open Wounds tells the story of a young girl’s battle to maintain her safety and sanity after she is preyed upon by a savage predator She finds only the slightest comfort in scrawling the details of her horrific tale onto the pages of a leatherbound diary But when her living nightmare becomes than she can bear the only comfort she finds is beneath the blade of a paring knife Night after night she slices into her own tender flesh while praying for some escape from a world filled with anguish and torment Before long those leatherbound pages are dripping with crimson and soon Open Wounds become ripples of scar tissue.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 283 pages
  • Open Wounds
  • Brandon Ford
  • English
  • 10 December 2016

About the Author: Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford b August grew up in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania He started writing at the approximate age of and spent a lot of time testing the waters with various genres He wrote dramas comedies essays plays and of course thrillers There were few things he took pleasure in crafting than a good old fashioned scary story Throughout grade school as well as high schoo.

4 thoughts on “Open Wounds

  1. Michelle Miller (True Book Addict) Michelle Miller (True Book Addict) says:

    Brandon Ford is a horror author of scary stories I've enjoyed in the past Open Wounds is different but that doesn't make the story any less horrific The book shines a spotlight on abuse emotional physical sexual It's a spotlight many of us would rather go dark as the subject of abuse is so very hard for so many However it needs to shine brightly to bring awareness to something which still happens far too much in our societyThe story is set in 1981 I was thirteen that year and I am so thankful I did not have to endure what Kate did Ford was smart setting the story in this era because these kinds of abuse were even less recognized back then Often if a girl told what was happening no one would even believe her We're seeing this come out in the present timethat abuses were going on back then and no one believedI'll be honest This story is very dark I sometimes found it hard to continue because it was so disturbing and distressing Plus I listened to the audio book which made it even real The young voice of the reader made it seem like Kate was really relating the story I had to keep listening though I had to know how it would all endI love stories that draw me in while still teaching a lesson along the way I warn againit's very dark and those who are triggered by stories containing subjects of abuse and self harm should probably avoid For others read it Learn why it's so important to believe when someone tells you something bad is happening to them If they're lying fine but if they're not you just might save a life

  2. timj26 timj26 says:

    The most horrifying thing about this is that it happens in real lifeA realistic and disturbing story of child abuse and self harmExcellent narration and highly recommendedI received a free review audiobook and voluntarily left this review

  3. Kayla Krantz Kayla Krantz says:

    Dark very darkI wouldn’t necessarily call this a horror book it’s along the lines of a tragedyKate’s life has never been easy but she learns how easy it is for it to always get worse because it does always get worse After the divorce of her parents she tries to tell herself that her new home will be a fresh start Then her mother meets Grady and Kate’s life spirals down into abuse and fear Her only relief comes from cuttingThis is a book that will make you ugly cry for sure It’s easy to feel sorry for Kate because her life is never easy The author handled the delicate situations in this book in a very real very concrete manner It’s sad to think there are girls forced to suffer lives like that and this is one of those types of fiction stories that makes you really think about the world and people in itFor all the darkness in the story I loved the end of the book and felt like it gave the piece a bit of hope a bit of closure A little bit of light at the end of the tunnel I was so captivated by the story that I had to finish it in a day because once I started I didn’t want to stop until I heard how it endedThis is definitely not a story for the faint of heart but for those who can handle difficult topics it is worth a listenThe narration was well done giving a gentle edge to these not so gentle topicsThis book was given to me for free at my reuest and I provided this voluntary review

  4. Michael A. Zaffiri Michael A. Zaffiri says:

    Excellent ReadThis book is a little different than I usually read It felt like an account of a real person This is the story of many young people and I hope it hits home to those who can help

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