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  • Hardcover
  • 267 pages
  • The Distance Travelled
  • Brett Alexander Savory
  • English
  • 23 October 2016
  • 9781889186610

9 thoughts on “The Distance Travelled

  1. Bandit Bandit says:

    This was a nice find absolutely random and uite uncharacteristic of our library's typical genre holdings Savory's name might be associated for most with ChiZine which he edits but turns out at least going by this book he's an accomplished and talented writer in his own right Distance Travelled is a horror comedy set in the underworld a place many genre writers have visited and recreated in their work Savory's take is singular in its understatement where many have been tempted to go over the top his version is actually a bleak overheated world that specifically lacks any sort of excitement which is a punishment in itself so much so that when our protagonist gets an opportunity to aid in rescuing a young girl and thus possibly earn some much needed redemption he jumps into it with both feet A uest is set Throw in an ancient prophecy and some really memorable characters set to boil This book starts off with a bang and proceeds accordingly not just fun but also funny exciting engaging it works on many levels The only thing maybe I'm not entirely sure of is the ending which is uite ambivalent and ambiguous for such a definitive action driven story But it gives the story its title and its moral So there Greatly entertaining Strongly recommended

  2. Totoro Totoro says:

    the distance traveled was in one wordfunny definitely not horror i didn't understand the character of the protagonist well but it was okaya fun ride which should have taken me much less than 14 days ;

  3. Athena Workman Athena Workman says:

    The best book I read last year Completely entertaining funny and wonderfully vivid original characters

  4. Paul Paul says:

    Stu is a resident of Hell A group of obnoxious young people in a dune buggy drive by one day and throw a live pig through Stu's kitchen window Stu captures one of them and calls him Pigboy He has found a portal to Hell from Upside and has come to rescue his kidnapped sister This starts Stu on an epic uestAlong for the ride are Gus a walking skeleton who runs the local gas station Tom is a ten foot tall HellRat who fixes cars for Gus Tom is head over heels in love with the beautiful Miss Appleton the feeling is very mutual They attempt to answer a set of riddles written years before by a clairvoyant child To do so they travel all over the territory of HellIt is also a place where the torture sessions are scheduled We are talking extreme torture accompanied by fountains of blood everywhere Give the person a day or two to recover and they are physically good as new When Stu misses a torture session because of his uest Salinger the Chief Torturer sets off after him Does everyone survive until the end? Is the sister ever found?This is a very bloody and violent story so it is not for the faint of heart For everyone else be prepared for a wild rice accompanied by a soundtrack of 80's pop music Think Clive Barker meets Jim Thompson For those with a strong stomach this is a gem of a book

  5. Aviv Shener Aviv Shener says:

    FinallyI've read this book years ago and I've been trying to find it again but with no luckI was able to locate an old review that I've written about it in a forum and I'm very proud of myselfOh and about the book I don't remember too much just that it was fun original and I hope that the author has written cool booksYey me and my abilities to locate stuff

