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Wayward ❴PDF❵ ✍ Wayward Author Blake Crouch – Welcome to Wayward Pines population 461 Nestled amidst picture perfect mountains the idyllic town is a modern day Edenexcept for the electrified fence and razor wire snipers scoping everything 247 and Welcome to Wayward Pines population Nestled amidst picture perfect mountains the idyllic town is a modern day Edenexcept for the electrified fence and razor wire snipers scoping everything and the relentless surveillance tracking each word and gestureNone of the residents know how they got here They are told where to work how to live and who to marry Some believe they are dead Others think they’re trapped in an unfathomable experiment Everyone secretly dreams of leaving but those who dare face a terrifying surpriseEthan Burke has seen the world beyond He’s sheriff and one of the few who knows the truth—Wayward Pines isn’t just a town And what lies on the other side of the fence is a nightmare beyond anyone’s imagining.

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  1. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    ”I know what they need Perfection all the time would drive them mad For every perfect little town there’s something ugly underneath No dream without the nightmare” We all have secrets we carry around with us As a species we aren’t really good at keeping secrets even those rattling skeletons that could prove detrimental to our lives In the end most of us end up telling somebody You can swear someone to secrecy but the same itch the same need to tell someone that compelled you to tell them is whispering to them from the corners of their brain This powerful urge maybe with some help from some uninhibiting wine or soul exploding sex will eventually gain the upper hand and those locked away words will spill They swear that person to secrecy and so on and so on until everyone you knowwellknows So the only way to keep a secret is to tell NO ONERecently appointed Sheriff Ethan Burke is carrying the granddaddy of all secrets I was trying to think of something in the history of mankind that is a bigger secret Knowledge of what Brutus has planned for Julius Caesar at the forum?hmmmnope Finding out the Japanese plans for Pearl Harbor on December 6th?not even close How about the fact that I travelled back in time and handed Alois Hitler a FREE condom nine months prior to April 20th 1889? Epic fail Unfortunatelyhis appendage was too small to stay covered for the crucial moment as it turns out that unfortunate disability runs in that family See and what did I just doI told youEthan tells his wife TheresaGuilt is hammering away at him He has kept secrets not very well proving my point in the past Big ones like doinking his hot FBI partner Kate who also is a resident of Wayward Pines She also happens to be running a resistance movement against the powers that be No one except Ethan well and now Theresa knows exactly who that might be The electric fence surrounding the town hums with high voltage electricity Occasionally one of the 461 residents uses the fence to kill themselves Unfortunately the smell of their charred flesh just makes people hungry for barbecue Miraculously new people show up to replace those who have been lost They are uickly assimilated into the community Speaking about the past is verboten If people don’t accept the rules by joining the rest of the seemingly ecstatically happy people they are fêted Yes there is a big group Yes there is a big party No those being fêted are not having a good time What the FRILL is going on?As I said when I wrote the review for the first book in the trilogy Pines my recommendation is to watch the Wayward Pines TV series first I know Shocking I feel like frog marching myself out to a stone cliff and throwing myself into the sea The rule is always read the books first Sigh one thing I’ve learned after decades of life is that flexibility even as your joints refuse to be so is important in all things Rules were maybe not meant to be broken but certainly they were meant to be bent Be the tree that sways in the windWatch the series there are only ten episodes I really appreciate it when American TV shows some restraints with the number of episodes and if you like the series read the books The books do differ from the series but not by a large margin In for a penny in for a pound on to book three My PINES review the first book in the trilogyIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

  2. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    Yesterday is historyTomorrow is a mysteryToday is a giftThat's why it's called the presentWork hard be happy and enjoy your life in Wayward Pines Notice to all residents of Wayward Pinesreuired to be posted prominently in every residence and place of business Ethan Burke is now sheriff of Wayward Pines He knows some of the town's secrets but not even close to all of themThis series of books are very hard to review without giving any secrets away because the whole damn book is secrets All you can do is buckle up and hope for the best If the best is not available just plan on runningEthan's former partner Kate and her husband do come into play again You still can't leave townYou still shake your head that you are enjoying these books as much as you are because they make no sense I can't wait for the next one Book source Gifted from a friend

