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Promised [Epub] ➟ Promised Author Jodi Ellen Malpas – The new breathtaking novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the This Man trilogyONE NIGHT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH Livy notices him the moment he walks into the coffee shop He's heart stop The new breathtaking novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the This Man trilogyONE NIGHT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH Livy notices him the moment he walks into the coffee shop He's heart stoppingly stunning with a blue eyed gaze so piercing she's almost too distracted to take his order When he walks out the door she thinks she'll never see him again Then she finds the note he left on his napkin signed M All he wants is one night to worship her No feelings no commitment nothing but pleasure Every defense mechanism Livy has adopted during her solitary life is at risk of being obliterated by this confounding man He's obnoxious but well mannered He's a gentleman but aloof He's passionate but emotionless Yet the fascination is so powerful Livy can't deny him or herself M awakens something in Livy something deep and addictive that she never knew existed and that she fears only he can satisfy But she senses that behind the fast cars fancy suits and posh apartment he's aching inside To have him body and soul she'll have to brave his dark secrets Delving into his world and breaking down his defenses become her obsession an obsession that could shatter her heart beyond repair.

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  1. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    THREE ADDICTED TO YOU STARS I'm not sure if I can function without you I feel like you've become a vital part of what keeps me breathing I don't mind admitting that I'm one of those readers that happily fell straight into love with everything Jodi Ellen Malpas and her 'This man' series Jesse Ward is an obsession he was and still is one of my favourite main characters to date and to say that I was a little excited to be meeting another of this authors heroes would be a huge understatement 'Promised' was my most anticipated book release of 2014 there was nothing and no one that could keep me away from this book and I happily scooped my paperback copy as soon as it hit the shelves You can almost guarantee that I'd be attempting to be first in line to grab whatever this author may publish however as much as I adore this author and have no doubt what so ever at her talent I'm left with conflicted thoughts over how I feel about this novel Disappointed? I wouldn't uite go that far but I wanted to fall flat out in love with this novel and sadly it wasn't meant to be With that all being said it wasn't all doom and gloom this is a Jodi Ellen Malpas novel after all and readers you can expect those one liners to grab your attention and make you fall in love with her writingWhat's it all about?For years Olivia has kept her focus on her elderly grandmother and the need to be nothing like the birth mother who abandoned her as a child Staying close to home and enjoying the comforts of a family bond has meant the world to this sweet but broken beauty and relationships and the chase of love has never been an interest for her But all that may need to change when she meets the mysterious and utterly compelling man in a suit who introduces himself as 'M' Confused by her instant attraction Livy can't help but be drawn to this man that she knows nothing about and this aloof character is about to change her world Offering one night no feelings no commitments just adoration and complete pleasure Livy can't stop the attraction that changes all what she thinks she knows about love forever Follow the secretive love story of a couple that find a surprising obsession with one another that they never knew could happenWhat did I love?This author has created a fabulous tale of opposites attract a story where a slightly broken seemingly sweet girl gets the opportunity to fall for the mysteriously closed off gentleman Instantly this book grabbed my attention and if nothing else Ms Malpas has produced a story line that had me turning the pages like a mad woman desperate for information There are so many secrets and twists and turns throughout the developing storyline that I was kept guessing all the way through and although I had an idea of what was to come Ms Malpas certainly kept the intrigue at the forefront of the story telling As usual with this author there was plenty of precise attention to detail and uirky character traits that gives her books an original edge and there was obvious loving thought given to the character development The characters themselves were thought provoking Olivia and the secretive 'M' both had telltale signs of characters written by this author Livy was a heroine that I warmed to instantly there are some hidden depths to her sweet facade that made her interesting to read about and I loved her uirky relationship with her grandmother She also had some back bone throughout the difficult points in the story line and I'm hoping that as the series continues she doesn't loose that sassy side of her personality in fact I'd love to see 'M' is a hero that I believe will be a 'grower' the secret of his name is not hidden for too long so there's no need to worry about that side of the story telling but this author is keeping things close to her chest and doesn't reveal too much about the allusive and gentlemanly character I've yet to fall in love with this trilogies hero but there's time yet for that to happen Overall I enjoyed this first instalment and I'm happy I spent my time with this most anticipated book release but I didn't feel that five star love struck feeling about the story as a whole Would I recommend to readers who love this author? Absolutely Am I looking forward to November and part two of the trilogy? I'm already counting down the daysWhy not five?As you've already guessed I like to think of myself as a fan of this author and so it goes without saying that I felt conflicted by my rating As always I almost feel like I have to justify a three star review but to those who are not aware a three star rating means that I enjoyed the book and I never wanted to miss out on what was to come but it had something missing for me to fall obsessively in love with the book So with that reminder out of the way I can go on to tell you a little of what was missing for my reading tastes Firstly I missed the fast paced nature of this authors previous writing style I found myself feeling like the book needed to pick up the pace in parts and dare I say at times I found the story telling a little slow and a tad boring The novel undoubtably had moments that made my heart race and some of the character conversations had me smiling like a demented Cheshire Cat but sadly I felt those moments didn't carry the story pace enough to have me glued to the dialogue and unravelling plot I also had moments when I thought the story was somewhat repetitive I'd find myself excited by the story finally moving forward only to find the characters on loop and straight back at suare one again As I've mentioned I feel conflicted over my thoughts but what I do know is that this author has a writing talent that will always have something to deliver to the reading community and to top it off the last 10 15% of this book was a full out glaringly obvious five star ending and it reminded me of why I love this author so much The characters were interesting and I enjoyed the beginning of this saga but somewhere in between unfortunately there was some love lost I can already see from reviews posted so far that I'm in the minority here so don't take my word for it as they say 'no two readers read the same book' and I'm hoping that this novel gains some positive attention and a dedicated followingFinal thoughts I can't help but want to applaud this author and I'll explain why Instead of riding on the coat tails of success from her first trilogy she has respectfully dusted off her 'This man' title and started what seems to be yet another amazing trilogy stepping up and writing again after great success must have taken courage and guts and I'm glad that Jodi Ellen Malpas has put herself out there once again The start of this trilogy may have left me feeling conflicted overs my thoughts but nothing will keep me from ueuing up with the rest of the Jodi Ellen Malpas enthusiasts ready for book two Those who are ready to fall for a mysterious hero that keeps you guessing will need to get themselves well auatinted with this novel 'M' is waiting for you readers Enjoy kisses

