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Wanna Play? [Reading] ➸ Wanna Play? Author Bianca Dean – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Breanna Reade and Conrad G Finnigan have been best friends their entire lives and it doesn't look like there is any reason to change that Sitting down for a friendly game of Monopoly seems like the pe Breanna Reade and Conrad G Finnigan have been best friends their entire lives and it doesn't look like there is any reason to change that Sitting down for a friendly game of Monopoly seems like the perfect way to pass the time until Finn bring up prom Emotions boil over as emotions and words never said threaten their friendship Will they make it throughIR BWWM erotica wordsAwww that was adorable every high school girls fantasy SenieceTaoshort but nice I love your stories Rock on o Zanji.

  • ebook
  • Wanna Play?
  • Bianca Dean
  • 22 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Wanna Play?

  1. Musings of A Romance Junkie Musings of A Romance Junkie says:

    Schmokin hot Bianca Dean is a budding erotica ueen Believe that Two besties go from secretly feeling one another to finally succumbing to those feelings and acting on them no BS No pretenses Just straight to the point Let's do this Would love a longer story Hint hint;

  2. C.D. Gorri C.D. Gorri says:

    Emotions run high in this shot erotica romance between best friends Finn and Bree Bianca Dean keeps you reading with sensual word play and steamy scenes between the two teens A simple board game changes everything when these two get together they emotions they are dealing with surrounding their race friendships and even prom make the characters believable and authentic This is a fast paced sexually charged read for those of you erotica lovers out there Definitely worth a try

  3. Mspraise50 Mspraise50 says:

    Short and sweet I thinks this author has the IT factory This is my second story by her I am saving Distractions because after I read that one there are no stories by her Please Ms Dean write some stories

  4. aquarius aquarius says:

    Sweet short read for free

  5. Thelritta Thelritta says:

    Short but enjoyableBrings back memories of a time long past Free and Finn are best friends bridging the gap to lovers Great lunch read

  6. Meka♥books Meka♥books says:

    SPOILERSThis is a short read about an interracial malefemale best friend duo Conrad aka Finn and Bree that are seniors in high school Finn and Bree know each other well from each other’s body language to facial expressions right down to the mood each other are in by the use of certain pet names Finn is the stereotypical sexually experienced jock that girls flock to while Bree is the opposite Bree is a virgin Boys don’t view her as girlfriend material but as a BFF because of her confidence; and the girls think she is too aloof Because of this Bree has come to terms with not dating even though she has a crush on her best friend While playing Monopoly one day the topic of prom comes up and who is taking who Once Finn realizes Bree does not have a date or any real prospects he suggest they go together The suggestion is met with reservations however Bree wants her prom night to be special and feels Finn will ignore her at the first sight of another girlC’mon Finn We both know that me going with you would be just like me going alone You’d be fine at first then Kelly or some other girl would come along and I’d loose my date for the rest of the night If I’m going to be seen alone than I’d rather just show up aloneBree confesses to Finn she hopes a boy named Bobby Scott will ask her to prom To Bree’s surprise Finn is upset at this admission as Bobby is known around school as a cherry popper which does not bother Bree In frustration Finn demonstrates what could happen without her permission Finn notices how his demo excites Bree and things uickly from just friends to As previously indicated the characters are in high school and their conversation and conduct prove as such Neither character is particularly memorable but parts did make me recall my youthful days as a teen insert smile Bree’s continual laughing irritated me Her laughter in scenes seemed inappropriate and I justified it as nerves because everything does not tickleBy the time he’d reached her knee she was trying to hold back giggles Finn smiled as he shook his head He kissed higher and her giggles increased “This isn’t the part where you laugh sweetheart”Besides the sniggers by Bree the other item that bugged me was there was no condom usage Seniors in high school have been taught safe sex In fact Bree mentions taking a health class so I was disturbed that she did not take precautions to safeguard herself Wanna Play is a lot than playing Monopoly If you're into teen best friend reads that crush on one another then give Wanna Play a try

  7. Connie Connie says:

    This short is a story of two friends who are about to play a game of Monopoly while discussing the theory of life just kidding and senior proms Finn is the golden boy while his friend Breana was the fixture in his life not having any boyfriends because she was the cool girl that became a BFF and she never really clicked with any of the girls in school As Breana spoke of her prospective prom date Finn became incensed of her choice as her choice was known as the Cherry Popper Finn decided to make his move on his best friend as he has wanted her for years Breana finally gets what she really wants and that is her best friend Finn I liked the story as it is easily relatable to the teenage girl situation of being too self assured to be taken lightly by both sides Finn is the boy that always had his best friend no matter what was going on Teens aren't always bright when it comes to sexual situations and it happened in this as there wasn't any protection but to be honest I could see it happening I know it happens so it was fairly accurate depiction of what happens when the brain shuts off and the emotions are turned on It was my first sample of Ms Dean's writing and I see potential in her craft

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