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Die Again ❰Read❯ ➪ Die Again Author Tess Gerritsen – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A taxidermist has been found hanging from a tree gutted like one of the animals he hunts When the remains of another victim are found Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles realis A taxidermist has been found hanging from a tree gutted like one of the animals he hunts When the remains of another victim are found Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles realise this is a murderer who has been at work for years And that Boston is not his only hunting ground Five years ago a group of travellers set off on safari in Botswana None of them was seen again apart from one woman who stumbled out of the bush weeks later barely aliveAs the sole link to the new spate of horrific killings Jane is sent to Africa to find herAnd convince her to face death once again.

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  1. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    1st and only readFeb 20 2017This book stitches together 2 separate stories First is that of an African Bush outing that goes south in a big way This was no fancy five star African safari This clients were promised an outing that involved hunting for the food they would consume on their trip camping out in tents they pitched themselves No luxuries no contact with the outside world Zip Unfortunately out in the wild lines get blurred between the hunters and the prey This part of the story was frightening and captivating as the group is cut off from civilization and don't know who to trust in the wild The second story line not uite as compelling relates to a series of murders across the US that have a similar theme of hunting Can they tie these murders to the tragedy in Africa? Can all these murders across the globe some how be related? Detective Jane Rizzo with her friend Medical Examiner Maura Isles begin to investigate and try to determine the link between all these murders This is a great series that just keeps getting better Highly recommend and even though you can read this as a standalone start at the beginning of the seriesit's worth it An easy uick read that held my attention throughout Final thought You may change your eating habits and embrace a vegetarian lifestyle after reading this book

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I think the fact that I finished this book in one day indicates how much I enjoyed it Tess Gerritsen is in top form and it is one of the best Rizzoli and Isles book she has written I loved the fact that some of the story is set in Botswana and in Cape Town as well as Boston In fact there are two story lines running throughout the book one in Africa and one in America and each is as exciting as the other I freuently felt the need to rush on to the end just to find out how on earth it was going to end and how all the bits were going to combine And of course it ended with a clever unexpected twist and a really satisfying conclusion Fantastic

  3. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Boston police Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles are back The 11th book in Tess Gerritsen’s fantastic Rizzoli Isles Series that grabs you from the first page In the slanting light of dawn I spot it subtle as a watermark pressed into the bare patch of dirt Were it midday when the African sun glares down hot and bright I might have missed it entirely but in early morning even the faintest dips and depressions cast shadows and as I emerge from our tent that lone footprint catches my eye I crouch down beside it and feel a sudden chill when I realize that only a thin layer of canvas shielded us while we slept Jane Maura are investigation a bizarre and sinister murder of a well known game hunter and taxidermist who has been left gutted and hanging in his home It soon becomes clear that his murder may be linked to the disappearance of six tourists in the Okavango Delta six years previously None of them have been seen again except from one woman who barely survived in the bush and who may be the only person who knows the killer who may be continuing his killing spree in BostonJane and her FBI husband travel to South Africa to persuade the lone survivor of the safari trip to help them identify the killer in BostonThe settings are vividly writtenyou sense the danger of the African bush you feel the menace that surrounds the safari group the fear that the survivor feels The relationship between Jane Maura– Jane hot headed smart tough and Maura logical and clear headed their differences are what makes them work so well As Jane tells Maura We both chose this work because we’re not sunshine and ponies kind of gals’ ” An intractably woven plot that switches from present day in Boston to six years ago in Botswana The connection between the two narratives slowly unfolds with heart pounding Intense page turning that keeps you guessing until the very end Clever action packed filled with twists turns and surprises until the last page

  4. Frances Frances says:

    Gripping terrifying strong characters good plot and guaranteed to keep you awake at night A group of tourists are driven deep into the jungle of the Okavango Delta of Botswana to experience a trip of a lifetime by camping under the stars and observing the wildlife Their excursion soon turns into a nightmare when the hired tracker is found partially eaten not far from their camp Tess Gerritsen creates an eerie frightening atmosphere as the tourists lie awake scared and on edge while listening to croaks cries and grunts of unknown creatures waiting to seize another live meal Die Again is a solid crime thriller