  2. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    REVIEW TO BE POSTED AFTER I FINISH BOOK 2Books in One Night Series should be read in orderBook 1 PromisedBook 2 DeniedBook 3 UntitledHero rating 4 stars Heroine rating 3 starsSexual tension rating 35 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 375 starsDialogue rating 4 starsStorytelling rating 45 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 45 starsOverall rating 4 starsWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes

  3. Christy Christy says:

    35 ‘my thing’ stars Jodi Ellen Malpas is a talented writer and a favorite author of mine Following a series like ‘This Man’ seems like an impossible feat It was one of my favorites and Jesse Ward is on my top book boyfriends list Although I didn’t love ‘One Night Promised’ as much as I loved ‘This Man’ it was still a good read for me I feel like the rest of the series has loads of potential and will just get better from hereLivy Taylor is a 24 year old girl who works in a coffee shop and takes care of her elderly grandmother She doesn’t go out much she only has a few close friends and she never dates When a man enters the coffee shop she is stunned by his good looks But it’s than that There is something about this man M is taken by Livy as well Although he can’t offer her much he is not available especially emotionally he can offer her one night Livy is conflicted She doesn’t do things like this At least not any Livy has put her past behind her She is a good girl A sweet girl She doesn’t sleep with random men who can only offer her one night But there is something about the elusive ‘M’ that she can’t resist So one night it is “If I ever make you a promise Livy I’ll keep it I’ll never do anything less than worship you” This ‘one night’ is the best sexual encounter of Livy’s life It’s totally different than anything she’s ever experienced M is different from any man she’s ever met Olivia Taylor was a likable heroine I loved how she was a little uirky and stayed true to herself Her shoe collection was fabulous The only thing that bothered me about her was her reaction to M’s secret I wish she would have been a tad understanding I get why she was upset and freaked a little I would be the same way at first but I think overall she was too hard on him I hope the next book she will come around uickly ‘M’ what does it stand for? You will have to read to find out But is should stand for Mysterious Thats the best word to describe this hero He is full of secrets M is secretive alpha and a bit anal about some things but he is also a charming man He can be adorable at times I loved his ‘thing’ M and Livy had intense chemistry JEM can write some sexy scenes and this book is full of steam But it also has loads of mystery suspense and secrets ‘One Night Promised’ wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but by the end I’m happy to say I enjoyed it Especially the shocking ending I feel the last 10% of this book was complete 5 star material I was surprised by the ending There were a few things I anticipated happening but that ending M’s big secret I didn’t see it coming I love when a story can be unpredictable for me Even though the beginning had some slow points for me I really feel like the rest of this trilogy will be fast paced and has the potential to be 5 stars November needs to hurry up and get here because I have to know how things turn out for these two “I’m not sure if I can function without you I feel like you’ve become a vital part of what keeps me breathing”

