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Best Green Eats Ever ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Best Green Eats Ever By Katrine Van Wyk ➦ – Leafy greens are the talk of the town for they are the most nutritionally dense foods available They are versatile ingredients that pack an enormously healthy punch As Katrine Van Wyk demonstrated in Leafy greens are the talk of the town for they are the most nutritionally dense foods available They are versatile ingredients that pack an enormously healthy punch As Katrine Van Wyk demonstrated in Best Green Drinks Ever Best Green ePUB ´ leafy greens make terrific smoothies and juices but she definitely does not recommend an all liuid diet To satisfy your hunger—and your tastebuds—eat this Grilled Caesar SaladShredded Chicken and Savoy CabbageShaved Collard GreensBrussels Sprouts ChipsWith outrageously delicious recipes there's something for everyone Also included are modifications to make nearly every dish acceptable for a multitude of diets from raw to cooked paleo to vegan to gluten free.

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  1. Cris Cris says:

    A small section on the different benefits offered by separate categories of greens dark leafy cruciferous lettuces etc helps readers choose recipes based not only on personal tastes but the types of benefits the recipe offersI also liked that the recipes contain a limited number of ingredients which are typically widely available and a manageable set of directions

  2. Josh Josh says:

    A random cookbook on the shelf; I hoped it would spark my appetite FOR somethingThe review by Online Eccentric Librarian holds true for meI might try recipes in the future

  3. Janet Sketchley Janet Sketchley says:

    Informative with a good assortment of recipes

  4. Online Eccentric Librarian Online Eccentric Librarian says:

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Best Green Eats Ever is a beautifully presented full color cookbook of over 75 recipes using green vegetables in creative ways Most recipes have lavish full color photographs and each is easy to follow and modify It's clear this is a labor of love for the author and the promise of good tasting but healthy food does hold trueThe book breaks down as follows Part One Green Basics why eat greens which greens do what local seasonal and organic setting up your kitchen for success forget about a one size fits all diet; Part Two Green Recipes soups salads sides snackssauces mains treatsAs would be expected there are uite a few smoothie and salad recipes But there are also uite a few creative recipes including frozen green juice popsickles salt and vinegar kale chips spring comfort pasta dandelion pesto sauteed fiddleheads super simple pea shoot salad with radishes and creamy spinach soup with egg boatsNaturally spinach and kale show up in uite a few of the recipes But lettuces and other green plant leaves are also used liberally And although the name of the book is green that doesn't mean you're going to have a sea of green only meals from the recipes Many are uite colorful and the greens are an accent not the main flavorThe recipes are beautifully laid out nearly each one having its own photograph I do rate one star less because the recipe directions are in short paragraph form and not numbered making them a bit difficult to follow when cooking And because I'd have preferred fewer posed shots of the author holding something and instead shots of the actual dishes But those are really minor uibbles for an excellent bookA nice feature of the book is that the recipes have modification information for specific diets; eg vegetarian paleo GF Storage and serving size info are also givenThis is a great book to explore recipes that are surprisingly simple to make but complex in their taste As well most of the book is the recipe section and not a lot of extra talk Author Van Wyk is brief in the beginning with information on where to get the greens when to get them and which ones are the best for health benefits so the focus stays on the recipesIn all nicely presented recipe book with interesting yet healthy meals Reviewed from an ARC provided by the publisher

  5. Christa Sigman Christa Sigman says:

    I loved everything about this book The information the recipes the pictures I need to buy this so I can make everything in it

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