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No Fortunate Son [EPUB] ✻ No Fortunate Son Author Brad Taylor – In the latest military thriller from the retired Delta Force Operator and New York Times bestselling author a hostage situation places America’s most powerful political elite at the mercy of its wor In the latest military thriller from the retired Delta Force Operator No Fortunate MOBI :º and New York Times bestselling author a hostage situation places America’s most powerful political elite at the mercy of its worst enemies When veteran operator Pike Logan and partner Jennifer Cahill receive a letter from Blaisdell Consulting—the umbrella cover company for their real employer a top secret counterterrorist unit called the Taskforce—they expect orders for their next mission impossible tasking Instead they learn that their latest actions have gotten them fired despite having saved thousands of innocent lives Pike’s shock and fury is redirected when their commander Colonel Kurt Hale asks him and Jennifer for help with a personal matter His niece Kylie an exchange student in England has gone missing Neither Pike nor Jennifer understands how critical her disappearance will become Meanwhile all Taskforce teams have been redirected to a developing situation A terrorist organization has targeted military relatives of key members of the US government including the vice president’s son Their seizure of hostages was far reaching and meticulously coordinated and the full extent of the threat—and potential demands—has thrown the government into turmoil They face a terrible choice Cease counter terrorist operations or watch hostages die one by one How much is a single life worth Unless the Taskforce can decipher the web of lies devised by their enemies the United States is about to find out.

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  1. Michael Slavin Michael Slavin says:

    Excellent This book and author were recommended to me by a Goodreads friend It did not disappointIt is a Pike Logan main character book It is international high adventure and involves the highest level of our government as well as the most skilled and super secret agency in the world The story evolves on multiple fronts and I could not put it downThe clock is racing from the start to save some very important people But on a different storyline Pike is trying to save someone he loves at the same time and lots of other innocent people are at risk of death too Plus they can't let it leak to the media Just a good fast moving book with lots of twists and turnsI will read the other Pike Logan books and the rest of Brad Taylor's books too You should try oneVery good

  2. L.A. Starks L.A. Starks says:

    This is a novel Taylor wrote specifically to work outside the Taliban ISIS terrorist venue With five potential victims and numerous characters threatening all of them the plot is necessarily complex Taylor makes readers vividly feel Pike's annoyance as he strains at the leash for authorization to act when technically he's not supposed to be anywhere in the vicinity Great action scenes with Pike Jennifer and a character named Nung Series readers and all adventurethriller readers will like No Fortunate Son

  3. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    A kidnapping is a treasure trove for the thriller writer The suspense is already implicit in the concept Someone needs to be found before the criminals put them to death When the victims are children the suspense is ratcheted up tenfold Naturally a thriller writer is going to return to this type of plot again and again merely changing the story angle and victim Add in that the kidnappers are terrorists the parent in this case is not a grieving Mom or Dad but the United States itself who will do anything to find the kidnappers and has the soldiers and spies to do so and now we are cooking up some good hot military suspenseIn No Fortunate Son Brad Taylor's latest Pike Logan novel Pike and his girlfriend partner Jennifer have been booted from their secret uasi government agency because of Pike's running off the reservation during his last adventure in Days of Rage While fuming at the injustice of it all his boss Kurt Hale throws him a bone Hale's niece Kylie who Pike knows for a long time is missing and Hale's sister is afraid that something has happened Hale asks Pike and Jennifer to investigate her disappearance in EnglandWhile Pike and Jennifer are on their own interviewing Kylie's roommate America and its intelligence and anti terrorist apparatus are gearing up to finding terrorists who have seized the sons and daughters of prominent American political leaders After a gruesome killing of one of the hostages the terrorists have America's undivided attentionThe action switches between America's hunt for the terrorists Pike and Jennifer's investigation the terrorists and their plotting and the victims We soon know who has Kylie and who has the other kidnapping victims We feel her pain She is no soldier or child of privilege Just a girl on what turns out to be a really bad date But her boyfriend has convinced the kidnappers that she is his fiancée so they let her live Big Mistake for them because now Pike Logan is after themMeanwhile Pike a trouble magnet and Jennifer find that Kylie was meeting a soldier Their low key investigation soon leads to serious results It seems that Kylie may have been taken with her boyfriend who it turns out has been hiding his identity from Kylie Like the film of the same name Pike and Jennifer turn up the heatPike and Jennifer may be on the sidelines of America but they still have access to its technology A little call to Hale and they have satellite imagery and Pike's instincts are always top notchThen Taylor switches to other hostages who are also prisoners Twins of the same terrorists They are held separately in a room rigged with explosivesCan Pike and Jennifer find the two separate groups of hostages It's a roller coaster ride The terrorists are not one single group and they have plans to hurt the US and its allies too So there is a race to find the kidnapping victims plus the added thrills from stopping the other terrorists plots Meanwhile you will be racing to finish this great piece of escapist fictionPedal to the metal it's a fast great read

