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Solstorm ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Solstorm By Åsa Larsson ➯ – On the floor of a church in northern Sweden the body of a man lies mutilated and defiled–and in the night sky the aurora borealis dances as the snow begins to fallSo begins Åsa Larsson’s spellbin On the floor of a church in northern Sweden the body of a man lies mutilated and defiled–and in the night sky the aurora borealis dances as the snow begins to fallSo begins Åsa Larsson’s spellbinding thriller winner of Sweden’s Best First Crime Novel Award and an international literary sensationRebecka Martinsson is heading home to Kiruna the town she’d left in disgrace years before A Stockholm attorney Rebecka has a good reason to return her friend Sanna whose brother has been horrifically murdered in the revivalist church his charisma helped create Beautiful and fragile Sanna needs someone like Rebecka to remove the shadow of guilt that is engulfing her to forestall an ambitious prosecutor and a dogged policewoman But to help her friend and to find the real killer of a man she once adored and is now not sure she ever knew Rebecka must relive the darkness she left behind in Kiruna delve into a sordid conspiracy of deceit and confront a killer whose motives are dark wrenching and impossible to guess From the Hardcover edition.

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  1. Candi Candi says:

    I needed to find a first in a series book to read and had a hankering to read a crime novel Having not previously read a Scandinavian crime book I thought this was as good a time as any to give one a try The thought of some astonishing landscape thrown into the mix appealed to me as well I grabbed Sun Storm since it was readily available and I was happily entertained The Aurora Borealis twists and turns like a dragon in the night sky Stars and planets are compelled to give way to her this great miracle of shimmering light as she makes her unhurried way across the vault of heavenThis stunning phenomenon endures even as the prominent evangelist Viktor Strandgard lays dying on the floor of his beloved church of The Source of All Our Strength set atop a hill in Kiruna Sweden Viktor Strandgard is eventually found dead by his sister Sanna who goes to the church following a bedside vision of her brother Fearing for herself and her two daughters Sanna contacts her old friend Rebecka Martinsson A former member of this fundamentalist church Rebecka is forced to face some stinging memories that she thought were finally behind her As Sanna finds herself a possible suspect in Viktor's murder Rebecka finds her role as a Stockholm tax attorney perhaps not uite suited to representing a friend with whom she has a very tenuous relationship at best But Sanna is counting on their old bond and entrusts her case as well as the care of her young daughters to Rebecka Enter Anna Maria and Sven Erik two investigators assigned to the case I really liked Anna Maria – pregnant she has been placed on desk duty but still seems to be all too eager to get to the bottom of this case and away from her desk She's one tough woman Nothing seems to intimidate her including the overly zealous band of hypocritical and evasive pastors of The Source of All Our Strength Rebecka too must confront this group and does so with the strength of several years of animosity stemming from her history with the church and these leaders I'm not uite certain of my feelings for Rebecka I was definitely in her corner but she was not always very likeable Her caring for the little girls was commendable and her determination was admirable but I couldn't always tolerate her personality Perhaps she would grow on me in later installments of the series Overall this was fast paced reasonably gruesome and ultimately satisfying as a diversion from my usual form of reading I have come to realize that I need to pick up a good mysterycrime novel from time to time I enjoyed trying to guess whodunit and this book definitely kept me on my toes It took me a decent amount of time to figure things out The last part of the book even if not completely believable was tense and exciting Throw in some fabulous scenes of the Aurora Borealis and the lonesomeness and desolation of the expansiveness of the snowy landscape and you have a respectable solid start to this series 3 stars

  2. Laura Laura says:

    I can't believe the high ratings I am so disappointed by this It's extremely bad written and 80% of the book is just uninteresting The ending was laughable at least No one would believe that I absolutely hated all the characters with no exception All of them were flat and unrealistic And I dunno why they are swearing all the single time I found them to be rude unpolite and disgusting Especially hated Rebecka and Sanna Rebecka was extremely annoying as a main character She doesn't have charisma or a good personality she seems angry all the time and is pretty stupid and boring for being likeable Another thing that annoys me is that there is no investigation at all I don't care if the characters are playing with their dog one entire chapter or doing other boring actions that have no relation with the main mystery So yeah the whole book is all about random stuff the characters do and at the very end the clever Rebecka sees a connection and finds out who the murderer is And with no investigation whatsoever Like if someone would believe that I am done with this author

