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Kissing the Canvas ➹ [Download] ➵ Kissing the Canvas By Billy London ➼ – Russian boxer Pasha Markovitch has everything in his corner looks potential for Olympic greatness and speed of powerful fists professionals only dream of There’s just one small issue If he can’t f Russian boxer Pasha Markovitch has everything in his corner looks potential for Olympic greatness and speed of powerful fists professionals only dream of There’s just one small issue If he can’t find a solution to his current visa situation he’ll be out of the UK and ducking and weaving with government standard silver bracelets on his wrists The pressures of his father’s greed and the anxiety of a past that continues to knock him down steadily wear on him until chance leads him to green fingered sarcastic mouthed Liliana Asare Kissing the PDF \ who offers the light of a reprieve Coming to an arrangement of mutual exchange they both get what they want Pasha gets to stay in the country and Liliana gets the financing for her florist shop The whole scenario is perfect enough to list Woman willing to marry him so he doesn’t end up deported and she doesn’t end up losing her livelihood Check Avaricious father satisfied Check Falling in love with his fake wife Wait that’s not on the list Note This is simply a romance and not a guide as to how to stay in the UK with a marriage of convenience The law on that changed in July but at the time of writing this is absolutely correct So if it happens that the Home Office Minister reads this story it’s just fiction As changeable as your job.

About the Author: Billy London

Ah poor Billy The only girl between two boys who each have nearly a foot on her Didn't stop her from starting physical fights with them She still thinks she can take them So while she used to hide away in her wardrobe to read a book or four she started to uestion why the heroines in those books would just lie there and take it No not just sex but downright James Bond backhand slapping d.

10 thoughts on “Kissing the Canvas

  1. Camille Camille says:

    I get horrible mothers eh I really do But Billy's writing is becoming progressively angrier and angstier There used to be a funness and good writing and nuance that balanced out the family drama eg Windows#1 Now this author is getting harder and harder to read what with all the overly XTian hurtful bitchy controlling mother figures in her workEach author has an obsession Billy needs to resolve hers Oh and the writing is lazier Heh full time job demands are making themselves apparent in her new turnouts

  2. Tina Tina says:

    This book had potential to be better than it was I like this author's voice I really do It is a bit irreverent and very smart This book only had glimpses of that irreverance smartness which is why I think this book could have done betterThe basic story is that Pasha Markovitch is a Russian boxer who lives in London He needs sponsorship to go on to bigger and better things in the sport but his lack of British citizenship is preventing thatLily Asare has just had her life savings stolen by her boozing gambling wastrel of a father Without it she can;t start her own business and she currently absolutely hates her current lech of a bossPasha's father has a solution Lily marries Pasha so he can become a citizen by marriage And he'll pay Lily the money So this becomes a rather murky MOC story I rather liked Lily and Pasha together but I felt so many other elements of the story competed too successfully imo with the romance For one thing both Pasha and Lily each have a set of frightful parents And their dysfunctional relationship with their respective parents take up some rather hefty real estate in the book I generally like messy relationships amongst characters in books Feels life like People don't behave like book characters do so when I see book characters behaving like real people I like it In this case it had toe effect of coming as as rather disjointed and a little un cohesiveIt may sound like I did not like this book I did I actually did whip right through it But I think my rating and review in reflecting a comparison to other works the author has done and this book feels just a little not up to her normal standards

  3. Monica Monica says:

    I read this book on a 10 hour flight Billy London's characters are passionate as they are funny The characters are an unlikely pair but I could relate to them They are people that are ruled andor manipulated by their families You know these people some times you are these people I liked seeing the main characters get control of their lives and start living it on their own terms The relationship between the two leads was developed at a good pace and it was believableI love this author's work

  4. CoCoFierce CoCoFierce says:

    First let me say I got so excited when the mention of my favorite Billy London Italian's were mention in this book I love my Italian Knights but I just may have picked up a new family to love in these Russians Pash is a boxer sweet hearted don't take no stuff Alpha Male And Lilly well she is the classic Billy London character strong willed but needs a drink every now and again with family mainly mother issues I like the premise of this story an arranged marriage I didn't like all the emphasis being put on the surrounding family and less focus on the two relationship to about 60% of the book But Billy does not disappoint she can write a love scene like no other This book focuses around the couples disruptive nosey family Because the book goes into such detail about both families evil deeds I wish emphasis would have be given on the redemption aspect Lilly's mother Rose was just too much and she did the most As a reader I would have like to see how the two worked on their relationship or if she even really forgave her mother after what she did Classic Billy we get some break out characters Lilly's cousin and Pash's brother are too funny and I would like too see them get a story as well All in all this is a great story with a HEA

  5. Lorice DeBlanc-Brim Lorice DeBlanc-Brim says:

    Loved itOne thing I can not stand is when parents set out to hurt one another and involve their kids in their childish spats But to note that Pasha and Lily survived it is even better I loved Pasha and Lily relationship for one moment I thought since he was born in London was she going to leave him I loved their chemistry How they were each other rock I highly recommend this book

  6. Rosie J. Rosie J. says:

    MY RATING 45 StarsI really admire people that don't allow themselves to be blackmailed when they are finally fed up and they take their power back by saying enough is enough knowing they have the potential to possibly lose everything But I especially admire the heroine that stands by and up for the person they love and says no matter what happens no matter what you tell me I will still love you Sweet Love Story I Loved It

  7. C C says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I really like the book especially with the drama from both side of the families Pasha and lily was perfect together but mama rose got on my last nerves lady had some serious issues good book

  8. Tony Tony says:

    This was such a good read I could not put it down The couple may not have come together for the best of reasons but it was refreshing to see them become friends and watch there love grow I laughed out loud at the antics of the brothers and cousin

  9. Kellane Ayanna Mitchener Kellane Ayanna Mitchener says:

    Lily and the GloveI started this book yesterday and finished it just now and I absolutely enjoyed it I loved pasha and lily so very much it took them a little to warm up to each other but when they did such fireworks And her family Agnes and David rocked her father iosif and her mother mother rose especially rose I didn't care for her father grew on me and did what needed to be done so I commend him for that Her stepfather wasn't too bad either Now pasha's family his brother lukasz was so cute and funny his sister ola I enjoyed and his dad and mum I really didn't like borya and Sharon but they remained civil in the end and she apologized I absolutely recommend this book to readers who love ir relationships

  10. Lawanna Young Lawanna Young says:

    DelightfulI enjoyed this book immensely Something that started with a deal for two people turned out to be the thing in their lives Good writing Billy London

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