  4. Patrice Hoffman Patrice Hoffman says:

    The secret's out that after reading the last 2? or 3? Brad Taylor books I'm kinda hooked When I need a book that I can uickly escape into and get lost in I turn to books like this with bad ass characters who you wouldn't want to be caught with a knife in their gunfight with Yes Pike Logan is da man He traipse the globe with his team of other bad asses named the Taskforce They are a super secret group that only the top guys in Washington know about Their missions are usually to save those who have no idea what type of danger their really in One huge glaring difference in No Fortunate Son is that Pike doesn't have his team After the actions he took in his last adventure Days of RageWhat's the current situation? I'm glad you asked A slew of Irish terrorists kidnap children of men in power such as the Vice President's son and the Secretary of Defense so on and so forth And this is where things get interesting and falter a little bitTaylor ropes in his readers with action that doesn't cease but when I look back I see a lot of holes that I just didn't come together in the end One major idea is that potentially the US doesn't care if a bunch of nobodies die so it makes sense to take someone a lot closer to home That was fine and dandy But eventually there's talk that something the kidnapped may know that can be used a potential leverage That never really comes into fruition I don't know but I never really felt these plot twists were used to their full potential or seen throughBesides my little plot gripes I will continue to read Brad Taylor novels and follow Pike Logan to the ends of the Earth because I know he will save me from any bad guy there He's still haunted by the deaths of his wife and daughter enough to make him an interesting character that is worth liking in all his bad assery Overall fans of this series won't be disappointed and potential fans of this series be warned that one crazy thrill ride will ensue upon opening No Fortunate Son Copy Provided by Penguin Group Dutton via Netgalley

  5. Joan Joan says:

    This review is for the recorded version of the book Recorded Books; eleven compact discs thirteen hoursIn this timely and terrifying narrative Kurt Hale’s niece Kylie has disappeared and he presses Pike Logan into service to find her But it soon becomes clear that Kylie’s disappearance is not an isolated incident; family members of several key Washington officials have been kidnapped And with the vice president’s son being one of the hostages the Task Force must find a way to get them back Here the bad guys loathsomely evil the good guys aren’t above breaking a few rules to rescue the hostages and readers are treated to a story filled with twists and turns and plenty of non stop action As might be expected with this tale of terrorists and intrigue there’s plenty of violence and coarse language but it is appropriate to the rough characters and gritty situations Henry Strozier and Rich Orlow serve as the readers for this unabridged edition and their reading carries just the right tone for the various characters The book is recorded in three minute tracks making bookmarking easy; however listeners are likely to be far too involved in this narrative to make use of themRecommended

  6. Tucker Elliot Tucker Elliot says:

    I think Brad Taylor is getting better as a writer He’s always been a good storyteller and the Pike LoganTaskforce series has always been entertaining – but NO FORTUNATE SON is a much better book than the previous titles in the series As an example the plot has layers of complexity that Taylor handles masterfully Jennifer’s character has always wrestled with “taking off the gloves” Pike’s character has seldom shown restraint I think Taylor allows both characters to grow in this novel in ways that make for a compelling read Two further examples would be the dialogue and pacing For lack of a better word Taylor wrote some cheesy dialogue in his earlier books In that area he’s gotten better by leaps and bounds As for pacing Taylor has always been great at the beginning and the end but in the middle I always felt derailed That’s not the case with NO FORTUNATE SON – this is a wild frenetic satisfying ride from beginning to end

  7. Glen Glen says:

    Another entry in the Pike Logan seriesThe Task Force is fired due to Logan's actions in the previous novel when as luck would have it terrorists are kidnapping family members of VIPs One of these people just happens to be the niece of Logan's former boss who sends him after the miscreantsPike stumbles around and finds the terrorists As conspiracies go this one is a little tough to believe but Taylor makes it workSome pretty exciting stuff if not the most believable story

