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Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop ❰Download❯ ➻ Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop Author Abby Clements – uand Imogen et Anna héritent de façon totalement inattendue de la petite boutiue de crèmes glacées de leur grand mère leur vie va se trouver chamboulée Le glacier ui se trouve à Brighton en bor uand Imogen et Ice Cream MOBI ò Anna héritent de façon totalement inattendue de la petite boutiue de crèmes glacées de Vivien's Heavenly PDF or leur grand mère leur vie va se trouver chamboulée Le glacier ui se trouve à Brighton en bord Heavenly Ice Cream PDF Ç de mer possède énormément de charme mais n'attire plus les clients L'été approchant à grand pas les deux sœurs vont devoir trouver des solutions Leur meilleure volonté pourra t elle surmonter les tensions dans leurs familles leurs vies sentimentales agitées et le très réputé climat anglaisUne chose est sûre cet été ne sera pas comme les autres Grâce à une jolie histoire pleine de charme et des personnages auxuels la lectrice peut s'identifier facilement ce roman nous montre ue le bonheur est fait de petits plaisirs simples et à portée de chacun.

10 thoughts on “Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop

  1. Namratha Namratha says:

    Fooled by a pretty face Or to be precise bamboozled by a gorgeous Book Cover I want to take a moment here to tell you all about the sheer prettiness of the book cover Retro fonts pastel colours and art deco illustrations of wafered sundaes and munched up ice cream bars acted as an ACME sized magnet for a nostalgia freak like meThe summary at the back was promising too Two young sisters Anna and Imogen with vastly differing personalities suddenly learn that they have inherited Grandma Vivien's Ice Cream Parlour Vivien was a beautiful person with a kind heart and was adored by her family friends and patrons But her seaside business was going downhill Stable Anna who has just bought a house with her boyfriend and free spirited Imogen who is a photographer living it up on a Thailand beach have to decide whether wrapping up their individual dreams and bring their Grandma's shop back to life is a doable venture As summer approaches the two sisters go through the pangs of small business setup while juggling their private livesI really wanted to love this book I did I am a huge cooking fiend If a book has food hoisting up the plot I will read it So yes I loved the delectable mentions of gourmet ice creams tart granitas and fresh sorbets But as far as the sisters' stories went it was all too pat and too too coincidental Every time things went wrongsolutions popped up immediately Every time love lives crumbled new prospects appeared on the horizon Anna and Imogen were supposed to be two opposing personalities and yet there were barely any fireworks in their working relationship Shouldn't Imogen have strained at the lease when Anna got too perfectionist in her attitude? Shouldn't Anna have been furious when Imogen spends their fast withering funds on a solely made decision? But nono sparks whatsoever Even the romantic lives of the two sisters was lacklustre Problem Cheating Boyfriends? Solutions New improved boyfriends JustlikethatI hate talking about a book like this because I truly loved it's premise I have been lucky enough to have a grandmother just like Vivien Loving matriarchs with memorable personalities are a joy to behold And I would have liked the book better if there would have been flashes of her personality interspersing the two sisters' tale But no it laboured on about Anna and Imogen living out a supposedly fraught with uncertainty but in my opinion textbook perfect life Trying to end on a positive note there are some seriously gorgeous ice cream recipes at the end of the book With summer around the corner they are definitely worth trying

  2. Nina Nina says:

    I think I was once again a little fooled by a pretty cover Don't get me wrong this wasn't necessarily a bad book It was a very uick read and I didn't have to force myself to get through it; but it unfortunately just wasn't as good as I hoped it would be The first half of Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop was very boring and nothing really happened I did like that the main characters were running a business and it was nice to read about how the business went from a disaster to something that provides them with an income But there were just many other things in this book I didn't really care about I liked the dog he was cute and so was little Alfie the son of the boyfriend of one of the MCs but the romance was very weak Nothing really happened until the last 100 pages of the book and then everything just felt extremely rushed Further I also didn't really like Abby Clements's writing style Overall though it was still a nice summer read and since I definitely enjoyed the second half than the first half of the book I decided to still give it three out of five starsinstagram || my blog || twitter

  3. Angela Angela says:

    Boring boring boring Why do I keep picking up these type of book up?

