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  1. °BeauutiLovve °BeauutiLovve says:

    10 OMG what a way to end this series This was so damn good Hoodlove and beyond So much drama was going on we get of Chance crazy self kids Family becoming stronger love ones lost the only thing that keeps playin in my head is John Legend All of me it was perfect for this book

  2. Donica James Donica James says:

    This book got hella crazyShit came out that you wouldn't expectThe drama came right off the pages and the characters came aliveI can't believe every thing Angel and Daisy had gone threw with they familiesIm just glad they got thru it together and came out stronger then everKeya got wat she deserved after all the shit she has done to pplAngels step mothersister and brother they all needed wat happen to them forreal

  3. Gina Pierre-paul Gina Pierre-paul says:

    Good story with some annoying errors

  4. R R says:

    ExcellentYou did it again This review is for all 4 books You really did not disappoint at all These books kept me on my toes and not putting any of the books down I was so engrossed on the characters and plot and story line I loved this series I love your books you have not disappointed me in any of the books I have read so far and I am making it my goal to finish every book you have read by the end of the month if that is possible Thank you for such great reads

  5. Christine mccullar Christine mccullar says:

    Great series Once again Tyga showed up and showed out Angel has been thru a lot n her life I really felt bad for I already saw the outcome that was waiting for Keya I always loved me some raven so I was happy to see her included n this story Loved the series

  6. Betty Betty says:

    The love of all loveMy daughter referred this book once I started I could put it down I love Angle and TygA their love was the bomb I would rate it a ten

  7. Bennita Bennita says:

    It's sad that this is the end of the series It started and finished with a bang This final chapter was a definite page turner and I was reading every chance I got to see what would happen nextAngel and Tyga's relationship still remained as strong as ever It was refreshing to see that their conflict was external to their relationship instead of someone trying to keep them apart They showed how strong they were as a couple and Tyga chose his family over the game which made me love his character even He was such a loving husband and father but he was also willing to kill anyone who jeopardized his family Angel was still the strong willed wife ready to protect her family as well and she was always willing to see the good in others even when they didn't deserve to be trustedDelco and Daisy still had to deal with baby mama drama but Daisy stepped up to the plate and did what she needed to do to keep her family together Delco's ex did her damnest to plant doubt in Daisy's mind but Daisy wasn't having it and she stood by her man but not without a devastating outcomeKeya finally got what she deserved She disgusted me so much in each book but this book was the absolute worst She had no loyalty to the people who loved her She tore her family apart and sentenced many men to their uknowing death spreading HIV to anyone who was willing to have sex with herOld enemies became allies horrible secrets were revealed and families were destroyed I couldn't have asked for in a book I will definitely have to read by this author

  8. Gloria Lewis Griffin Gloria Lewis Griffin says:

    Loving Angel 4I loved this whole series I hate that they stretched it into four books Tyga and his crew were the truth Keya finally got what she deserved I can't understand what goes thru a person's mind to do that That's scary It was an entertaining storyline and I couldn't stop reading it if I wanted to It had everything I didn't like Keisha for Chance at all I admired the love loyalty respect and obligation that bound Tyga and Angel and their families and Crew I even grew to like Kit Maria and her family was crazy and they got what their hand called for Excellent book Highly recommended

  9. C C says:

    Good ending ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Seems like everyone name that started with the letter M are crazy in this book lol Wtf didn't know carter was still around talking about resurrected the dead lol Seriously between Angel and Tyga families not sure which one is crazy still can't believe keya was still breathing smdh that chick is a weapon you do not want in your enemy hand she have no remorse at all The final book was great uestions were answer and a lot of people went Dix feet under lol really enjoy the book

  10. evette w evette w says:

    Love Is All OverWow this was stunning conclusion to worthy seriesFinally those that needed getting their just due finally got servedThis was also about growth not only individually but also as a couple and a familyI have got to sayI can't tell you how glad I was about KeysI mean was this chick crazy or what?Thanks to this writer for keeping every story in this series a page TurnerI look forward to another exciting ride in the future

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Loving Angel 4 [KINDLE] ❅ Loving Angel 4 By Carry Lowe – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This is the final book in the Loving Angel series Stay tuned at the end of the book for an excerpt from BANE JACKSON by Warren Smith Tyga and Angel are back for their final battle Having just gotten r This is the final book in the Loving Angel series Stay tuned at the end of the book for an excerpt from BANE JACKSON by Warren Smith Tyga and Angel are back for their final Loving Angel Kindle - battle Having just gotten rid of Dread and Ninja they thought that their troubles were all behind them but not if Maria has anything to say about it She’s out for blood and is scheming to see Tyga and Angel bleed Soon our favorite couple finds themselves involved in another war Will they be able to come out on top this time around Delco and Daisy are also having problems with their own Maria who is determined to finally tear them apart She too has many tricks up her sleeve and won’t stop until she has Delco back Will she finally be able to get back what she thinks belongs to her They say all good things must come to an end but how will our favorite couples’ stories end Will they finally be able to have their happily ever after Or will someone be able to finally tear them apart whether in life or death.