  5. Shruti Shruti says:

    My review was deleted for some reason? So I'm uploading it againRating 375 rounded upDie Again is a gripping crime thriller that I have very mixed feelings about but I've got to admit I couldn't put it down It's the eleventh book in the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen and the one that introduced me to this author The book starts with two different storylines—one being a first person POV of Millie the sole survivor of an African safari that took place six years ago in Botswana and two a third person perspective of a murder investigation being conducted by detective Jane Rizzoli and ME Dr Maura Isles in Boston When links are established between unsolved murders that have taken place all across the country in the past decade and a clue that connects it to the Botswana safari case Rizzoli and Isles are forced to track Millie down and ask for her help in capturing her worst nightmare When I first started to read this book I was incredibly excited because it's gory thrilling and fast paced Unfortunately toward the end of the book I was reminded of the time I was thirteen and I'd decided to read a Secret Seven book for old times sake and had ended up being so frustrated with the story because it was obvious who the culprit was I had a similar experience with this one which is why I cannot give it all four stars Having said that I really enjoyed reading this one a lot because the writing is incredible the characters are likeable and up until I figured the suspense out the mystery is really gripping and exciting So I'd definitely recommend this book and I look forward to reading Gerritsen's other works

  6. Paige Bookdragon Paige Bookdragon says:

    EDIT HAPPY DANCE BECAUSE I FOUND OUT THAT THIS IS NOT THE LAST BOOK OF THE SERIES Tess Gerritsen REPLIED IN MY FANGIRLING AND I CAN FINALLY CHANGE MY RATING BECAUSE I WANT TO AND I CAN Die Again is a wonderful read It has the usual Tess Gerritsen factor The well written gory scenes? The parts where Gerritsen knows it's the perfect time for the cold chill in your spine moment? The whodunnit factor? And of course badass scenes?This timeGerritsen takes us to Botswana Africa two years ago where 6 tourists joined for a tour in the bushThis is the place where you are in the territory of beautiful wild animalsNo guys This is not like Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams music videoThis trip is grittier and wilderIt's survival of the fittest which makes me think that if I was there I would only last for a few days But something dangerous than the wild animals started hunting the tourists and only one of them survived the tragic tripI love this book now because I'm not disappointed any Tess Gerritsen said that this is not the ending of the series I have apoligized furiously and promised a lifetime of worship to my Die Again kindle copy because I feel like I've offended it by what I wrote in my reviewI've subscribed to a lot of book blogs and online bookstores so when I received an email that the last book in the RI series is on sale blah blah blah I believed it immediately Not the sale part but the last book in the series part I have to search for that darn message in my mountain of unread emails because I want to set the record straight to them Those bastards can't they see that there are some naive ignorant people like me who gets affected with that kind of news? There's a special place in Dante's hell reserved solely for them But everything is good now because there will be another books? in the series and I can finally reread this book without cynicism

  7. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Detective Jane Rizzoli Medical Examiner Maura Isles are investigating the gruesome murder of a big game hunter and taxidermist who died in a similar manner to how he captured his own big cats Maura eventually finds a connection to an unsolved case in the wilds of Botswana where six members of a safari either were presumed dead or whose bodies were later found There was one survivor and the suspected murderer has never been seen again That survivor has taken great pains to stay hidden all these years I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this story and is a case of “it’s not you it’s me” The subject matter was not something that interests me and a great deal of the story takes place during that safari I’m sure it was fascinating but I just wanted to get back to Boston Once the story did do just that it regained my attention Tanya Eby repeats as the narrator and did a great job managing a very diverse cast of characters I liked the continuity It’s a good story just not a great one for me 35 stars

