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  1. Aaron Aaron says:

    Finally after a huge gap Marvel has put out the remaining Ed Brubaker Captain America stories collected here and in Captain America Return of the Winter Soldier Omnibus Brubaker's early Cap run including his original Winter Soldier storyline and its extended aftermath was utterly incredible Some of the best stuff ever done with the character So it's a little disappointing to read this and realize that he's not uite performing at that level anyA lot of the international intrigue mixed with Golden Agey storylines that made his early stories so great is still here It's just a little watered down The stories don't seem to connect and build uite the same as they used to There are a lot of one off stories that prove to be a little underwhelming The thing is though Brubaker clearly just loves writing for Cap and it shows in the storytelling Even Brubaker at his worst with Cap is still a ton of fun and well worth the readI also really appreciate his attempt to bring the Winter Soldier storyline full circle in this volume Bucky has filled in for Steve Rogers for years at this point and with Steve returning in the last volume things get thrown a little out of whack for him He has to come to grips with the fact that he isn't the Captain America Steve Rogers always was even though he's been a great one in his own right It's a solid character arc which unfortunately reaches its zenith in the stupid Fear Itself crossover which isn't even collected here It almost feels unfair to let Matt Fraction write that climax seeing as he's had nothing to do with Bucky as Cap and Brubaker's been handling all of it for years but whatever Marvel gon' do what Marvel gon' doIn any case part of me is sad to read this since it kind of feels like Brubaker on his way out There's one much smaller omnibus to go but I just can't see Brubaker ever topping what he's done on Cap with another Marvel superhero His work with Sean Phillips is fantastic and I hope it goes on forever but it's just different This feels like the end of an era to me

  2. Fluffyroundabout Fluffyroundabout says:

    To be honest I'm a bit disappointed with this I've never read any of Ed Brubakers cap run or any cap in general so maybe due to my lack of knowledge about the character and all that im missing something here but it just wasn't that great This is the 4th in the 5 omnibus run covering all of Ed's cap but I didn't think it was a big deal what order I read them in because there aren't any numbers on the omnibuses and the first 3 are out of print I felt like the stories in this were all good but none of them were great I think a big part of this is the villains Sin baron zemo machineman ueen hydra and all the others are not that interesting to me I guess I expected too much from this omnibus good not great I'll still check out the others I've heard too much about this run to turn back now and if I'm going to read Captain America apparently this is the run to read

  3. Sookie Sookie says:

    35 very biased star rating Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America is a love letter to Bucky Barnes In the past Brubaker has admitted to writing Winter Soldier was an ode to his own childhood I am glad he decided to give Marvel Universe its Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes is lost to the world after the plane he was on explodes Captain America sees that and declares his partner dead in action Brubaker uses the same trope used on Captain America to revive Bucky Only Bucky gets the Russians He has lost his memory and Russians get their own brand of super soldier an assassin who attains legendary ghost status Bucky loses agency on his body and becomes a weapon to the highest bidder He comes back stateside to assassinate the captain but ends up regaining all his memories both the one before he became Winter Soldier and the ones after This volume starts with the established notion that Bucky Barnes is alive and is now has picked up the shield to become Captain America after Steve Rogers dies during Civil War Bucky struggles with guilt and the weight of choices he has to make as Captain America Violence comes easily to him slipping into the soldier mode but exercising restraint during hostility is the first thing he re learns after wearing the cowl Along with Natalia Romanova he does his duty the way Steve Rogers would have done refining his own identity as Bucky Barnes and reclaiming the respect he deserves Of course the government and country doesn't know that it is Bucky Barnes who was also an assassin for the KGBWhen he gets exposed as an ex assassin media shitstorm hits a different level Taken into police custody the investigation is thinly veiled reference to the way the suspects get treated in prisons that have very less federal intervention The torture the violence and the neglect that goes into these places has Bucky in a submissive state When he exercises patience while dealing with bullying jailers he calls upon his inner Steve to be patient Brubaker isn't subtle with Steve's moral absolutes They are what Bucky decides to implement during his stint as Captain America It isn't so much as being a hero that makes him want the job but to absolve himself of the guilt he committed while being brain washed He enters into a stable relationship with Natalia and their dynamics isn't something that's seen often in comics They are natural work great together and its refreshing to see Bucky letting Natalia be The affection and respect they have for each other is uite nice in the occasional below average storiesIts not a stellar story It isn't story about Steve Rogers' Captain America but re evolution and life of Bucky Barnes; the prisoner of war who tries to make a person out of himself with what limited resources he has on his hands and cares for what few people he has left in his life

