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Iron Man Epic Collection Vol. 1 ❮Reading❯ ➹ Iron Man Epic Collection Vol. 1 Author Stan Lee – In 1963 Marvel had hit after hit bringing new characters and fresh concepts to a public primed and ready for heroes with feet of clay And none touched both that heroic ideal and human reality like Iro Epic Collection eBook ¸ In Marvel had hit after hit bringing new characters and fresh concepts to a public primed and ready for heroes with feet of clay And none touched both that heroic ideal and human reality like Iron Man A jet setter playboy and brilliant scientist Tony Stark's life changed forever when a battlefield explosion ripped into his heartand only the amazing Iron Man armor could keep him alive Stan Lee and Don Heck built the foundation that would turn Iron Man into a cultural icon COLLECTING TALES OF Iron Man Kindle - SUSPENSE IRON MAN EPIC COLLECTION VOL .

  • Paperback
  • 520 pages
  • Iron Man Epic Collection Vol. 1
  • Stan Lee
  • English
  • 12 September 2015
  • 9780785188636

About the Author: Stan Lee

Epic Collection eBook ¸ Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer editor creator of comic book superheroes and the former president and chairman of Marvel ComicsWith several artist co creators most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko he co created Spider Man the Fantastic Four the X Men Iron Man the Hulk Daredevil the Silver Surfer Dr Strange and many other characters introducing complex.

5 thoughts on “Iron Man Epic Collection Vol. 1

  1. Edward Davies Edward Davies says:

    The first ever Iron Man stories originally published in 'Tales Of Suspense' 39 to 72 feature costume changes than you can shake a stick at Tony Stark is at his playboy best but not uite yet the megalomaniacal drunk we all know and love None of the villains are that memorable other than the first appearance of The Mandarin in the story from issue 50 but that just goes to show us how much fun Iron Man was that he manages to survive comic stardom in spite of his lacklustre villains showcase Eventually he fought some familiar villains such as Black Widow and Hawkeye before they turned good plus there are battles with Captain America and Iron Man? The final few stories are where Iron Man hits his stride and I can't imagine having to wait a month for each twelve page story back in the late sixties as the story begins to concentrate on Tony Stark being faced with having to reveal his secret identity or lose his government contracts Plus there's lots of love triangle romance between Tony Pepper and Happy throughout which slowly turns into a love suare when Pepper turns her affections to Iron Man himself

  2. Dr. Joseph Borreggine Dr. Joseph Borreggine says:

    This is a culmination of the first issues of Iron Man that premiered in 1963 Iron Man came to life in the ongoing series of “Tales of Suspense” where he was featured fighting off villains on his own He also became part of the Avengers and was featured with all of them as well in a separate magazineThe Iron Man magazine eventually became a double issue with re appearance of Captan America who also was part of the Avengers team This is a must for any Marvel fan The Epic Collection is a perfect collector’s item for anyone who did not have the privilege of reading the original Marvel comics Collect them all

  3. Ryan Ryan says:

    The Thinker is a horrible villianTony treated Pepper like crap in these issues I know he has to keep his identity a secret but really No wonder she turned to Happy

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Nothing like 1964 superhero trash talking

  5. Rich Meyer Rich Meyer says:

    Excellent reprint volume the first in the Epic Collection for the Golden Avenger This reprints the first thirty or so adventures of Iron Man from the pages of Tales of Suspense featuring artwork by Don Heck Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko Marvel's Artistic Triumverate of the Early Sixties The stories also introduce such villains as Blizzard Jack Frost the Unicorn Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man Mr Doll and of course the Mandarin Good solid comic book stories What do you need?

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