  4. Megan Readinginthesunshine Megan Readinginthesunshine says:

    Sisters Imogen and Anna are devastated when their beloved grandmother Vivien dies unexpectedly The two sisters have been living entirely different lives and doing different things but when they discover that Vivien has left them her ice cream parlour they make a big decision As Viven’s Ice cream Shop is a seafront institution and the sisters want to protect their grandmother’s legacy they devise a plan together to train up and make the ice cream shop the best it can be So whilst Imogen watches the shop and comes up with new ideas Anna flies to Italy to attend a gourmet ice cream making course As they get to grips with running an ice cream shops the sisters learn lots about ice cream and themselves tooI thoroughly enjoyed this As soon as I picked the book up I was immediately drawn into the story and I actually finished it in a single day I just couldn’t put the book down I will warn you thoughthis book will make you want ice cream and lots of it I didn’t have any in the house but as soon as I finished the book I went out especially just to buy some So a tip stock up on some ice cream before you start reading perhaps buy both the book and ice cream at the same time? because they are a winning combinationThe characters were wonderful Both Imogen and Anna are uite different from each other and I really enjoyed this aspect as it made the story interesting and I got to learn about their different personalities and see them as two separate people I think if they had been to similar than they may have blended into each other a bit too much so I was pleased that both Imogen and Anna stood out for their own reasons I also loved that although they are different they share similar values such as the love for their grandmother and their determination and dedication to the ice cream shop I particularly loved the focus on family with this theme running throughout it was touching and I really got behind the sisters cheering them on because I desperately wanted Vivien’s Ice cream Shop to be a success for themThe descriptions were beautiful Anna flies over to Italy to learn about making ice cream and whilst I was reading these chapters I genuinely felt as though I had been transported abroad with Anna seeing the sights around me hearing the sounds and I could almost imagine myself there The descriptions of the ice cream and the flavours were wonderful though it made me long to taste what I was reading aboutBut it’s not all about drooling over ice creamthere is so much than that I was really interested to read about what it takes to run an ice cream shop I thought as I’m sure many other people do that it would be uite easy serving ice creams all day but there is a lot to it As a result I was so intrigued about the daily workings of an ice cream shop and I was so pleased that Abby included these aspects as I feel I’ve learnt a lot from this story too There is also a great insight into the lives of the two sisters the importance of family and of course some romance tooVivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop is truly a delight to read it made my day and had me smiling for a long while after I had finished reading Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream shop would be ideal for a holiday read or even just relaxing in the gardenso make sure you pick up this book buy an ice cream and enjoy devouring this fabulous novel

  5. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    Every so often a book comes along that you just fall in love with and want to tell everybody to read This is that book I wanted to read it from the minute I laid eyes on the cover it looks great And luckily the story contained within is even better I picked it up earlier wanting to read a bit of it and finished it within a few hours I am now left feeling happy that I finished a good book but sad that it is over In recent years we have had family members being left cafes cake shops sweet shops etc however I did find the actual story and the characters very original and would say that this isn't just a rehash of similar books from other authors I took to the two characters Anna and Imogen straightaway and loved them throughout the whole book They both felt very realistic and you really root for them throughout the bookI was salivating reading about the ice cream recipes though perhaps not the batch that Imogen created and wishing I could be in Italy with Anna trying some of them out There are recipes in the back of the book which I would like to try out but to be honest it wouldn't be the same as being in Italy or being in a lovely little ice cream shop near the seafront I found myself so engrossed in the story and enjoying reading about the characters that I was gutted as I turned each page and neared the end With a certain cafe and sweetshop from another author having second books written set at Christmas time part of me wishes that the author of this book would write a second book featuring these fantastic characters and the wonderful ice cream shop The ending was a satisfying one but I would say it was kind of left open for a seuel please let there be one I also loved this book enough to check out the author's other book which has been on my tbr list for a while but I just haven't got round to it This book is the perfect summer read to while away a few hours on the beach just make sure there is an ice cream vanshop nearby This is one of those books you will fall in love with and reccommend to everybody you can Don't miss it

  6. MicaelaS MicaelaS says:

    I really wanted to love this book I had admired the cover for ages and the storyline sounded like something I'd absolutely love Unfortunately I found the book to be bland and for the most part uite boring I realised I wasn't enjoying the story of Imogen and Anna as I felt no emotional connection to either of them I wasn't enraptured with their lives and wasn't rooting for them Every plot seemed so convenient eg they run out of money they decide to get a loan get loan approval Everything was so step by step and I was really looking for a bit depth to the storylineThe parts I did enjoy were the struggles their father went through after losing his mother I wish attention had been paid to his grief and the girls had interacted with him and their mother The other part I enjoyed was their meddlesome aunt trying to ruin their plans and it was great when their dad put her in her place I had hoped once Anna went to Italy and Matteo was introduced that there would be spark As with Imogen and Finn but everything felt fizzle 23 of the way through I didn't really care any Overall the book wasn't terrible it was a sweet read but I don't see myself picking it up again in the future I'm so disappointed as I had this on my to read list for so long

