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Angels Club [BOOKS] ✫ Angels Club By Courtney Vail – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A Middle Grade novel Coming Summer 2014Hola Cuties I’m Jacinda Gonzalez nearly twelve I love love LOVE horses Like big time Maybe because mi abuela gave me a unicorn——a stuffed one duh——when A Middle Grade novel Coming Summer Hola Cuties I’m Jacinda Gonzalez nearly twelve I love love LOVE horses Like big time Maybe because mi abuela gave me a unicorn——a stuffed one duh——when I was a baby and it’s my most prized possession I don’t know but I live breathe eat no WAIT Take that back I don’t EAT them ’cause that would be horrendous Anyway I’m talking big heart love here My room walls are one half section short of being entirely covered in euine posters Mami my little sister Tia and I moved in with Abuela Rosa after the Big D happened a couple of years ago but she died just before summer leaving my heart in tiny chunks Now I’ve got a new home a new middle school and new wounds in my soul from the mean awful words that fly my way every day Though it kills I try not to let them see my pain especially that snobby Victory Miles Her name already spells out the winner here What chance do I have I volunteer at a therapeutic horse ranch that helps disabled kids which definitely puts things in perspective Unlike the beasts in school Angel a new curly horse is no hater and befriends me instantly She’s the closest thing to a unicorn I’ve ever seen This mysterious tattoo I find on her launches me into a uest to learn about her past As I start to track it and follow the tear jerking path she’s traveled I discover we’re a lot alike She’s a fighter like me She went to the fiery pit and back and is still the kindest gentlest soul imaginable Angel gives me a fab idea for taking on my bullies And it’s NOT with my fists You see Angel’s name is so fitting because she really is an angel And I’m determined to be one too I’m also gonna gather as many angels as I can and not stop until this ugly world is a whole lot brighter I’m cool like that And even though I stayed back in third I'm definitely not dumbMORE ANGELS WANTED Come in and join our club.

About the Author: Courtney Vail

COURTNEY VAIL writes totally twisted YA and adult suspense She enjoys braiding mystery suspense romance with some kind of weirdness Her addictions to crazy coffee concoctions Funny Bones Ben Jerry's and bacon keep her running and writing She currently lives in New England with a comedian stud and a wild gang of kidlets Her Angels Club series won the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.

10 thoughts on “Angels Club

  1. Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Michelle Cornwell-Jordan says:

    Very cool premise Love the characters Jacinda and her friends are fun and lovable The fact that the Angel Club members are facing many of the same obstacles as today's pre teens but overcoming these challenges and learning to love their differences by drawing strength from their friendship and interests is wonderfulI believe young teens will gain not only enjoyment but valuable lessons when dealing with negative attitudes and situations Engaging and lively dialogue a great book for middle school readers

  2. Sparkie Allison Sparkie Allison says:

    Part Disneyesue part Lifetime Channel Angels Club is a feel good story about girls learning to work together Jacinda takes on a horse rescue as a project and forms the Angels Club to put their energy into doing good deeds and giving back Seven young women learn that different personalities have their own way of doing things and that they have to compromise in order to succeed in their goal Light hearted young adult humor and dialogue will appeal to today’s young women A twist in the ending keeps you glued to the final chapters It’s an enjoyable read with lovable characters

  3. Xyra Xyra says:

    Four stars because it did touch me emotionally; bringing tears to my eyes in certain partsI'm all for diversity in books and have read others that did it subtly This book knocks you over the head with it and the message starting on page one In the very beginning paragraphs we learn the main character is Latina or Hispanic in a relatively new school tall for her age and bullied We also find out she loves horses and volunteers at a horse therapy ranch for physically challenged children I think emotionally and intellectually challenged as well I was ready to kick this book to the curb due to the author keeping everything so forcefully in the foregroundthen in walked Angel Angel was a rescue horse picked up for free by the ranch owners at an auction She did not look like an angel at first but Jacinda saw a diamond in the rough And that's where the author hooked me I had to find out how Angel would turn out with proper care and love and nutritionThere will be reviewers who will mark this book down a lot because it is too goody goody Honestly the anti bullying and how to get along messages really stayed right up front and in your face I'm glad that the team did have arguments to show they were normal; the arguments were diffused a little too easily but this is a book for middle readers Spoiler AlertOverall the story was good The only obstacles for the main characters were their arguments and tackling their emotions There were some hitches in Angel's storyline but even that resolved itself neatly almost too neatly Much of the time I was reading along in anticipation of the other shoe to drop It's a trope authors like have a nice happy family and boom tragedy strikes Everytime I saw disaster coming it was averted Even the minor boom at the end was muffledThat doesn't mean I wasn't touched This story was really good at tugging at your heartstrings Angel's transformation Jacinda opening her mind about Tori and Posh Emily overcoming physical limitations Angel kiss recipient reactions etc You bet I was misty eyedMy one peeve is the relationship Jacinda has with her little sister Tia I believe Jacinda is 14 and Tia is 6 Jacinda is outright mean to her sister won't listen to her puts down her ideas pushes her away from activities etc The behavior is typical enough of sibling behavior but it bothers me that no one calls her on itOne thing this somewhat sugary tale does show subtly is how every single person has it in them to be a bully with their words With regards to Emily even reactions and non violent actions can be extremely hurtfulIn the end I enjoyed this book It's the first in a series and you can sign up to get email newsletters from the author about upcoming books Will I read in the series? Probably not There just was not a deep enough connection to the characters to make me have to read what happens next