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I've been on a Scandinavian writers' kick since I read and fell hard for 'Out Stealing Horses' by Per Petterson last August After reading all three of Petterson's books reviewing so far only the first I turned to the genre which Nordic writers seem to dominate these days the suspense novel A recent trip to Iceland prompted me to pick up first 'Voices' by Arnaldur Indridason which I intend later to write about but will just say for now that it is a subject on which I am emphatically tepid Next I turned to Stieg Larsson's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'which with his 'Girl Who Played with Fire' I praised highly here Mari Jungstedts's three Anders Knutas thrillers came next reviews to appear but I've got to write them first don't I?I've just now finished Asa Larsson's 'The Sun Storm' and felt it was just too good to push aside to write about at some later maybe neverish timeOf course YOU don't want to read about someone who's had his eyes gouged out and that was the least of his worries nor do you want to read about a pack of crazed Swedish fundamentalist Christians but don't let that stop you from picking up this book It was not the dream of my lifetime to read about those things either But the novel opens with a stunning description of the aurora borealis and works its way past the blood and gore to characters and a plot that gain in strength and lucidity and momentum to the extent that I couldn't put 'Sun Storm' down This is Asa Larsson's first novel and it certainly isn't perfectly written Its worst moments are better than many successful writers' best ones though If you want info on the plot and things you'll have to look elsewhere I'll just say that in Rebecka Martinsson I found the best female protagonist I've encountered in a very long time Larsson has a profound understanding of the human psyche and a powerful way of writing about it It's not an easy book to read but you've guessed that Okay but read it anyway I've just ordered the seuel

  4. Fred Shaw Fred Shaw says:

    Sun Storm by Asa Larsson audiobook version A popular young priest is brutally murdered in his church in northern Sweden and his sister who found the body is accused Sanna Strandgord turns to her friend attorney Rebecca Martinsson for help Martinsson is a tax attorney and has no experience with high profile murder investigations But Rebecca is smart and tough and goes to work To say this is a thriller would be putting it mildly The characters are well developed and our heroine is admirable and will not be pushed around The setting is Sweden in winter where there is bitter cold constant snow and the aurora borealis is highly visible Another key character is the church itself where Victor Strandgord was murdered The other priests have built uite a business around the church and use “God’s Word” to justify graft tax evasion and even murder I have enjoyed a number of Swedish authors and Asa Larsson has put together a terrific first novel Highly recommended

