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The Mother of All Booklists [Ebook] ➯ The Mother of All Booklists ➮ William Patrick Martin – The Mother of All Booklists The 500 Most Recommended Nonfiction Reads for Ages 3 to 103 is written for parents grandparents and teachers unfamiliar with the bewildering array of award and recommended of All PDF ↠ The Mother of All Booklists The Most Recommended Nonfiction Reads for Ages to is written for parents grandparents and teachers unfamiliar with the bewildering array of award and recommended reading lists This book is a long overdue composite of all the major booklists It brings together over of the most influential book awards and reading lists from leading magazines newspapers reference books schools libraries parenting organizations and professional groups from across the country.

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Mother of All Booklists
  • William Patrick Martin
  • 13 November 2015
  • 9781442238619

About the Author: William Patrick Martin

of All PDF ↠ William Patrick Martin is the author of seven books and the owner of Zabby Books an online bookstore He has been a professor of education at both Temple University and Monmouth University While at Monmouth University Martin was the Director of the Governor’s School on Public Issues a selective residential summer program for New Jersey gifted and talented teenagers His career in Pennsylvania.

10 thoughts on “The Mother of All Booklists

  1. Marie Marie says:

    I ended up enjoying this book than I thought I read through most of it instead of just skimming or using as a resource The author opens by telling the reader how he came to this particular list He used an algorithm and a LOT of different best of lists and awards lists to compile his original HUGE list then pared it down to 100 books each for 5 different age groups by giving each book a vote for every list it appeared on The 500 books with the most votes are included in the book The first five chapters are 100 books each for 5 different age groups preschool early reader middle grades young adult and adult Each book has a cover image black and white; title author name and illustrator name if there was one; and a few sentences synopsis There isn't any opinion in these synopses; just a few sentences to orient the reader to the subject matter After these chapters there's a list of the featured books in alphabetical order by authors' last names Then the author takes it to another level of helpfulness and lists all the books again this time grouped by subject Super helpfulOverall a great resource I know I found a few new books to add to my ever growing tbr list

  2. Heydi Smith Heydi Smith says:

    Certainly lives up to its name

  3. Adrienne Amborski Adrienne Amborski says:

    Excellent resource

  4. William Schram William Schram says:

    As you may have surmised I am a sucker for books that tell you about other books even as the internet continues to exist That being said there is a distinct advantage to reading a book that recommends other books even as it ages This advantage is the fact that all of the recommendations in this book are collected and sorted into age groups by professionals The Mother of All Booklists by William Patrick Martin is just such a bookAs the book mentions there are 500 recommendations in it These 500 recommendations are split into 5 age groups with 100 in each group Considering the fact that I don’t read early reader non fiction this is a great resource if you have young children interested in Dinosaurs or Insects or any number of other subjects This collection touches upon all of non fiction the only variety I didn’t see suggested was a cookbook or a Do it yourself bookOnce I got into the older reader sections I did start to recognize some titles Heck a lot of those titles are on my shelves or have been reviewed by me It is interesting seeing how they explain a book without giving too much away The early reader books were especially interesting to me in how they describe the different types of paper or how they deal with some sort of emotional event Some of the early reader non fiction touches upon events and ideas that I simply wouldn’t know how to relate to a four year old child Take the Terrorist Attacks of September 11 2001 for example I remember where I was I remember what I was doing at the time I heard of it but how does one relate that to a child? The strange sensation of not feeling safe in your own home would be the kind of vibe I got from that uite a few books talk about the attempted genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of Nazi Germany When do you tell your child what humanity has been capable of? However I digressThis book was very charming and interesting to read While the little pictures of the book covers are not in color the book does an admirable job of describing those titles I couldn’t really find a solid organizational pattern to when something appeared but I think they were sorted by subject This book is a great resource if you are an autodidact or if you are homeschooling someone

  5. Matt Martin Matt Martin says:

    When I found this book my perception of non fiction changed I had lumped non fiction with all of the dry text books I've been forced to read throughout my life But Dr Martin has compiled several lists by level of reading that introduce the very best of what nonfiction has to offer The summaries are brief and provide enough insight to steer a me to books that fit my interests I've earmarked several from the adult section for future reading and a few from the early reader section for my kids I'm a teacher and my high school students also found it very useful There is a similar book by the same author that compiles lists of fiction writing I'd give this one a strong recomendation whether you consider yourself a non fiction reader or not

  6. Mills College Library Mills College Library says:

    02810973 M3839 2015

  7. Leigh Anne Leigh Anne says:

    A good non fiction reference book for the non professional audienceWait what? Yep Not so much a book you read as a book you consult this sort of thing was ostensibly made obsolete by the magical internet However given that the average person isn't aware of the uality resources that are out there especially when it comes to choosing books for non fiction reading Martin's book is definitely a nice way to fill that gapBasically Martin went and did all the work for perplexed parents and teachers he rounded up a variety of booklists from print and web sources crunched the numbers and arrived at a dispassionate assessment of best that eliminates the bias of any one individual reviewer hurray for data driven decisions It's possible the really interested reader will spend time with the bibliography pinning links and adding titles to their Goodreads TBR than actually perusing the text Not a bad thing though as Martin makes the text incredibly efficient to use Booklists are organized first by age then in a section by special interest though it's not clear how those were chosen and topped off with a chapter on 25 writers you should know chosen because their books appeared on the lists multiple times The appendices contain all the books in each age group in one long list so depending on how you want to use this book you can easily make some photocopies read just one section or sit down and blaze through the whole thingBooks of best lists tend to age out uickly but Martin's unusual approach may give this one some staying power It's also helpful in that he's not a librarian and he's writing for non librarian audiences face it guys some of our books are incredibly off putting and stiff Recommended for small and medium collections where the library staff may need guidance and possibly don't have degrees Good for parentteacher collections too; an optional purchase for larger collections with and deeper resources though good books on non fiction RA are still hard to find so you might want to snap it up anyway

  8. Beth Beth says:

    This book had lists of the 100 top nonfiction books for different age groups preschoolers early readers middle readers young adults and adults for a total of 500 title with short reviews for each I just skimmed the sections for teens and adults I didn't find the book too helpful It seemed like the choices were heavily weighted to recent popular nonfiction books eg Devil in the White City rather than the top picks from a longer period of time although a few classics In Cold Blood etc were included

  9. Mary Lou Mary Lou says:

    This is a book to be skimmed rather than read There are some fine non fiction selections included that I've read and some others I've added to my to read list A caveat though It's not blatant but I did notice a decidedly liberal bent to the selections For example relatively contemporary biography subjects include Sonya Sotomayor JFK several MLK two Eleanor Roosevelt and LBJ whereas the only book included on a 20th century conservative was a hit piece on Nixon

  10. Brunhilde Brunhilde says:

    Good points This book had recommendations for all agesBad points Most of the books were written within the last 10 years As if it were just rearranging the best seller lists Very disappointing

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