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Ghost Trouble (Tess Schafer-Medium #5) ➿ [Download] ➽ Ghost Trouble (Tess Schafer-Medium #5) By Deborah J. Hughes ➵ – When it comes to the paranormal Kade's girlfriend Tess is the expert She is after all a very gifted medium But when she goes out of town for a few days and things start acting up he doesn't have Tess When it comes to the paranormal Kade's girlfriend Tess is the expert She is after all a very gifted medium But when she goes out of town for a few days and things start acting up he doesn't have Tess to turn to Besides he's thinking this particular ghost problem is his to deal with An impromptu dinner party with new friends and old soon becomes something you might expect in a Gothic novel But this is no story it's real and a sense of urgency is telling Kade that time is running out The uestion isfor whom Book is Kade's story but it continues the series and even begins to tie some of the other stories together The Tess Schafer Medium series is catching on with a strong following of paranormal enthusiasts who don't mind Tess's spiritual views strange though they may be This series begins with grieving medium Tess Schafer who travels to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine and while helping two lovelorn ghosts finds healing from her own heartbreak With the whispered words Be Still My Love Book Tess learns to overcome her grief and move on with her life Her travels to Bucksport Maine to investigate the mystery of town founder Jonathan Buck's cursed graveside monument has her investigating Hidden Voices Book from beyond and solving a mystery that has plagued the town for over a century With paranormal mysteries to solve Tess decides to make her home in Bucksport but she is soon busy Vanuishing Ghosts Book in order to remain there When Tess answers the call for help on a small island on Silver Lake she becomes reluctantly involved helping with Rosemary's Ghosts Book and going through hell to do it And now while Tess is away her boyfriend Kade Sinclair is having Ghost Trouble Book If ghosts intrigue you then you might like this series Though they can be pretty spooky and at times uite scary they are along the lines of a cozy paranormal mystery But bewareTess's beliefs in God and the afterlife play a huge role in these stories In the supernatural thriller No Matter What a small New England town finds themselves embroiled in a centuries old tragedy that will forever affect their souls if they don't make right a past wrong.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 233 pages
  • Ghost Trouble (Tess Schafer-Medium #5)
  • Deborah J. Hughes
  • English
  • 06 August 2016

About the Author: Deborah J. Hughes

An avid reader and writer throughout most of her life from the time she learned to do both Deborah took a detour from her writing dreams to pursue a career in the United States Air Force That took up over twenty years of her life and gave her lots of experiences some good some bad but all of it worthwhile Her military life now behind her Deborah is focused on bringing her stories into exi.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Trouble (Tess Schafer-Medium #5)

  1. Diana Blick Diana Blick says:

    Very goodIn spite of this book being about Kade and Tess appearing only briefly in the story the backstory is starting to come together Seemingly loose ends show themselves as part of the woof and weft of the tapestry being woven here Character development is emphasized heavily especially for Kade and we get to know some other characters that we've previously met only briefly and even a few new ones Kade is developing spiritually as well so once again Ms Hughes's knowledge of all things surrounding the Tristate is on display These books just get better and better and I would recommend them to anyone that fears death since the emphasis is on what happens after and on how life can be lived happily and without fear Those who just want a ghost story should probably enjoy the series as well and might learn something in the process Book six is bound to be great as everything starts to come together

  2. Angel Angel says:

    I like these uick reads but I really don't like Kade's jealous tendencies

  3. Shari E. Cline Shari E. Cline says:

    Good BookGood BookI enjoy this series and buy them all they're a bit preachy at times and a little repetitive but good characters I had to uit reading it late at night the ghost stuff creeped me out but the stories are good and I don't figure out the mystery in advance

  4. Linda Cole Linda Cole says:

    Good storyGood storyit was nice to read about a man's view on ghosts but I was a little disappointed that no ghosts were sent away loved the ending and will read of this series

  5. Dawn Bond Dawn Bond says:

    Love this seriesAnother great book in this series I have enjoyed every single one from the beginning and I hope that Ms Hughes will continue on because I don't want Tess and Kades stories to end

  6. Louaria Christophe Louaria Christophe says:

    Ghost troblesI chose this rating because it kept my interest also was very moving spiritual Can't wait until I can read More books in this series

  7. Lori Potter Lori Potter says:

    More mystery Plenty of spirits New friends and old A great read

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