  5. Bettie Bettie says:

    view spoiler Bettie's Books hide spoiler

  6. Rachel Hall Rachel Hall says:

    35 starsAfter encountering the feisty Rebecka Martinsson in the fifth outing of this series and enjoying it immensely it is interesting to see how Åsa Larsson's writing has acuired a certain polish as this series has progressed At times I felt like the narrative in this first outing was a little awkward the character of Rebecka Martinsson still carving out a role and personality for herself whilst also being faced with the unenviable task of returning to a childhood home that she was effectively cast out of a decade previously Memories are raw for Rebecka and as Larsson ventures deeply into Martinsson's claustrophobic home it isn't hard to see why her hackles are uickly raised and her outward demeanour is so prickly At times the translation appears somewhat clunky and the narrative occasionally jarring but all in all this is a highly competent debut which sees a tax lawyer in Stockholm break out of her predetermined role to return to a home town where she has plenty of unfinished business Protagonist Rebecka Martinsson is a tax lawyer who has seen her hard work take her from the northernmost town in Sweden Kiruna to a career in prestigious Stockholm law firm Meijer and Ditzinger Working seventy hours a week to bill for an average of forty two Rebecka is living the life of a corporate bunny with a stressful workload limited social fulfilment and nights of broken sleep The shocking news of the murder of a religious celebrity in Kiruna however takes Rebecka right back to her earlier years when his identity is disclosed as Viktor Strandgård a man who she knew well along with his sister Sanna Having lost touch with her former friends when she was effectively ostracised from the town she has no intentions of returning home but a call from Sanna who discovered Viktor's mutilated body and has been identified as prime suspect sees Rebecka returning north Contrary to all her intentions Rebecka risks her job and forces herself to face the legacy of a past and confront the demons that drove her from the town and left her reputation in tatters but she is less certain that she will be able to help SannaA near death experience saw Viktor Strangård devote his life to God and instigate an impassioned Christian following in Kiruna which involved unifying three separate churches With a congregation of two thousand the combined entity The Source of All Our Strength is something of an institution that has secured the finances of its three full time pastors which the charismatic and manipulative Thomas Söderberg heads up With the murder weapon and Viktor's bible found in the home of Sanna amounting to circumstantial evidence only Rebecka is left to focusing on a possible motive and who might have framed Sanna for the murder A close lipped community makes things even tougher but threatening to expose some financial scandals proves fortuitous as the truth comes into sight Admittedly there is little opportunity to see Rebecka do than prying into taxfinancial accounts and ruffling a few feathers Sanna swings between truculent slights and silence and makes it difficult to believe a former close friendship ever existed between her and Rebecka Given that Rebecka's specialism is in tax law her investigations are very intuitive and it proves easy to follow her logic Taking on responsibility for Sanna's two daughters Sara 11 and Lova 4 and keeping them out of the clutches of Sanna's domineering father Olof Strandgärd sees Rebecka return to her grandmothers remote home in Kurravarra and cabin in Jiekajärvi and forced to rely on her grandmothers elderly neighbour Sivving Investigating Inspector Anna Maria Mella is heavily pregnant with her fourth child and her second in command Sven Erik Stålnacke officially takes the reins but is somewhat overawed by the press interest and defers to Mella Inspector Fred Olsson and eager younger Sergeant Tommy Rantakyrö assist but it is jumped up Assistant Chief Prosector Carl von Post aka von Pisspot who sees this an opportunity to overturn his lowly outposting and get his talents recognised Rebecka cooperates with Inspector Anna Maria Mella who are both united in believing that Prosector Carl von Post is blinkered in his determination for a open and shut case and failing to see past Sanna as the guilty party Much of this story felt very familiar but I think this was due to my reading in uick succession with another case which focused on a religious sect The Inspector and Silence by Håkan NesserThe uniue setting and feel of an insular community is well conveyed but if there is one thing lacking it in interaction between characters which struggles to appear natural at times Skipping to the fifth instalment shows the considerable improvement in Larsson's writing but this relatively straightforward investigation with very few distractions works as an excellent introduction to the characters Larsson leaves readers to piece together the fallout from the crime and impact on life in Kiruna but does hint at a future romance for Rebecka with her uick to inflame boss Mäns Wenngren