  4. Candace Candace says:

    What a story I have to say this one surprised me I listened to the Audible version and the narration was fantastic I really liked Livy and Miller in their own way My heart went out to Miller despite his often cold mannerisms Livy was sweet and had the girl next door thing going for her in spite of her past ghosts They were polar oppositesbut you know what they say about opposites attractingEarly on it becomes evident that these two are headed for heartache but they can't seem to resist the pull For uite a while they seemed stuck in a perpetual tug of war battle On then off Back and forth Repeat If I were to change anything I would reduce the amount of time spent on this cycle It became a bit tedious after a while Believe me we got it Finally they seem to get their heads on straight and for a short period of time things are marvelous Then whammo Things get completely turned upside down I did not expect THAT twist I suspected some type of involvement by Miller but I guess I pictured a less hands on roleI have to say that given Livy's past I was pretty pissed with her reaction to Miller's secret Devastated yes Heartbroken yes Betrayed definitely Cruel hypocritical and demeaning just wrong You'd think she'd have a little empathy for his situation and relate to his fears Instead she went for the jugular I have to say I agreed with Miller about not liking the person she'd become at the endNonetheless I will be diving into the next book STAT I have faith that Livy will see the error of her ways At least I'm holding out hopeCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom

  5. ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝ ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝ says:

    I work hard I'm emotionally and physically drained by it I want to have you to worship and indulge in when I'm done' One Night Promised was a OK read rather than impressive one I have to say that I adore JEM's writing and JESSE STILL tops in my book boyfriend list What about M? Lemme seeCaptivating? Not reallyGave me butterflies? NahSexy? Handsome? Scrumptious? Yes that he wasMysterious? TotallyAnd Olivia started well kinda liked her character and last 10% made me wanna kick her felt like she was acting childish she asked for it The story line how did go?Interesting? Was alright as I was able to predict what they were both hidingplus I recently read another fab story and One Night Promised was in that similar mannerFlat? YesHot sex? Off the charts YES HAWTWriting style? Definitely lovedOriginality? 50% maybe Well that's me gonna peace out soonThe way the story ended it will look like cliffy but I kinda hated Olivia so I really don't care how she ends LOL Hope she redeems herself in next oneBUT I still read this series to know how M ended where he is now ByeHappy readingD xo

  6. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    Jodi Ellen Malpas has outdone herself with this one There’s so much to learn about this mysterious man Her writing has just gotten better as you said polished I like the fact that her characters are different and she takes time to develop them We read so much and sometimes these books as well as the characters kinda just run into each other She’s done a great job detailing these complex individualsThe ending had me gasping

  7. Georgia ♥ Georgia ♥ says:

    Hope it's Jesse all over again

  8. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    FIVE STARSBR with Mel Dee and Sharon When I first heard about this book I was beyond excitedThen I read a teaser to the first chapter and I swear I was counting down the days till August 5thJodi Ellen Malpas has done it againShe has created a story that has completely captivated me and she's created a book boyfriend that has gone straight to my top ten listI specifically took a vacation day so that I could just sit on my couch and read this from start to finish with minimal interruptionsI FREAKING LOVED THIS STORYI'm sitting here still just completely consumed by my thoughts over what I just finished reading last nightAll I want to do is go back and start from the beginning and read it all over again From the moment M walks into the cafe Livy works at and orders his Americano I was intrigued He is completely delicious and Livy is a nervous wreck under his piercing gazeThen he goes and leaves her a little note on a napkin and I'm already developing a crush of my own on himFate lends a hand by having the two end up at a Fund Raising Gala M is there as a guest and Livy is working as a server for her manager's catering companyThe minute the two see each other the attraction is sizzlingLivy has a little mishap and there ends up being this pretty hot scene between the two in the ladies room I need to force myself to stay away from you Because you seem like a sweet girl who should get from a man than the best fuck of your life M is captivated with Livy He can't seem to stay awayLivy has led a very dull and uneventful life for the past seven yearsShe lives with her NAN and the only time she ever really leaves the house is to go to work or hang out with her friend GregorySomething about her mother's sordid past has her refraining from having relationships with men and she also avoids drinking any alcoholI thought I had figured out what her issue was but later on come to find out I was COMPLETELY WRONG Now M comes into her life and she's willing to come out of her shell and be a bit adventurousHe's propositioned herAt first he offers her one night of unbelievable sexual pleasure but soon it turns into 24 hoursBut this is all he can offer because as he states he is emotionally unavailableShe's hesitant at first because she knows that he has already affected her and if she were to go through with this she'll likely end up with a crushed heartLivy tries to walk away but her attraction to M is growing and when they end up running into each other a few times she can no longer deny that this is going to happen between themThe sex was UNBELIEVABLY HOT M promised an AMAZING experience and he DELIVEREDOr shall I say Jodi didI already knew that the Sex was going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD HOT because the lady knows how to write good sexM never rushes anything with LivyEvery moment must be savouredI loved his Thing that he needed from her Cuddling's my thing with you Olivia Taylor I just want to hold you Close your eyes and enjoy the silence M is the PERFECT manHe's a gifted lover AND he loves to cuddleHe also seems to have OCD and a thing against riding in elevatorsHis little uirks are what make him human and even lovableBut there is definitely something that he is hiding and it has to do with whatever business he is inThere is plenty of angst due to the push and pull nature of MOne minute he's cold and closed off and the next he shows Livy his tender and affectionate sideShe was constantly in turmoilNot knowing if she was just one of his conuests or if he was truly starting to develop the same feelings for her that she had for himBut he will come to realize that 24 hours will never be enough for them and that he has fallen so hard for her that he feels he needs her to be able to breathe I want to surrender myself to you completely Livy I want to be yours You are my perfect I was fully captivated by this crazy and powerful connection that was growing between M and LivyBut I was also very tense because I knew their love was going to be tested and that it would probably tie me up in knotsSomething has to come into play that will tear these two apart because this is a trilogy and Jodi knows how to bring on the gut wrenching angstI'm totally devastated by the endingSome of us predicted what M's secret wasI stayed in denial I refused to even consider what everyone was predictingNow I feel like curling up into a ball and crying my eyes out because One Night Denied wont be out till November 11thAnd that title??Oh we are in for some gut wrenching AngstI need this book BADI can't say enough about just how much I loved this one and I highly recommend it

