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  1. Emily Martha Emily Martha says:

    This is actually uite a good book It's short to the point and doesn't waste your time on filler The writing style is breezy and fun the author refrains from overloading you with self promotion and there's even a sense of humor that made me chuckle a few times It contains useful information it links to useful places and it's overall a pretty good overview of all the ways an author can use social networkingThe problem is that is all it is For a book that's being sold for money I expected something different than what I can find elsewhere on the Internet for free on any author's blog or in the Kindleboards forums for instance I wanted to find at least one brilliant thought I've never seen elsewhere and it didn't deliver it It was all just the same things you see everywhere just packaged really tidily and neatlyThree stars for the ease of reading the usefulness of the information and succinctness much better than padding for the illusion of length If it had contained anything I haven't heard elsewhere multiple places it would have been fourFor a free book I received a free reviewer copy I was reasonably happy with it But I think I would have been disappointed if I had paid any money for it

  2. Laura Laura says:

    Reading this book was like having an enjoyable conversation with a knowledgeable friendMichael Coorlim does not hesitate to offer solid advice on both getting your ideas written and different options on how to get your book publishedHis advice is based on personal experience and he does not try to sell you on one route over the othersHis style is conversational and not boring or preachy He sounds very approachableThis book is a uick and easy read with information gathered in one place for those unfamiiliar with the self publishing or marketing processesI was gifted a copy of the book and these opinions are my own

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Sell Yourself, Not Your Books [Download] ✤ Sell Yourself, Not Your Books By Michael Coorlim – Write More Promote lessWant to self publish your work but hate the thought of shilling your books all day Good That's 20th century thinking Modern marketing is all about building a rapport with your r Write More Promote lessWant Not Your PDF/EPUB » to self publish your work but hate the thought of shilling your books all day Good That's th century thinking Modern marketing Sell Yourself, PDF/EPUB ² is all about building a rapport with your readers respecting them connecting with them through a comprehensive social media platform focused on the author not on blunt Yourself, Not Your PDF/EPUB À promotion of your books Your readers are smarter than that and they deserve They deserve youSell Yourself Not Your books is a simple guide to self publishing marketing for professionals who'd rather write than beg.

  • ebook
  • 35 pages
  • Sell Yourself, Not Your Books
  • Michael Coorlim
  • English
  • 18 March 2014

About the Author: Michael Coorlim

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