  3. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    45 Need to third one ASAPLove the atmosphere of a small town where things are strange but you don't know what

  4. Richard Richard says:

    My first review of 2020 has left me a bit stumpedWayward the second book in Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines trilogy follows on directly from book one The problem in reviewing this instalment is that any mention of the book’s setting or plot will immediately be a major spoiler for book one However our hero Ethan Burke FBI special agent and general good guy is still stranded in the strange community of Wayward pines white picket fences handsome Victorian buildings and polite but glazed eyed townspeople A perfect small American town harbouring dark and bizarre secretsThis weird mix of thriller Sci fi and horror is appealing and very well doneThe action is fast and compelling the characters are complex enough to give a veneer of reality and the dialogue is slick enough to make the most far fetched incident slip down easilyI’m becoming a big fan of Blake Crouch with his big imaginative concepts worthy of Michael Crichton and the edge of seat readability of Stephen KingHis light clever and exciting books are to me the perfect beach or holiday read or ‘palate cleanser’ as described by a goodreads friend to be read between heavier literary novelsMuch recommended and looking forward to part 3

  5. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When Ethan Burke sheriff of Wayward Pines runs across a body he's tasked with investigating her murder But what does the deceased have to do with Burke's ex partner and former lover? And what will Theresa think about her husband and his old flame spending time together?I got this from NetgalleyAfter the jaw dropping reveal at the end of Pines I was pretty sure Wayward would suffer from the sopho slump It did notInstead of bucking the system as in the first volume Wayward sees Ethan trying to keep order in the manufactured reality of Wayward Pines His investigation leads him to an underground movement of people bent on getting to the bottom of things It also brings him closer to his wife Theresa and son BenThis book had a paranoid tone like the first but the pace wasn't nearly as frantic I really like how Blake Crouch doesn't maintain the status uo and isn't afraid to shake things up I also liked that Ethan and Kate didn't get their genitals tangled Pam and Pilcher both moved a bit higher on the douche bag scale I have to say that I didn't uite like this one as much as the first Trusting Ethan made Pilcher look like an idiot Mostly though I think the first book set the bar a little too high 35 out of 5 stars Luckily I have the final volume on deck Time to poach this pear

  6. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    Holy freaking cliffhangers Batman Good thing I had book 3 in hand 375 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Wayward the second book in Blake Crouch’s WAYWARD PINES trilogy picks up right where book 1 Pines left off I’ll avoid THE major spoiler for Pines but minor ones are inevitable and if there was ever a series where you absolutely need to read the books in order this one is it Ethan Burke is the newly minted sheriff of the small town of Wayward Pines Idaho population 461 the prior sheriff having come to an eyebrow raising end after reading a few of the flashback scenes in Wayward one becomes sympathetic to the urge to dispose of former sheriff PopeHaving survived a life and death battle with The Powers That Be that control all aspects of life in Wayward Pines been reunited with his wife Theresa and son Ben and gotten an explanation of the massive secret explaining the strangeness of life in this small town Ethan is in a cooperative mode with the people in charge well kind of Life in picturesue Wayward Pines is so much like a prison camp with constant video and audio surveillance strict rules about how to behave and what not to say and secrets that Dr Pilcher and his enforcers will kill to protectEthan’s in on the secrets now but he’s having trouble keeping them In particular Theresa is uietly insistent about being told what’s really going on And now as sheriff he’s expected to be an enforcer of the rules and secrecy His orders include being ordered to spy on a group that’s rebelling against the rules which includes Kate Hewson his former Secret Service partner with whom he had an intense affair in his past life He’s also investigating the violent death of a young woman and Kate and the rebel group are prime suspects Wayward doesn’t have nearly as strong of a mystery element as the first book Pines but the suspense factor is still high Ethan’s investigation of the murder and the rebel group and his own resistance to the deeply problematic aspects of life in Wayward Pines are leading him to a crisis point Crouch weaves in multiple flashbacks from Dr Pilcher’s prior life which shed light on his motivations and character as well as those of the people he’s surrounded himself withA new subplot follows the adventures of Tobias a man who’s been exploring the country for many miles around Wayward Pines for the last couple of years nearly dying many times Now Tobias is on his way back to Wayward Pines and the woman he loves Tobias’s story turns out to be far relevant than I first expected Though life for everyone in Wayward Pines is far different now people’s past behavior and decisions tend to catch up with themOne of my few reservations about Pines was the necessity for the prison camp type of treatment of the town’s innocent and confused inhabitants Wayward explains the reasons behind it which is helpful in one sense but not in another since it involves a megalomaniac mastermind — a character I’ve met a few too many times in literature Wayward is a fast paced SF novel that makes up in tension what it lacks in depth It ends with a huge cliffhanger; I strongly advise having The Last Town on your e reader or nightstand ready to start as soon as you finish this one