  7. Paul Secor Paul Secor says:

    A fairly standard Swedish mystery Nothing nothing less

  8. Antonomasia Antonomasia says:

    There probably is a bit too much exposition But if you can't remember when you last got than about 5 hours sleep that is frankly absolutely fine You'd miss anything subtle Unless possibly you're the ghost of Maggie ThatcherCan't put my finger on why but I found this a little clumsy and infodumping than Anne Holt This one in fairness is a first novel and I've only read Holt's later booksThe crime is a typically bizarre and fantastical event the murder and dismemberment of a beautiful man who was the figurehead of a cultish evangelical type church in the far north of Sweden The first chapter tells us that he was unconscious or dead before the really gory stuff happened which makes it somewhat less horrible There also isn't a huge amount of detail about the mutilation and we hear about how hideous it is via living characters' reactions than through descriptions of the corpse It's common for murder mysteries to have a female victim who's portrayed as alluring; this is the first time I can recall one featuring a man who's considered hot by one or characters also inaccessible and ethereal due to his religious asceticism Making it even of a role reversal he was once romantically rejected by the central detective characters Stockholm lawyer Rebecka Martinsson when they were both small town teenagersOne of the main reasons I'm reading these things aside from the armchair tourism is for the normal working life aspect of the investigators and supporting characters it's mostly about work rather than the endless cooking and ruminating scenes that populate the mundane side of litfic and seem somehow less realistic in terms of what takes up the headspace of someone who actually has a job Thrillers and crime fiction are mostly about people doing stuff literary fiction about thinking Sometimes you want a break from all that second hand thinkingSome aspects of the investigators' private lives may be a little soapy but there is something normal about them in massive contrast to the crimes That aspect I'm less keen on though at least their removal from reality must make them less threatening to many readers Whilst physically possible they seem not a great deal realistic than wizards and ghosts something I hadn't uite realised before this year not having read much crime fiction in book form since my teens and which I'm surprised isn't pointed out often The action thriller denouement of The Savage Altar was great fun however I have a lot of respect for the storylines featuring grubby regional news kind of crimes in the Danish series Unit One; I also like social realism in an easily readable form alongside vicarious travel It's understandable that some reviewers don't much like Rebecka she snaps at people freuently she's irritable about 70% of the time spends another 10% strongarming situations her way by uoting legislation and if someone wants to compliment her they call her 'fierce' But nice cop DI Anna Maria Mella is also there as a balancing force in the narrative It's interesting to have two parallel investigations going on where the author doesn't favour one character over the other this is no Holmes v LeStrade setup although Martinsson doesn't see it that way Like Sarah Lund Martinsson reminds me of my mother as I saw her when I was a kid not in a way that's weird or uncomfortable but enough that on a deep level she strikes me as unusually realistic because of a primal sense that that's what grownups are really like especially as regards work and dealing with people in public Though of course a lot of them aren't Four stars because I enjoyed its cheesy B movie imperfections and excellent showdown Having ended up with three of this series unread 2 3 on special offer got 1 to start in the right place I'm really looking forward to reading about Martinsson and Mella again which is than I could say for Anne Holt's Johanne Vik whose series I started in the same way I suspected that I'd find the sort of female characters I wanted to hear about in crime novels than I did in litfic where the emphasis is on what they're doing not a set of ideas about Being A Woman that I'm expected to relate to but don't and here I was right And four stars proudly because I don't want to modify based on 'perceived uality' in a nod to snobbery Optional rant under spoiler tag view spoilerAt the moment I'm sick of sustained posts about humourless and unapologetic snobbery and especially the promotion of it on Goodreads as something to grow into not out of Me aged 18 would have fit in with it much better Yes reading can refine taste and that's fine but what happened to all the other broadening of human understanding and wisdom that reading allegedly promotes? If a hobby runner said that anyone who couldn't run a 10k in under 40 mins was an embarrassing weakling it would be perfectly obvious to people on here what that looked like That they weren't actually diminished by others' slowness and that they were unnecessarily dismissive by applying one measure of worth that's irrelevant to many of people who never had an ability they happened to have of those who had it latently but preferred to or had to deploy their energies elsewhere and those who no longer could temporarily or permanently However I shall still roll my eyes at those who are so PC that they believe that the words 'idiot' or 'stupid' should be excised from one's vocabulary hide spoiler

  9. Black Dog Reviews Black Dog Reviews says:

    Reading Swedish crime fiction makes me wonder is Sweden really so full of murder and evilness? Or do the dark cold winter days and nights encourage sinister novels focused on the dark area of the human psyche?Sun Storm winner of Sweden’s Best First Crime Novel Award deals with religion hypocrisy abuse mental illness and perhaps redemption over the course of the story It’s setting of Kiruna the northernmost city in Sweden is important Its remoteness and isolation are integral to the storyThe story starts off when charismatic religious figure Viktor Strandgard is brutally murdered in the revivalist church he created The Source of All Our Strength Rebecca Martinsson returns to Kiruna her hometown to support Viktor’s sister The reader slowly learns Rebecca’s past as she unravels the truth and protects Sanna’s children from multiple forms of evil Pregnant inspector Anna Maria her counterpart Sven Erik and a blow hard Assistant Chief Prosecutor round out the castFans of Henning Mankell or Stieg Larsson’s The Millennium Trilogy will appreciate Sun Storm

  10. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Dark as the usual Scandinavian but somehow this one has superior characterizations to than eual the gritty This new author is starting well with Sven Erik Rebecka and Anna Maria Northern Sweden and the aurora borealis dance and flicker throughout Yes the characters are all considerably flawed and some not at all likeable Not a cozy

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