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9 thoughts on “So Caught Up in You (A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, #1)

  1. Jamie Pancake Jamie Pancake says:

    Danielle is possessed by a spirit that often leaves her waking up in the bed of a stranger thanks to an illegal shipwreck dive that she was a part of When she goes to stay with her brother for a little while she soon catches up to an old friend and her family who own a small souvenir shop in a beach town When Danielle runs into Mason the spirit in her tries to seduce him but Danielle would not be completely truthful if she said the spirit is the only one that would like to seduce Mason Their love uickly catches momentum and Danielle needs to get the spirit out of her so that the real her can get to know the real Mason intimately

  2. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

    So Caught Up in You A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel Tracy ComoReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsI've mixed feelings about this novel Some parts – the romance the characters the basic idea worked really well I even “felt” the posession that poor Danielle was stuck with Somehow though the humour rather than being funny as it ought to have been just felt kind of forced and slapstick to methen add in the problems and the dotttiness of the Montgomery family and it felt like there was just too much in the book one of those situations where there's so many plots and incidences that they lose their impact and become just MehIts a shame because the characters of Danielle and Mason were great Boone was a real gem but the otherswell I just felt they seemed too OTT even given the setting So I found myself enjoying the basic story though not the persona of Miss Promiscuous and the romance but the rest? Miss P was just weird a shame as the idea is fun but she felt like a caricature rather than a real – if in spirit only – person The investigations and the families the humour the weird interactions and obsessions? They just detracted from the story for me rather than added though they were needed to carry the novel they just didn't run together well for me As always though that's just my opinion – others will disagreeStars three – it is a good story a lighthearted way to spend a few hours – just that for me its not a great book ARC supplied via Netgalley

  3. Malin Malin says:

    First when I read the book description I thought this would be an amazing book an woman who is possessed by another mysterious woman with an erotic agenda and the search for who she is how did she get to be inside of Danielle and how to get rid of her But when I started reading I just couldn´t help feeling a little bit cheated because I felt the book description had of a story in it then the actual book You really don´t get to read so much about this other woman Miss Promiscuous and there isn´t very much erotic about her she is just weird I was given a copy of the book from the author for an honest review

  4. Karen Karen says:

    I received this book as a part of the goodreads free giveaway and the premise had me excited to read it and see what it was like I have mixed feelings about the book thus the 3 star rating It had a decent enough plotline and it was very well laid out and planned The characters were awesome that's my favorite part The main characters as well as all the supporting characters They were real and believable and I felt so much a part of their lives But something about the writing style or the way the possession subplot was played out just left me feeling meh about the book It was worth reading but I had a hard time wanting to read it

  5. Kristen Gray Kristen Gray says:

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway It sat on my shelf for a while before I found a good day to sit with a paperback rather than listen to my usual audiobooks I'm not a huge fan of paranormal and this book didn't help with that The possession factor just didn't do it for me If not for that part it could have been a believable plot line and I probably would have enjoyed it Overall it wasn't horrible just not for me

  6. loves 2 read romance loves 2 read romance says:

    This book was a little strange for me to be honest For the most part it aS not a bad book Mason comes home to help his family try to recover after his uncle in law steals money from the family company He has stayed away from Sugar Beach since his father's death Danielle is going home after being fired from her job through no fault of her own She goes back to live with her brother Kevin and his roommate Not a bad story overall but with some strange twists

  7. Ash P Reads Ash P Reads says:

    This review was written for LibraryThing Member GiveawayA humorous and somewhat romantic supernatural story highlighting personality uirks and flaws brought out by one's upbringing and life experiences Everyone gets a happy ending while others get what they deserve Definitely would like to read from Tracy Como

  8. Susie Susie says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads GiveawayOverall I enjoyed this book The only thing I didn't like is the whole possession of an entity That couldn't have been taken out of the story completely and a few things changed and the story would have been just as good Or if the entity was involved in the story

  9. April April says:

    While I enjoyed reading this book it seemed to forced in humor The characters and their stories were good I feel that the main character and her possession Miss Promiscuous could have been stronger and the humor around the uncle in law could have been less slapstick

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So Caught Up in You (A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, #1) [EPUB] ✼ So Caught Up in You (A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, #1) By Tracy Como – Once again Danielle Lawrence wakes in a stranger's bed with no memory of how she got there No she’s not a lush she’s possessed host to an entity with a mysterious erotic agenda Fearing for her saf Up in Epub á Once again Danielle Lawrence wakes in a stranger's bed with no memory of how she got there No she’s not a lush she’s possessed host to an entity with a mysterious erotic agenda Fearing for her safety and her sanity she sneaks back home to Florida the site of her possession and the place where her problems began But in a town like Sugar Beach—where the natives are a distilled mixture of cane syrup corn mash and crazy—uiet homecomings and easy So Caught Epub / answers are not a good bet Danielle's biggest roadblock is the irresistible Mason Montgomery who unwittingly holds the key to her freedom and whose troubles are tied to her own Things heat up between Mason and Danielle uicker than you can say Wild Willie's Whiskey Wing Sauce but Mason can't afford to get distracted by the sexy woman snooping around his office when his family's seaside retail empire is near bankruptcyIn a place where the locals are salty and the air is Caught Up in Kindle Ñ sweet these two people are destined to find that passion and secrets always rise to the surface and roll in with the tide.