  6. Ursula Pflug Ursula Pflug says:

    This review appeared in August 2006 in The Peterborough Examiner It was reprinted in The New York Review of Science FictionTHE DISTANCE TRAVELLEDby Brett Alexander SavoryNecro Publications July 2006Trade Paperback 251 pagesISBN 1 889186 62 71595 USLimited edition Hardcover 251 pagesISBN 1 89186 61 94500 US452 wordsBrett Savory’s new novel The Distance Travelled is a horrorcomedy set in HellSavory’s Hell is poorly run but nevertheless an organised sort of place complete with very hot weather regularly scheduled torture sessions a rural countryside including a lake and a gas station even a city that boasts subways and a restaurant called natch Hell’s Kitchen It’s even kind of funThere’s a mysterious hole to the Upside as it’s known pigs which fall through and commence eating with cutlery and an amiable hell rat named Tom China named after science fiction author China Miéville The hell rats are an indigenous species now dying out; much of the book’s poignancy stems from Tom’s relationship with his girlfriend Apple a cute singer who can also kick ass when reuired Savory claims he’s an agnostic but he certainly has plenty of moral gumption as his characters are fiercely loyal to one another embarking upon a uest to save a little girl from the proverbial fate worse than death for no good reason other than that she doesn’t deserve what’s coming to herHero Stu is perp of an Upside hit and run hence his new residence It’s not so bad He drives an El Camino He has friends Tom China and Apple and Gus the gas station owner a guy whose lower jaw falls off with a certain regularity The distance Stu travels is not just their shared adventure but his own journey from adolescence to manhood He spends a lot of time soul searchingThere’s blood n’ guts aplenty but this book is likely to cause the reader to chuckle than to shiver While the images are horrific they’re cartoonish as well One of Hell’s denizens wears a Misfits T shirt which is entirely appropriate If there were a soundtrack to this book it would be The Misfits’ Halloween or maybe something by The Spooky Kids One commentator has remarked The Distance Travelled would garner a PG 13 rating and this is entirely true The plot speeds along or is that clatters? It’s literate with its Dante’s Inferno references but due to its madcap style and imaginatively drawn characters and locations I kept envisioning it as a graphic novel I’d love to see Mr Savory collaborate with an artist on a future projectThe busy Mr Savory is also editor of the online dark fiction magazine Chiaroscuro Major kudos to Brett not just for writing a fun book but for shepherding Chizine in a few short years from an amateur rag to a Bram Stoker Award winning pro market boasting top flight established writers as well as talented newcomers Check out their link at wwwchizinecom

  7. Cyn Armistead Cyn Armistead says:

    Just how this book ended up on my iTouch is something of a mystery to me but it was there and I'd read everything else and it was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep so I figured what the heck A few minutes later I stopped looked back at the title and author and tried really hard to figure out where this book could have possibly come from because um wtf? A guy is sitting in his kitchen minding his own business and a pig comes sailing through the window? A live pig? Right Then he starts checking the thermostat and it is pretty clear that he must live in hell Oh and the pig sits down and helps itself to his cereal sitting upright in the chair and using the spoon That's before things really get oddI have no objection to a few fnords but I generally know what I'm getting into I suppose that when a novel apparently puts itself onto your e reader you just deal with whatever happensSo maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the fact that there isn't exactly a happy ending because the ending isn't as unhappy as it could have been But I LIKE happy endings In fact I have a thing about them in that I tend to choose my reading with a very strong preference for them That's one reason I'm unlikely to be reading any Neil Gaiman I know I know he's such a good author but he's depressing as hell tooLet's be honest here Savory is not Neil Gaiman and there wasn't a really happy ending The ending didn't wholly suck as much as it could have but there wasn't any goodness and light Or redemption Or reward No love Just blahSo I don't know what else Brett Alexander Savory has written but I probably won't be looking too hard at any of it The book did keep me reading for about an hour and a half though so Savory did better than many other authors could Kudos for thatI know he put this novel at least out under a Creative Commmons license according to the copy on my e reader I don't know if any of his other material is licensed that way or not but I give him thumbs up for being part of the CC movement

  8. Scott Scott says:

    A solid 4 Off the beaten path style wise Setting Hell Opening scene protagonist's breakfast of Boo Berry interrupted by a pig thrown through his window That should be enough for you to know whether you want to give it a go Not convinced? Ok fine he drives an El Camino Enough yet?

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    Vivid landscape and characters And who doesn't love flying Pigs? Seriously though a smooth fast paced read Dark landscapes and dark deeds

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The Distance Travelled➡ [Epub] ➛ The Distance Travelled By Brett Alexander Savory ➫ – Why have certain denizens of Hell taken to throwing farm animals through innocent folks' kitchen windows How long does it take a dead desiccated gas attendant to walk out to his pumps What sort of rel Why have certain denizens of Hell taken to throwing farm animals through innocent folks' kitchen windows The Distance PDF or How long does it take a dead desiccated gas attendant to walk out to his pumps What sort of relationship do the Lord of the Underworld and Hell's Head Torturer have besides the obvious professional one What kind of air conditioning units do they use down there Do they listen to Cyndi Lauper What is Hell's official currency and by what criteria did the Big Red Fella choose it Can pigs eat cereal with a spoon What nameless beast dwells in the flame pit near the hole to Upside What is Upside for that matter and why should you care anyway Within the pages of this book you will find the answers to these confounding uestions as well as probably the most pressing uestion of them all Who yo' daddy.