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The Love Knot ➽ The Love Knot Free ➳ Author Vanessa Alexander – Spring 1297 Recently widowed Joanna of Acre loving daughter of Edward I is pleased at her father's unexpected visit But Edward has heard a rumour of an inappropriate friendship between Joanna still of Spring Recently widowed Joanna of Acre loving daughter of Edward I is pleased at her father's unexpected visit But Edward has heard a rumour of an inappropriate friendship between Joanna still officially in widow's weeds and penniless commoner Ralph Monthermer Edward believing he has proof of a clandestine affair immures Joanna in a nunnery and imprisons Ralph within Bristol Castle Henry Trokelowe Edward's clerk stops him killing Ralph who is allowed to live while the cold almost passionless Henry investigates Ralph and Joanna's only chance of survival The Love Epub / now lies in Henry's hands but how can a confirmed bachelor even begin to understand the all consuming passion binding themImmersed in the colours and drama of Medieval life this richly evocative novel combines fact and fiction to tell one of history's greatest but most secret love affairs.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Love Knot
  • Vanessa Alexander
  • 18 July 2016
  • 9780747263111

8 thoughts on “The Love Knot

  1. Aneca Aneca says:

    The Love Knot is the story of Joanna of Acre and Ralph de Monthermer or at least a small part of their story told in the form of letters between them and between the King of England and the man he sent to investigate whether Ralph could be the murderer of Joanna's first husband Gilbert de Clare Joanna had been widowed only a short time before starting a relationship with Monthermer and it is known that they secretly wed while Joanna's father was busy arranging another match for herOn the discovery of their relationship Joanna who seems to have been a determined young woman and Ralph were for a time imprisoned and out of favour but were later on accepted and restored in the king's good graces Vanessa Alexander a pen name for Paul Doherty imagines what happened during those months and what led the king to accept and apparently approve of the match between a daughter of England and a commonerThe letters between Joanna and Ralph were moving and compelling They address not only their feelings but also what is happening to them why and how strong they will be to protect their secret In parts of it one almost feels like an intruder in someone's private life as they are of a most intimate natureThe letters that the king's envoy writes were very interesting to read also but of a different nature Through him we really feel we are watching a trial and it seems there is eagerness to find evidence of guilt than of innocence But Trokelowe is determined to find the truth He successfully discovers Joanna and Ralph's secret and despite this book not being labelled a mystery I felt there was enough for me to think of Trokelowe as a sort of detective which also appealed to meThis is a small book and a very easy read that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommendGrade 45

  2. Christina Yorke Christina Yorke says:

    Not my usual choice of book but it was somewhat interesting I don't enjoy romances but this was like a tale of love than a romance I particularly enjoyed the old nuns and the witch Great characters full of sass

  3. Mona Randall Mona Randall says:

    Wow Such a great read Recommended for historical fiction lovers

  4. Lynne Lynne says:

    The author told her version of what might have happened during Lady Joanna and Sir Ralph Monthermer's love affair through a series of letters supposedly written between and among the main characters This techniue along with the introduction of information collected by the royal clerk during his investigation of what really happened on the night of Earl Gilbert's death Lady Joanna's husband added suspense and induced the reader to keep reading The royal clerk Henry Trokelowe reminded me of Sherlock Holmes in his use of disguises transformation of personality and manner of gathering clues

  5. Laura Laura says:

    Just arrived from Israel through BMThis is the story about Joanna of Acre daughter of King Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castille During her marriage with Gilbert de Clare Earls of Gloucester she falls in love with Ralph de Monthermer In order to avoid this love affair Edward I send Joanna to be kept in a nunnery and send Ralph in prison to the Bristol Castle Even so the lovers managed to exchange letters which were written in code In the meantime Henry Trokelowe is send by the King to investigate them

  6. Tanzanite Tanzanite says:

    The secret love story between Edward I's daughter Joanna and a humble knight Ralph Monthermer is told in a series of letters between the pair as well as letters from the clerk sent by the king to investigate what's been going on For see

  7. Beverley Turnquest Beverley Turnquest says:

    Soft and beautifully penned with a well developed storyline

  8. Schrodingers Woofer Schrodingers Woofer says:

    The author does a fantastic job of portraying Edward I as the scheming bastard he so obviously was Great read

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