  8. Patrice Hoffman Patrice Hoffman says:

    Tess Gerritsen is back with another Rizzoli and Isles crime thriller spanning all the way across the bush in Botswana where there is a killer sinister than the hunting leopard Die Again tells the story of an adventure in Africa turned nightmare A group of people travel into the bush in order to get a closer look at what it means to live in the wild Before long they become hunted and it ain't by no lions or tigersSix years later Rizolli and Isles are called to an horrific crime scene where a world renowned taxidermist Leon Gott is gutted similarly to the way big game is done But his remains are not all they find Before long the investigation leads them to the bush where six years earlier a group of tourists disappeared Or did they? MwahahahaaaaAnyway I have been a fan of Tess Gerritsen's work for a long time She has a way of writing suspenseful yet informative novels that refuse to let go These novels are descriptive especially when it comes to the human body or autopsy scenes Gerritsen is a doctor so expect to be amazed or at least a little grossed out Once I begin one of her books it's not an option not to finish it Die Again is no different Although I'm a huge fan of Gerritsen's I'm still able to read all her novel's objectively How? Do you ask? Because she can afford to have an honest review or two My honesty will not make or break her When Die Again starts it's clear that we are not trudging along the mean streets of Boston It is actually a narrative A really good narrative that brings to life the Botswana bush and invigorates the senses It is here Gerritsen proves how well she writes The animals come to life the character's senses are heightened and the sense of tension is palpable I could have stayed in those moments foreverSadly Gerritsen didn't give much attention to detail on the Boston side of things I want to believe it's because followers of this series don't need too much detail Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles need no introduction For those of us familiar with them they need no introduction For others living under a rock they may want to steer clear of reading this without first checking out prior works in this series They will be doing themselves a favorThe one other thing I noticed that kinda made my gears grind was how chick litish the book really was When they weren't talking about the perp who is haunting his prey the characters are talking love romance nonsensical things that have no bearing on a crime thriller I know it's been a while since I've read any books in this series but were they always so soft? Even bad ass Rizzoli seemed less bad assAnyway besides my one major gripe Die Again comes highly recommended I enjoyed reading every page Tess Gerritsen always manages to make the tension real enough to feel I look forward to hunting down the next Gerritsen novel Copy provided by Random House via Netgalley

  9. Jim Jim says:

    Homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles work in Boston The story opens with a group on safari in Botswana so the reader may be wondering what is the tie in Read on Tess Gerritsen does not disappoint and this story is a page turning thrillerSix years previously a diverse group of tourists went on a safari adventure that turned into nightmare They slept in tents and for food they had to hunt if you wanted to eat Bathrooms? Find a bush No contact with the outside world All they had was their guide and his rifle And then people started dying Victims of the wild animals prowling in the night But the must dangerous predator was within their own midst In the end only one other person would walk out barely aliveIn Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli gets called out to a most unusual and gruesome murder scene Leon Gott a renowned big game hunter and taxidermist is found dead Hung upside down and gutted Claw marks on the body and evidence that something had considered Gott to be dinnerMaura doesn't believe this is the killers first kill and soon finds links to several unsolved homicides in wilderness areas across the country Now it appears that the murderer has shown up in Boston But in order to prove the connection and the identity of the murder a trip to Cape Town to meet the lone survivor of the safari will be neededThe story alternates between the past the safari in Botswana and present day Boston Gradually you learn the connection And that there is a predator loose in the city Jane and Maura work to solve the case but will need the help of someone who is living in fear and hiding Afraid the killer is still looking for her because she is the only person who can identify him Jane and Maura have their ongoing personal issues Mostly with their mothers Jane is trying to support her mother whose life is in turmoil and Maura has received letters from her mother with disturbing news Another great read from Tess Gerritsen that left me looking forward to reading the next story in the series I Know A Secret

  10. Jean Jean says:

    Leopards and tigers and hyenas oh my Tess Gerritsen’s eleventh Rizzoli and Isles saga Die Again begins with a safari in Botswana A reluctant bookseller from London has accompanied her boyfriend and several others on safari What is intended to be a pleasure trip for the humans turns out to be anything but Only one comes out aliveMeanwhile back in Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli and her partner Barry Frost must deal with a gruesome scene a taxidermist has been found strung up and disemboweled in his home This is not a pretty sight There are also some graphic descriptions of animals being butchered in the wild for survival as well as animals attacking humans I am not vegetarian but I do not particularly care to visualize the harsh realities I guess Somehow Tess Gerritsen manages to connect the two cases I had a good guess and came close but I was wrong There really wasn’t much of a hint as to the guilty party because we knew so little about this individual until the very end Other than that the other characters are uite well developedAs usual we get some of the drama in Jane’s life – her mother’s life is in turmoil and Jane is doing her best to support her Maura Isles has gotten some disturbing letters regarding her mother who is in prison Somehow I managed to read #12 I Know a Secret before reading this one so I know how these issues work out It would have been nice to have had of Gabriel in this story but we do get to see a little of him when he travels with Jane to Africa to talk to the safari survivor I enjoyed that part of the story actually but for the most part I did not care for the safari arc much I was not expecting the twists at the end howeverOverall this was not one of my favorites in the series but I still love Rizzoli and Isles3 stars

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