  7. Peter Peter says:

    The story gets even tighter and depressing This is the last town on earth and we are surrounded by monsters Well what are the abbies and who is responsible for Alyssa's death? What is David up to and what does Hassler want? Is Ethan able to rescue this town and his family? Is the fete going as planned? When you have started part one of this trilogy this second volume is an absolute must read It has a very dark undertone is very dystopian and you don't know if the story is set in the future or in the past a very intriguing read The concept of this town is absolutely frightening Now I will turn to #3 Highly recommended

  8. Mort Mort says:

    I've been wondering how to review this book I want you to read the first Wayward Pines book PINES before you tackle this one and I don't want to give the twists or anything awaySo I'm going to keep this shortA successful trilogy usually has this formulaThe first book gives you some situation you find interesting and ends with a brilliant twistThe second book rips everything apart makes you pick a side to do battle on upsets the norm and makes you want to read the final bookThe third book is all out war There can be only one and thanks to the way of the world and the business of stories the good guys somehow comes out on topI haven't read the third book yet and this second book is still following the formula but I can say this It takes an extra fucking ordinary writer to keep me interested through the second story and Blake Crouch has the skill set to not only do that but end it on a cliffhanger which will force me into reading the third bookWell done Sir

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at Will this place ever feel like home?I don't know Pam said as she stood That's entirely up to you Me reading Wayward and Have you guys read these yet? At least tell me you’ve got the 10 episode television series set to record on your DVR In case you’re one of the five people left on the planet who has yet to hear about these books here’s some bad news I can’t really tell you anything that goes down The not knowing is all the fun Here’s what I’m willing to share Book #2 of the Wayward Pines series shows us that there is a new sheriff in town We find out what the townspeople do in their spare time Then Seriously You have to read or watch for yourself And right when you think you have it allllllll figured out because You’ll find out you still know diddly suat Bring on #3 That’s where the What Have You Done? And he began to run If you’re looking for something that will keep you up reading way past your bedtime or sitting on the edge of your chair from all the not knowing I can’t think of a better suggestion than this series ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley

  10. RedemptionDenied RedemptionDenied says:

    This was just as good as the first book in the series though it didn't move uite as fast at first Still it intrigued me throughout I learnt my lesson from book 1 and didn't really bother trying to figure out what was going on or put too much effort into guessing what would happen next; just went along for the crazy ride And it didn't disappointEthan is still struggling to control his conflicting emotions and is trying to fit into his new role in Wayward Pines There are still a lot of secrets to be uncovered in this supposedly idyllic little town even after the big reveal at the end of the first book Interestingly Theresa seems to have some secrets that she's kept hidden I wonder how that's going to play out? Just like the first book this ends with a cliffhanger as well which is no bad thing unless you were one of those lucky people that read the books when they were first released and had to wait for the next one in the trilogy Glad I wasn't one of them That would have been excruciatingAnyway I enjoyed this as much as the first book despite it's change of pace and can't wait to start the next one

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