  7. Tracy Klein Tracy Klein says:

    The cover makes me want to sink my head into a pot of delicious raspberry gelato That's what made me pick up this book from the shelf Also the description looked kinda good A story about two sisters that start a business together I like that kind of stuff so I bought itThe ice cream parlour belonged to Vivien Anna and Imogen's grandmother She's a good woman loved by everyone that likes to share what she has with those less fortunate Anna and Imogen are very different from each other Imogen loves travelling and havin fun while Anna is content with living a conventional life this is finishing uni find a job find a boyfriend move together and get married In fact she just started the phase move together by buying an apartment with her boyfriend Jon after a couple of years together About Imogen they say she's the spitting image of her father Which seems to annoy her mother who dislikes those traits on her and is not happy with the kind of life her daughter is livingThe girls have an uncle called Martin who married a french woman They live in France I think they have no childrenAlso we got Alfie Jon's son from his first marriage Alfie is 3 and speaks about himself in third person Jon and his mother divorced when he was 1 because Jon caught her cheating on him with the neighbour The best of the book the recipes in the end Can't wait to do the blueberry one The worst that most of the situations were forced by the author to fit into the story Even if that means making her characters do unreasonable or absurd thingsSPOILERS WARNING And now my personal opinionA lot trouble that happened in the book could have been solved by talking about it first I mean the author wanted Anna and Imogen to inherit the ice cream parlour she wanted it to be a surprise but that is a serious thing that should have been talked beforehand A shop reuires a lot of sacrifice and commitment Nana Vivien knew that Anna just got promoted to her new job and Imogen was living abroad If they wanted to run the ice cream parlour Anna would've had to resign and Imogen would've had to leave Thailand and come back to England and maybe she didn't want to do that Inheriting a shop is something too serious and lifechanging to just throw the news to you like thatConvenience strikes back after a few chapters when Anna and Imogen take over the business Anna decides to go on a trip to Italy to assist to a gelato academy That is three weeks after she resigns from her new job and starts focusing on Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop In that time she was a bit busy but she had time to take a weekend out with her boyfriend Nothing wrong here But apparently when she comes from her one week gelato course she finds out that her boyfriend has been sacked and he didn't say a word to her because he felt too embarrassed Anna of course is angry everyone would be But he then uickly defends himself by turning the tables and accusing Anna of leaving their relationship in the background He also says he doesnt feel at home any and he's going back with his ex that cheated on him Leaving Anna alone with the burden of being the one to blame for the relationship failure and just a month after buying an apartment together and just because she's a bit busy with a new business Sounds realistic to meWhile Anna is in Italy Imogen makes a couple of big purchases without consulting her sister's opinion I mean she is in charge that's true but Imogen please your sister is your business partner aswell you don't just spend all your budget without asking her first And that moment when Finn breaks into the garage to fix the engine and Imogen catches him Finn we know your intentions are good but why did you have to sneak in like a burglar? Well the answer is to conveniently create awkward moments with Imogen so people won't suspect they'll end together O waitDo people act like this in real life? Because I don't know of anyone who does when I buy a real life based story I want to read something realistic not a book full of silly easy fixes and cheap coincidences

  8. Jennifer Joyce Jennifer Joyce says:

    Imogen has been living in Thailand for six months dividing her time between relaxing with friends and her boyfriend in idyllic surroundings and building an exhibition of underwater photographs She can't imagine returning to dreary Britain but one phone call freezes her travel bug and sends her back to Brighton Imogen's beloved grandmother Vivien has passed away leaving her ice cream shop to Imogen and her older sister Anna Imogen and Anna have a tough task ahead of them to fulfil their grandmother's wishes and take over the business The ice cream shop has suffered in recent years and needs modernisation and a new wave of customers Anna has always dreamed of making a living from selling her own food creations but she doesn't have much experience of making ice cream and creating her own recipes so in the name of research she jets off to Italy to enrol on a gelato course Making the ice cream shop a success won't be easy but Anna and Imogen are determined to make their grandmother proud I was thrilled when I received a copy of Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop as the cover is gorgeous and what could be better than a plot revolving around ice cream? We only meet Vivien who opened the shop in the 1950s with her husband Stanley very briefly but through her friends and family I got a real sense of the woman she was Vivien was a warm caring and full of life character so her granddaughters have a lot to live up to when they take over her shop Anna and Imogen have their fair share of problems while setting up the shop both in business and their personal lives It was good to see the hiccups of taking over the business or importantly how the sisters worked to resolve them growing in confidence as they progressed Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop is a tasty treat of a book and is perfect to enjoy over the summer

  9. Karyn Karyn says:

    This was a very Happy Feel good read like a book you would take to the beachIt revolves around everyones favourite dessert ice creamThe story is based in a small town It involves a tale of family inheritance and two sisters who fight it to keep the business goingThere is a romance heartbreak angle But I guess the gelato topic keeps everyone hookedAlmost made me wish I could run and grab a ice cream

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    This is a nice summer y book about 2 sisters taking on an ice cream shop I would have liked a little drama during certain parts but other than that this book was great Yes there are recipes at the end of the book

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