  4. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    Jacinda and her friends help out at a riding stable called Sunnybrook which caters for young people with special needs Like Emily who comes along in a wheelchair and tries to pluck up the courage to stroke a horse A creamy white mare with much mud and tangles and in bad shape is brought to the farm as a rescue horse to be made healthy and sold on for funds But Jacinda decides that there is something different about this mare whom she names Angel As she and Emily work on the gentle mare they discover that she has curly coat and mane so they research the traits and learn that she is an American Bakshir Curly Horse descended from a Native American breed like the Appaloosas That's not all that is special about Angel but I won't spoil the surprise The kids in this tale also get up to fund raising and donating money which seems admirable but I don't suggest young readers should go selling their possessions and handing the cash to strange adults Always ask your parents about this kind of activity I love the way that kids with various needs are portrayed and I enjoyed seeing Emily blossom as a horsewoman As school plays a large part in young readers' lives we see some of Jacinda's time at school but there are plenty of horse scenes The main characters are about eleven This is an unbiased review

  5. Kim Kim says:

    Angels Club by Courtney Vail What a great feel good book This book follows a group of girls who were deemed the outcasts and were picked on and bullied and decided to not just let others beat them down Not only do these girls find a way to help themselves become the best they can be but they also begin to change the bullies And it was all inspired by one special horse named Angel I would recommend this book to anyone and especially to children of this age that possibly are dealing with bullying and also to people who are doing the bullying This book has a great message

  6. Christine Meunier Christine Meunier says:

    I downloaded the first book in the Angels Club for free on Kindle a little while ago Any free horse story is worth looking into in my opinion This one by Courtney Vail and Sandra J Howell didn’t disappointJacinda Gonzalez is very tall for her young age Add to that the fact that she had to stay down a year in primary school and she feels like she is bullied for these two facts alone What about her big heart and desire to help others? Read at

  7. Eileen Carter Eileen Carter says:

    Great series for girlsFor a young girl who is interested in horses and loves to read this a great series to start her on The characters are young girls who come together when they decide to start a club of misfits But what will these girls shoo in their clubgood deeds of course It is sure to be a favorite series of girls in middle school late elementary school

  8. Victoria Victoria says:

    Is a great book to read

  9. Ray Simmons Ray Simmons says:

    Angels Club by Courtney Vail and Sandra J Howell is a whole lot of fun This is due to the fun sassy main character Jacinda Gonzalez This kid is full of life and energy It almost leaps up from the page at you and I can’t help but think that kids will connect with all that vibrant positivism Don’t get me wrong Jacinda has problems just like any other kid but the response is so upbeat that I think Angels Club will result in a lot of kid’s spirits being uplifted The dedication is to the outcasts and dreamers Nobody needs a positive boost than these two groups It has been a while since I read a book so well written and realistic while at the same time so bubbly The perfect tone for kidsJacinda is almost twelve and very cool Just ask her She volunteers at Sunnybrook Therapeutic Horse Farm I have heard of and heard of using animals for therapy but this is the first book I've read about this and I have to say it sounds like a great idea Jacinda cares for the horses and this isn't really a job for her because she loves horses so much and helping people seems to be second nature to her The hands down strong point of Angels Club is absolutely the fact that it is told from Jacinda’s point of view and her “voice” is one of the most uniue and dead on target depictions of a twelve year old I have ever read This is a great story for kids especially young girls but adults will like it too and if you are lucky it might help you recapture the spirit of youth for a while

  10. Katie Katie says:

    An ok book for horse loversI never read The Saddle Club series but I imagine this was inspired by it The idea isn't bad but as far as execution goes I wish the authors would pick a tense and stick with it It probably could have also lost a few pages if they had reduced some of Jacinda's commentary on events there were times it felt redundantHorse lovers will love the info on American Curly horses and horseback therapy The characters aren't any worse or better than other series aimed at preteen girls

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