Gus Was a Friendly Ghost PDF ↠ Was a Friendly ePUB

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Gus Was a Friendly Ghost
  • Jane Thayer
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9781930900745

10 thoughts on “Gus Was a Friendly Ghost

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Gus loves the family that stays in his old house during the summers--but he gets lonely when they go away in the fall. He looks for a friend and finds one in an opinionated (and often rather grouchy) mouse. But, kind Gus finds places in the house for the mouse to sleep, and food for it to eat--despite the lady of the house having set out mothballs and newspapers to keep the mice away! They have a wonderful time together until the family comes home--and doesn't like mice! Will Gus find a way keep both his friends happy?

    Originally published in the early '60s, Jane Thayer's first story about Gus the Ghost is definitely dated--but it holds a good deal of nostalgic charm, too. After all, I got a little tired of hearing that Mrs. Scott is so very pretty--as if that is her biggest recommendation. But, then again, gosh, she IS pretty and though I am all about equality and the 21st century woman, part of me wishes I could look as good as a 1950s housewife! I know I never look as elegant as my grandmothers did in snapshots--even if they were just around the house! I like that the story made me think of all these things.

    Anyway, despite the datedness the theme of friendship is timeless and, while the story is a bit on the long side compared to modern picture books, this could still be a fun glimpse at a ghost story Wally and The Beaver might have read! ;-)

  2. ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ says:

    ★★★★★Gus was a Friendly Ghost by Jane Thayer

    This is another childhood favorite. I've had my copy since I was 3yo. My daughter continues to love it as well.

    This is the story of Gus the Ghost. The homeowners don't believe in ghosts, but joke when they hear a noise, saying it was their ghost. He is sad when they leave for the winter.

    He finds a mouse and lets him move in. They keep each other company. But mouse gets mad when the family comes back and Gus has to keep the peace.

  3. midnightfaerie midnightfaerie says:

    One of my absolute favorite books as a kid and I have no idea why. You can tell it's a little old school, especially when you're looking at the hair styles of the family that live in the house. But Gus is just so damn endearing even though he's a ghost. Now my kids love it too, especially my 5 yr old. Great addition to any collection.

  4. Laura Harrison Laura Harrison says:

    The first book in one of my favorite childhood series. Engaging, creative and a perfect read aloud.

  5. Rachel Aranda Rachel Aranda says:

    Love Gus!

  6. Kevin Polman Kevin Polman says:


    I adored this book as a child in the 1960s; in fact, it was my favorite children's picture book. I read it so many times that my original copy was barely intact when I passed it on to my daughters two decades later. Seymour Fleishman's artwork and choice of colors are entrancing and integral to the pleasure this book evokes. Every time I read it, I wanted my mom to make grilled cheese sandwiches, especially after wintertime reads. The story's morals have depth, and I recall discussions with my mom about Mouse's cynicism, Gus's reproach after Mouse has gone too far, and of course... Gus's forgiveness. I was glad to see that the original has been reprinted, so glad that I purchased a new copy for my grandchildren. Jane Thayer's GUS WAS A FRIENDLY GHOST is a deservedly beloved classic.

  7. Christy H Watson Christy H Watson says:

    My second favorite book as a child. It was my husband's favorite book too.

  8. Angela Solon Angela Solon says:

    Gus was in an abusive relationship with that mouse 😢

  9. Ryan Ryan says:

    Gus lives in the summer home of the Scott family. They don’t believe in ghosts but they blame all the weird noises on him, and Gus loves to make his family happy. But when winter comes and Scotts are long gone, Gus is loney. He makes a new friend in Mouse. Eventually the Scott’s come back and Mouse is mean until Gus finally has enough and calls STOP. I don’t like this book. It is a one sided friendship with Gus doing everything to make Mouse happy, and Mouse being a pill. Let’s just say, I fully understand why this book is out of print.

  10. Gina Gina says:

    I saw this in the library, and the cover art and concept reminded me of Georgie. This was written about two years later, and has definite similarities.

    The story is fine. The text is probably a bit longer than necessary. Could be used for discussions on boundaries and situational behavior, as Gus has some trouble keeping the humans and his mouse friend at peace.

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Gus Was a Friendly Ghost➽ [Reading] ➿ Gus Was a Friendly Ghost By Jane Thayer ➲ – Back in print from Purple House Press!

There was once a friendly ghost, by the name of Gus, who lived in an old house in the country Mr and Mrs Scott and their twins, Susie and Sammy, lived t Back in print from Purple House a Friendly PDF ✓ Press!There was once a friendly ghost, by the name of Gus, who lived in an old house in the country Mr and Mrs Scott and their twins, Susie and Sammy, lived there too during the summer Then autumn came and the Scott family left Which meant Gus had nothing to do but sit around One day, during a walk, he met Mouse, who was cold and hungry Come spend the winter at my house! cried GusThus begins an unlikely but heartwarming Gus Was eBook É friendship First published in , children have delighted in this story and other Gus the Ghost books for over fifty years Seymour Fleishman's sweet, nostalgic illustrations bring Gus, the Scotts and Mouse to life.

About the Author: Jane Thayer

Catherine Woolley was an American a a Friendly PDF ✓ Friendly PDF writer She is known best for the book The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy, which became the basis of a s Saturday Morning cartoon series, The Puppy's Further AdventuresObituary from: Boston Globe, July ,.