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Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status [PDF / Epub] ✅ Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status Author Leondra LeRae – What is meant to be will be That's how the saying goes but will that saying hold true for uan and Bianca He's everything she's ever wanted in a man He has the looks the drive ambition street credibili What is meant to be Dreams, Side eBook ´ will be That's how the saying goes but will that saying hold true for uan and Bianca He's everything she's ever wanted in a man He has the looks the drive ambition street credibility and to top it off he treats her like the ueen she is There is only one problem; like most men he has a wandering eye She is his all She possesses everything a man could want in a woman Beauty brains a banging body and street sense But is all of that enough to keep uan's Main Bitch PDF or attention They say love conuers all but after a night out with the fellas uan's attention is captured by another Mistakes are made and what uan does in the dark comes to the light for Bianca Will one wrong move cost uan his future Will one weak moment result in a lifetime of heartache for the couple who appear to have it all Step into the lives of these two lovers and see if love will overcome all.

10 thoughts on “Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status

  1. Nesha Mikell Nesha Mikell says:

    Great JobI can't wait for part 2 because the shit is about to hit the fan Hopefully will get his shit together in part 2 This was a great read from beginning to end I would recommend this great read to anybody who love urban fiction

  2. Tonia Tonia says:

    DangThis book had to be good for me to finish it in a day But I'm pissed to have to wait for the 2ND book I wanna know how uan managed to hide that secret for 2 yrs reflecting on the beginning of the bookPlease hurry Leondra LeRae

  3. Treasure Malian Treasure Malian says:

    I hateeeeeeee Crystal Ok now that that's out the way I thoroughly enjoyed this book Read it in one sitting The characters were well developed and the story line was good I feel for B hope uan can get it together Def looking forward to the next installment cuz ik ish is about to get real

  4. Nakeisha Wiggins Nakeisha Wiggins says:

    It's about to go down Can't wait for the next installment Love me some uan he just gotta let the secrets go and keep it one hunnid with B befo she cut his asslol Great readpatiently waiting for part ✌ SN I'm seriously hating Crystal's conniving ass

  5. Kitani Kitani says:

    I liked this even though it was a short story I must say I loved Bianca She was willing to be independent even though uan chose to take care of her Showing she wasn't going to allow uan to run over her and do whatever while she remained faithful only made me like her That's right don't put up with his ish when you can have anyone but chose his simple ass uan needs to get his ish together if he truly loves Bianca as he claims uan better start listening to his momma and homeboys before he's lonely as hell As for Crystal man that chick need to get a life She saw an opportunity and snagged uan as she said I just wished this was actually a full book to get insight on Crystal She's confusing as hell and I'm trying to understand what really happened and if uan dealt with her another time after getting caught Better yet why is he still jeopardizing his relationship by having her work at the club? Hopefully some of my uestions will be answered in book 2

  6. Rita Hill Rita Hill says:

    omg this was a great book I can relate to it 100%

  7. V Phillips V Phillips says:

    uan can’t even tell Bianca why he cheated He should have kept it in his pants Bianca is right with taking the time out to just do her Let’s see what happens with Crystal telling uan she is pregnant

  8. Kisha Kisha says:

    Good ReadI gave this book 4 stars because it's a real good book that held my attention but the situation with uan Bianca and Crystal started to seem long and drawn out I do intend to read the next part because again the story line is one most of us can relate to

  9. SunShine SunShine says:

    Good readThis is my first read from her and I enjoyed it even though I don’t like uan I need to see what happens in book 2

  10. Cre Cre says:

    I only read one series from Leondra but this one is to good I can't wait for part two I'm mad she left us hanging like that but I know she will make up for it in part 2 I loved the story of uan and Bianca Bianca He took her through hell and high water but she tried to remain calm through it all uan's mother was a trip in this book She didn't take nothing off her son I'm mad you left us with a cliffhanger but I hope the next book drop soon

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