  9. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    45 'sMiller aka M and Olivia meet when he goes into the coffee shop she works at and he orders coffee from her She's immediately smitten and gets nervous while making the coffee especially since she's only worked there for a few days AndMiller doesn't hesitate to let her know just how bad the coffee was I was bought and sold right from the note he left her I love JEM's This Man series and was hoping for something similar and I wasn't disappointed I couldn't put the book down Miller is a secretive man and it takes a bit before we get answers about him But some things are not too hard to figure out especially if you've read the This Man series I really loved Miller's big flawit just made him that endearing Unfortunately what may have caused it won't be a good thing I really wish we couldn't had his POV Olivia aka Livy was definitely thrown for a loop with this smooth talker but I have to give her credit for trying to hold her own Unfortunately she runs off a lotbut with good reason These two are HOT And extremely frustrating because Miller will only do things a certain way Plus he focuses on certain things that don't make sense in the beginning but are sooo sweet later There is a lot of drama naturally A lot comes from Miller not divulging any personal information and just expecting Livy to trust him anyway I do love how Miller can't stay away from her A negative for me was not knowing what was going on with Miller Of course I had theoriessome have come to fruition and some were a bit predictable and some we just don't know yet And when things came out in the end I felt Livy was just a little too self righteous I freaking loved the ending though Sigh JEM does that sooo well Definitely a Jesse moment Hurry up November Favorite uotes ♥ Probably the worst Americano that I’ve ever insulted my mouth withM♥ Because you seem like a sweet girl who should get from a man than the best fuck of your life♥ Don't deprive me of your eyes Livy♥ Cuddling’s my thing with you Olivia Taylor I just want to hold you Close your eyes and enjoy the silence♥ Livy I'm not sure twenty four hours is going to be enough♥ Savored not rushed ♥ I suppose you could call me a domestic god♥ I want to drown in you Livy♥ This must be heaven he whispers There's no other explanation♥ It's not the sex; it's the connection♥ I’ll never be a drunken fumble Olivia Every time I take you you’ll remember it Each and every moment will be etched on that beautiful mind of yours for ever He gently taps my temple Every kiss Every touch Every wordBR wMelissa Patty Dee Posted prior to reviewLOVE the excerpt freakin' Jesse?? I cannot wait

  10. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    375 Stars This beautiful pure girl has fallen in love with the big bad wolf This is the type story that you have to finish to decide whether you like it or not It is written in a way that you just keep going waiting for the something big to happen and see if your guesses are correct The writing is good the pace is on the slow side and the minor characters are likable than the main onesLivy has secrets and an emptiness that was left by her prostitute mother’s abandonment She has recently started a job at the local coffee shop She lives with her Nan best character of the book seriously I would have preferred reading about Nan’s relationship or Greg and Ben's Anyway she meets Miller he propositions her ”Twenty four hours no strings no commitment and no feelings except pleasure” Livy hems and haws about Miller’s proposition and decides to go for it because she finds Miller to be very mysterious and very attractive The pair have a lot of hot sex but whenever Livy uestions his career or the woman on his arm Miller refuses to give straight answers and Livy runs Her thoughts are that she can’t stay away from him he’s sexy he can cuddle then there’s his coldness and we do this cycle repeatedly throughout the book You are tender sweet and affectionate then hard and cruel I was excited to get to the big reveals but for me they were a bit too much and silly My thoughts on the final reveals view spoilerI think having Miller be an escort OCD painter club owner was too much I would have preferred for him not have been an escort and William being his big investor for the club Thus possibly linking Livy’s past etc without we are all prostitutes here idea and the final scene was pretty OTT hide spoiler

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