  4. Emmett Spain Emmett Spain says:

    The fourth omnibus collection of Brubaker's epic and award winning Captain America run struggles through a metamorphosis of sorts hereThe volume picks up from the Captain America Lives collection continuing with the same high uality of writing and art that readers have come to expect from Brubaker's run Then somewhere around the middle Brubaker changes things up a little Instead of interweaving stories in each collected issue each issue is broken into 3 discreet storylines focusing upon Cap Bucky and Black Widow respectively These storylines interweave to some small extent and converge toward the resolution but cannot help but make a reader feel like they are reading 3 books at once This is also where the art styles begin to diverge moving from the heavier inked pencils of Lark Co to a spate of artists whose styles range from 'sketchy' to 'cartoony' Only Brubaker's writing keeps the disparate pieces from unravelling entirelyIn the final pages we are introduced to the Cap relaunch where he gets a new number one and a fresh stylistic approach It is also where the wheels begin to fall off Brubaker's run on Cap has embraced pulp sensibilities of mad German scientists sci fi trimmings and righteous fisticuffs but here the mix feels like it's been tampered with The wackiness of it all seems pungent the madness flagrant and the entire mix less cohesive No longer are the stories than the sum of their parts The parts particularly the defective ones are visible than ever This is made pronounced by a marked shift in the drawing style darker inks are all but banished for bright splashy colours Some of the inks are reintroduced via Mark Bagley who is a fantastic artist but who doesn't feel like a natural match for Cap and his cohorts the pencils are fine but the character and style don't feel like a natural marriageOverall this is a worthwhile collection for Cap fans to purchase though it's likely that many will find their enjoyment tainted by the gradual metamorphosis from a title they loved to something which doesn't uite come together

  5. FrontalNerdaty FrontalNerdaty says:

    Picking up with Steve returning this story sees how the world would function with 2 Captain America’s However as to be expected it’s not smooth sailing Bucky’s past comes back to haunt him and he ends up stripped of the title and thrown in to prison The stories revolving around Steve Rogers Bucky Widow and Agent 13 all intertwine to make a compelling and pulp heavy spy action adventure which was a constant page turner There’s a string of incredible artists doing work here; Butch Guice Daniel Acuna Chris Samnee and Steve McNiven to name a small but excellent selection This is a near perfect run of issues which I feel is slightly less down by the run wherein Cap begins fighting giant robot versions of himself and his adventures veer in to generic comic territory as opposed to the noir lite stories we’d had before this

  6. Adam Spanos Adam Spanos says:

    After the debacle known as the Reborn miniseries where the entire captain america book floundered while that standalone event hogged all the attention I was afraid that Bucky Cap would be pushed to the sidelines Thankfully we get a very solid bucky centric follow up story here It both builds on the continuity established in Brubaker's entire run AND leads right into the next volume I am in continual admiration of Brubaker's master plan Besides the Reborn episode which i feel was mandated upon him the writer hasn't skipped a beat thus far in rolling out a master story arc for Bucky Cap and Steve Rogers

  7. Katie Katie says:

    A lot happens here It’s getting convoluted but I think that’s simply because by the end Brubaker is tying up Steve and Bucky’s storylines with multiple side characters and lots of villains in the backgroundI started reading comics around this time and was watching the Marvel movies but it still surprised me to realize how influential this run is to the Cap movies The art is definitely a product of its time but I’m excited to finish up this run

  8. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed says:

    35I Have to say that this was not as good as the Start of Brubaker Run on Cap However there Was some arcs here that i enjoyed the best one is The trial of Captain america but other arcs was not as good and the 2010 1 10 issues was okay at bestThe Art Was Very Good Through out Most of it

  9. Jordan Lahn Jordan Lahn says:

    Here's my problem This is easily the best Captain America series in the character's history That being said it's not ending as strongly as it started The shift is really visible in this omnibus When Fear Itself ends Bucky's career as Cap and Steve takes up his shield once again the change in art style and tone is disappointingThat being said the first part of this collection is still really good The whole Trial of Captain America arc is uite interesting and I'm hoping the tone carries forward into Buckt's solo Winter Soldier series I'll find out in the next omnibus

  10. Ricardo Noronha Ricardo Noronha says:

    Brubaker's run on Captain America continues with this Trial of Captain America OmnibusThis book follows up Bucky's story up until the Fear Itself event on which the shield returns to its original owner Steve RogersAfter that and a few short and unrelated with the main plot stories we have the return of Steve as Captain America where he has to face two new foes Codename Bravo and ueen HydraBrubaker keeps gifting us with great storytelling full of schemes against our favourite star spangled hero

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Captain America The Trial of Captain America Omnibus ❰Read❯ ➬ Captain America The Trial of Captain America Omnibus Author Ed Brubaker – Bucky Barnes the once and future Winter Soldier took on the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers' seeming death But now Steve is back and the two Caps must decide which one of them will wield Bucky Barnes the once and future The Trial PDF ↠ Winter Soldier took on the mantle of Captain America after Captain America Kindle - Steve Rogers' seeming death But now Steve is back and the two Caps must decide which one America The Trial PDF/EPUB ¾ of them will wield the shield As the Grand Director Baron Zemo and Sin make life difficult America The Trial of Captain PDF/EPUB or for the heroes Steve settles into a new role as head of SHIELD and Bucky's secret past is exposed to the world Now Steve must race to keep Bucky from being swallowed up by a Russian gulag But when tragedies strike and the Serpent Suad returns will Steve have the strength to soldier onCollecting Captain America Who Will Wield the Shield ; Steve Rogers Super Soldier .

  • Hardcover
  • 928 pages
  • Captain America The Trial of Captain America Omnibus
  • Ed Brubaker
  • English
  • 14 February 2016
  • 9780785192725

About the Author: Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker born November The Trial PDF ↠ is an Eisner Award winning American cartoonist and writer He Captain America Kindle - was born at the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda MarylandBrubaker is best known for his work as America The Trial PDF/EPUB ¾ a comic book writer on such titles as Batman Daredevil Captain America Iron Fist Catwoman Gotham Central America The Trial of Captain PDF/EPUB or and Uncanny X Men In recent years he has focused solely on creator owned titles.