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JFK Assassination from the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza The Kennedy Assassination, From The Oval Office To Dealey Plaza, Radio Host Brent Holland Held The Last Interview With Theodore Ted Sorenson, President John F Kennedy S Trusted Advisor, Speechwriter, And Friend, Shortly Before Sorenson Died In 2010 Sorenson S Interview Is Insightful, With A No Holds Barred Sense Of Urgency To Share His Insider Knowledge In What Turned Out To Be His Last Interview Host And Author Holland Shares Not Only His Intuitive Interviews But Gives The Reader A Mixture Of Prose And Astute Commentary With Every Chapter The Host Of Canada S Popular Night Fright Radio Show, Holland Goes Head To Head With Major Players In The Kennedy Assassination Research Circles, Mark Lane, Lee Oswald S Only Legal Representative, James DiEugenio, And Includes High Impact, First Person Witness Accounts Such As Dr Robert McClelland, A Parkland Hospital Doctor Who Tried To Save JFK S Life, Dealey Plaza Witnesses, James Tague And Beverly Oliver Massegee, And Abraham Bolden, The First African American Secret Service Agent Hand Picked By JFK.

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