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Janna and the Kings [Download] ✤ Janna and the Kings By Patricia Smith – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Saturdays are special for Janna That's when she and Granddaddy spend the whole day togetherWalking down the street with Granddaddy is like strolling through a kingdom with a king He knows everyone and Saturdays are special for Janna That's when she and Granddaddy spend the whole Janna and ePUB ´ day togetherWalking down the street with Granddaddy is like strolling through a kingdom with a king He knows everyone and everyone knows him Best of all Granddaddy and Janna always head for her favorite place in the world Terrell's barbershop There Granddaddy and his friends are kings in barber chair thrones and Janna is a princess showered with love and attentionOne day Granddaddy passes away and Janna feels she has lost their wonderful kingdom forever But with great courage and some unexpected help Janna finds her way back to the happiness of those special SaturdaysWinner of LEE LOW's New Voices Award Janna and the Kings is a moving story of love and rediscovery and a celebration of the enduring bond between grandchild and grandparent.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Janna and the Kings
  • Patricia Smith
  • English
  • 20 September 2014
  • 9781584300885

About the Author: Patricia Smith

Called “a testament to the power of words to change lives” Patricia Smith Janna and ePUB ´ is a renaissance artist of unmistakable signature recognized as a force in the fields of poetry playwriting fiction performance and creative collaboration.

4 thoughts on “Janna and the Kings

  1. Caycee Hatchette Caycee Hatchette says:

    Personal reaction I really liked this book I was able to relate to it and I'm sure that students would be able to as well I would read this book to second or third graders because I think some of the concepts are a little deeper than what grades younger are privy to I noticed that the author used figurative language when describing characters For example the first time we are introduced to the little girl's grandpa he is described his arms and legs as skinny as pick up sticks and described his hair looking like cotton candy snow I think the use of figurative language helps the readers to see clearly what exactly the author is wanting us to see The vocabulary is pretty basic but what it lacks in word choice it makes up for in figurative language The illustrations are also bright and colorful and fill both pages I think that the illustrations help put to life the way the figurative language described the grandpa and they also did a good job of showing the story in detail I would read this book for enjoyment really It's a good story to show the bond of family and how family is always important

  2. Allison Allison says:

    I bought this for my kids because a uality kids' book is to be purchased and treasured and there are never enough of them I love that the loss is not a manufactured Disney esue conflict to be fixed It is a real life loss that can never be fixed but can be integrated I love that it is about connection of a girl to her grandpa Just as black lives matter does not imply that white lives don't stories of dads and grandpas don't imply moms and grandmas are unimportant And just like that the stories of dads and grandpas need to be told because they do matter You will find here all the power and beauty of Smith's poetry publications distilled into a beautiful story for kids

  3. Taylor Horvat Taylor Horvat says:

    I enjoyed this book it was a very touching story about a girl and her grandfather Although the grandfather ends up passing away it is an endearing story and students who have experienced loss could really relate I would use this book in a 2nd grade classroom when talking about families or losing a loved one I am using this book for a lesson plan on dynamic and static characters in a second grade classroom

  4. Robin Robin says:

    If I am weeding and a book makes me cry while on desk I keep it This is the sweetest picture book about a girl her grandfather and their community Excellent intergenerational friendship story Highly recommended for ages 7 10

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