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The Knowledge of Love [Reading] ➷ The Knowledge of Love Author D.S. Williams – Tragedy has swept Charlotte Duncan's feet from under her again and this time she knows she is to blame Reeling from loss Charlotte must find a way to move forward and continue the war against Archange Tragedy has swept Charlotte Duncan's feet from under her again and The Knowledge PDF/EPUB ² this time she knows she is to blame Reeling from loss Charlotte must find a way to move forward and continue the war against Archangelo and the Vampire Council As their reign of terror continues Charlotte endeavors to protect those who seek asylum at Zaen whilst dealing with the knowledge that only one of Nememiah's Children will survive Will it be her or Archangelo Along the way Charlotte will receive assistance from unexpected uarters and discovers that despite thinking everything of importance has been stolen from her she's been left with a precious gift The Nememiah Chronicles The Knowledge of Love is the fourth book of The Nememiah Chronicles Series by DS Williams.

8 thoughts on “The Knowledge of Love

  1. Mary Rose Mary Rose says:

    I felt Charlottes anguish shed tears and understood Charlotte’s heartache when she blamed herself on the death of Lucas and Conal Then finding one lived and the other did not the pain was still unbearable What gift did Lucas give Charlotte that would cause joy and fright? After 4 books my dislike for Archangelo is immense War is such a hard thing to face add to the mix being young and having the supernatural around you and life is that much harder I love when Charlotte uses her Sigil and the effect it has on herI must admit I would not mind a couple myself There were times I actually laughed aloud and times I felt Charlottes anger I was there fighting with Charlotte Gwyn and Gabrielle all the way and understood why they had to do what they did Things are starting to heat up for Charlotte and the Zaen Community Will she survive this uest or will Archangelo win? Is it even possible to kill someone who is part Angel part Vampire? Does Charlotte have to die to fulfil her destiny as seen by NememiahIt looks like we have to wait for Book 4 of this intriguing series I for one cannot wait

  2. Jane Blanchard Jane Blanchard says:

    The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge of Love by D S Williams is the fourth book in the series Because the story picks up at the end of book three I recommend reading the books in orderBased on the title I guessed that Charlotte would resolve her love triangle but I was wrong One of the men she loves is killed Devastated and not willing to chance loosing her other lover she breaks off the relationship Then D S Williams drops the bomb shell Charlotte is pregnant How will this affect Charlotte's leadership skills her fighting abilities her mental state? Archangelo is furious and Charlotte fears for her life and that of the unborn childThe book ends again with a cliff hanger Will Charlotte survive? I can't wait for the next book to come out

  3. Rebecca C. Cardenas Rebecca C. Cardenas says:

    I was happy I took a chance on this author as Williams was new to me Like her other books there were some editing errors but I do not judge the story based on the editors skill or lack thereof I read this genre a lot and I found her books to be very imaginative and addictive especially when compared to other authors in the genre This was book four in her series and it ended in her preferred Hitchcock fashion I hope she writes a book five as I would definitely buy it Enjoy the series

  4. Rita Ames Rita Ames says:

    I have absolutely loved this whole series so far It has all the elements you could want Paranormal romance a great plot that intertwines all the charactersIf you get the chance read all of the books

  5. Jeanie& Jeanie& says:

    Oh NoSpiraling out of control The twists and turns in this novel left my neck numb and checking for whiplash I can hardly wait for the next book

  6. Demelza Carlton Demelza Carlton says:

    Given Charlotte's talent for communicating with spirits you'd expect that she could deal with loss far easily than mostbut when she blames herself for their deaths her best defence becomes heartbreaking as grief threatens to overwhelm her Yet she's forced to go on if only because too many people look up to her as their unwilling leader And how is it possible to move on when those you love are never truly gone? This book has some interesting twists and turns leading the reader to another unexpected ending that leaves you hanging out for the next book in the seriesand I certainly hope it'll be out soon

  7. Gwen E Gwen E says:

    When you keep reading the for the secondary characters When you keep reading the series to find out if this is the book that mc dies in When you are reading the book and something bad happens to mc and all you can think is tstl to stupid to live Seriously I've been reading this series as a comedy factor of what will happen this book

  8. Christine Baty Christine Baty says:

    Amazing twists and turnsAll of the chronicles left me wanting immediately I have come to care a lot about the characters and read through this book almost non stop Please don't make us wait too long for the rest of the story

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