  8. Samuel Samuel says:

    A FRIEND IN NEED 45 stars rounded down to fourAfter all my wife and I have given nine hostages to fortune Our children and your children are important than anything else in the world The kind of America that they and their children will inherit is of grave concern to us all Joseph Patrick Kennedy The writing machine That's a nickname Brad Taylor's former colleague turned fellow military thriller writer Dalton Fury coined to describe the author of the smash hit critically acclaimed Pike LoganJennifer Cahill saga 7 books and a growing bundle of short stories in the span of a few short years But each of them is some of the best Post 911 military thriller work the genre has seen in uite a while The research is impeccable the authors prose is crisp and clean plots are relevant and reflect the real world geopolitical concerns of today and the characters have only become developed as the series has progressed No Fortunate Son continues this trend Rather than an epic threat however Taylor appears to have gone with a personal story like the incredible Enemy Of Mine his third book which focused on the characters to great effect Now to the review How bloody could things get when personal and professional lives explode in the world of counter terrorism? The novel begins in a bar at Fort Bragg Some Irishmen attempt to abduct one of the patrons but botch it when they're forced to exchange gunfire We then cut to Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill After a uick glimpse of their domestic life they get an unceremonious letter in the mail terminating their employment from the counter terrorist unit The Taskforce Meanwhile from Europe to Okinawa certain US Armed services personnel are disappearing The one thing they have in common? Family connections to influential officials One in particular causes the current administration to panic which only rises when the group responsible sends a clip of a cabinet member's son getting a hole drilled through the front of his head with an AK47 Meanwhile Kurt Hale commander of the Taskforce reuests a rendezvous with Pike and Jennifer contracting them to find his nephew who appears to have been scooped up with the hostages Pike and Jennifer accept the task fly to Europe and begin an investigation into a elegantly complex plot whose endgame is to reignite one of the original terrorist causes which has been long forgotten No Fortunate Son appears to have slightly less focus on plot compared to the previous book Nonetheless it's solid From a hunt through the Paris underground a frantic race up the London Eye and culminating in a climax through Camden Town Pike and Jennifer get to show what they're made of when they can't use the resources of the Taskforce The research for this book is still up to the standard of the previous entries This time we get a look at how social media apps are being utilized like never before by international terrorists Snapchat for instance plays a key role in the book and in the climax but not in the way you would think Now to the characters which are the focus of the book I'll focus on threeFirst Pike and Jennifer Now with a lot of leeway on his hands Pike doesn't waste this opportunity Whether it be Serbian criminals RIRA terrorists or Metropolitan Police even when he doesn't have the guns kit and eyes which he normally has on speed dial Pike is dogged and is methodically ruthless at running down leads He's also become a much better person since the first book When he realizes that one of his friends is in danger of experiencing the situation which ruined his life back in book one he steps up to the bat even when still chaffing about getting made redundant Next Jennifer One of my top three favorite female protagonists in the militaryspy thriller genre she is on fire in No Fortunate Son kicking arse and taking names As the series has progressed she's suffered a lot to put it mildly but she's only grown in competence during each book In this story she is at the top of her game and during the climax she's the only thing standing between Kurt Hale's nephew and a group of approaching shooters Its her uick thinking which saves them both Then there's Kurt Hale The author fleshes him out considerably and puts him in a position of vulnerability which he hasn't been in As if attempting to untangle his personal and professional concerns isn't enough he's also trying to fight an increasingly difficult battle to get his best friend back on board Overall No Fortunate Son maintains Brad Taylor's position as one of the top authors in the military thriller genre Despite being less focused on plot fleshing out the characters and the relationships further makes this another excellent entry I wait with bated breath at book 8 which focuses on a plot by Daesh and in the meantime recommend this one to the rest of you RECOMMENDED

  9. Jennifer McLean Jennifer McLean says:

    I loved this book I was surprised to find myself liking No Fortunate Son so much as I usually don't like militarypolitical thrillers much I'm really not any kind of a political animal or military enthusiast so anything to do with either category really never interested me until this book I am now sure I've found a new spectacular author in Brad TaylorMr Taylor has written a slam bang run as fast as you possibly can and read well into the night to get to the end of this stunningly well written book Our main characters Pike Logan and partner Jennifer Cahill are summarily fired from their jobs with an undercover counterterrorist unit called Taskforce They are both shocked With their last mission Pike had broken many rules but had also saved many lives You'd think a successful mission that saved thousands of lives would be a positive thing but the oversight committee has decided to put their foot down What the committee doesn't know is they'll need Pike Jennifer's keen skills to get through the latest terrorist threat to the countryThe book starts with Colonel Kurt Hale Pike's former commander asking for his and Jennifer's help in finding Hale's niece who has disappeared from her University in England Kylie is an exchange student and hasn't been heard from for several days There has been no social media interactions from Kylie and her Uncle is worried At the same time the Taskforce team has been called into action Key members of the government have had their children or relatives kidnapped including the Vice President's son It's a complicated and huge mission to track down the terrorists who coordinated this monumental feat Who took the hostages and how do you negotiate when you official policy is that we don't negotiate with terrorists?Brad Taylor has written an intricate and complicated thriller that draws you in from the first page and doesn't let you go until the last paragraph As the reader you cheer for Pike and Jennifer no matter what they have to do to win against the terrorists You'll love the blatant good against evil theme This is a five out of five book go run or click onto to your nearest bookstore on December 30 and GET THIS BOOK You won't regret it in fact you'll hate yourself if you don't

  10. Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister says:

    Task Force's Pike and Logan are officially fired from their covert government relationship contract? but are recommissioned unofficially by their former boss when his daughter and several other relatives of government officials including the VP's son are kidnapped by terrorists Who are the terrorists? Islamist extremists? Eastern Europeans? Non stop action with plenty of espionage tactics and bag of tricks procedures I enjoyed this read to the max There is upsetting killing and some language but nothing than you would see on contemporary news programs It's right up to date and well worth your time My thanks to Penguin's First to Read program for a complimentary copy of the book

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