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Reset Your Childs Brain [KINDLE] ✾ Reset Your Childs Brain Author Victoria Dunckley – A no cost nonpharmaceutical treatment plan for children with behavioral and mental health challengesIncreasing numbers of parents grapple with children who are acting out without obvious reason Revved A no cost nonpharmaceutical treatment plan for children with behavioral and mental health challengesIncreasing numbers of parents grapple with children who are acting out without obvious reason Revved up and irritable many of these children are diagnosed with ADHD bipolar illness autism or other disorders but don’t respond well to treatment Reset Your ePUB ´ They are then medicated often with poor results and unwanted side effects Based on emerging scientific research and extensive clinical experience integrative child psychiatrist Dr Victoria Dunckley has pioneered a four week program to treat the freuent underlying cause Electronic Screen Syndrome ESSDr Dunckley has found that everyday use of interactive screen devices — such as computers video games smartphones and tablets — can easily overstimulate a child’s nervous system triggering a variety of stubborn symptoms In contrast she’s discovered that a strict electronic fast single handedly improves mood focus sleep and behavior regardless of the child’s diagnosisOffered now in this book this simple intervention can produce a life changing shift in brain function — all without cost or medication Dr Dunckley provides hope for parents who feel that their child has been misdiagnosed or inappropriately medicated by presenting an alternative explanation for their child’s difficulties and a concrete plan for treating them.

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  1. Dennis Mitton Dennis Mitton says:

    There was a time – in the glorious and gilded days when I was a child – when we picked up our rooms and wore bow ties to school I knew what a tough day mom had so I always offered to clear the table I said ‘Yes Ma’am’ and ‘No Sir’ And imagine my shock when on my wedding night I learned that girls and boys look different without underwear? Yes This is preposterous and silly But there is a sense of urgency in Victoria Dunckley’s Reset Your Child’s Brain that harkens back to those good ol’ days that never were She promises to ‘End meltdowns raise grades and boost social skills by reversing the effects of electronic screen time’ I don’t care what era or what the evils this is a fantastic sales pitch that will never fail to sell books Dunckley’s argument is that electronic activities trick your brain into thinking you are under attack Your heart rate and breath uicken Plasma cortisol increases You sweat You begin to identify with game characters You start to buy into the sales pitch You become a minion There is evidence that all of this is true – but to what degree? The research is by nature correlative with almost no way to prove causation What really is the cause of Johnny’s poor grades? Loss of the family dinner table? New math? Or mom’s iPhone? All have a part and no single ingredient will solve any crisis Dunckley provides research references but take care to bring along a grain of salt Any research involving children or even humans is tough to pull causation from Most of these have a very small sample size which makes finding significant differences difficult at best There might very well be something important here but as most doctors and researchers agree a lot long term research is reuired But I don’t in any way write Dunckley off She’s a respected child psychologist who looks at the whole life rather than treating ailments symptomatically And while maybe not a panacea I can’t argue with her advice – lay off the electronics Make sure important things are done first Keep them active and socially involved I’m not sure if this is a revolution in child rearing in the modern age or just good advice that your grandmother gave I’ve done this with my own children It will surprise no parent that after a steady stream of Teen Titans Go or Adventure Time my kids are sassy brats who think their parents are idiots I notice a calming change when I put limits on game phone and TV use But I can’t say for sure that I am stemming psychological changes or if I'm simply making sure that important things are done first We make sure that the kids are active and play with friends Electronics are mostly for free time when life slows a bit Yes I would prefer that they write to pen pals in Paris or read the classics in Latin but geez they’re kids I whiled away in between times with car models and Iron Man comics I turned out alright Maybe As an interesting and relevant aside I encourage parents to read about ADHD treatment in France Per the Amen Clinic fully 80 85% of ADHD medications are prescribed in the US France has much lower rates of all childhood behavioral issues but only prescribes medication after a full dietary behavioral and social work up of the entire family Normal French discipline is cited as well by providing stringent guidelines of proper behavior instead of the free or non existent discipline of American families Interesting stuff I encourage all parents to read the book You have to tip toe a bit through hyperbole but the information presented is important and relevant And a story with a uestion – I read about three pages of a Stephen King book once and put it down scared out of my wits I haven't a clue as to the title but bushes began to uproot themselves and chase the poor heroes to their death I was so scared I've never read anything else by King I am sure that my blood cortisol and heart rate were elevated and that I began to sweat I identified with the characters to the point of putting the book down I was so scared So maybe ? it's the content and not the medium? Or both? Three and a half stars

  2. Lois Heit Lois Heit says:

    Absolutely love this book It literally changed my family's life for the better We were having so many problems with one of my children's behavior But after implementing this program I have my sweet boy back again

  3. Holly Holly says:

    Good book a bit too long but it does list loads of research action plans and practical tips We are trying the fast to see if it helps our easily excitable and distractable kid A lot of this is common sense as we grew up without smartphones tablets wifi and laptops We noticed a lot of the symptoms in ourselves too

  4. Lisa Tener Lisa Tener says:

    Excellent book for understanding how screens and electronics affect children's brains and offers a program to 'reset' the brain Not easy in today's culture I wish all teachers educators adminstrators and policy makers read this book and we'd have some changes on the national scale All the computer time for kids in school is so bad for them

  5. Amy Amy says:

    This book is a game changer I wish I had read it years ago The changes I have seen in my children because of the electronic fast are dramatic It is worth reading despite its redundancy and an electronic fast is free and worth a try

  6. R R says:

    It was eye opening I enjoyed it very much and it made me much aware of my own consumption of screen time and the effects it has on me Also the book was well written which made it an easy read

  7. Veronica Veronica says:

    Helpful I agree with every word No screen time But how do we get around it when schools rely on ipads for the delivery of school work? The best I can do is limit the about as much as possible

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    There are a lot of good reviews on Goodreads that say exactly what I'm going to try to say but better so you should probably go read those if you're interested in this concept But basically Dunckley wants to claim that all screen time is dangerous and although she has some science to back her up most of it is from tiny studies with tiny populations and who knows what funding or controls And screen time definitely messes all of us up to some degree but Dunckley really doesn't want to talk about all of the ways that screens and the apps running on them are literal lifesavers for a lot of disabled folks I literally barely functioned for years because I couldn't keep track of a physical calendar to do list phone numbers addresses Now I have a smart phone and I'm not going to claim that it's good for me in the sense that good food and exercise are good for me but I also couldn't be a person in the world with friends and a marriage and children who are fed and clothed and well loved without itIf you are struggling with your family's screen time or considering that it is causing your kids some behavioral issues read this book get some ideas and figure out how to reduceremove screen time from your day to day whether you use Dunckley's exact plan or not Sometimes she is convincing and I do believe that some people and especially kids are much prone to screen addiction screen related behavioral issues than others see my daughter's reactions to screens versus my son's as an example But is the science behind this overwhelmingly convincing? No And Dunckley's personal experience while very valuable is with an at risk population with comorbidities and so can't translate to a general population I just don't feel like this is a very balanced approach nor honestly particularly helpful in a society where educational systems and work environments and even mall directories depending on screens

  9. Victoria Fisher Victoria Fisher says:

    If you are human and if you own a screen device then you should read this book If you are a parent you should OWN THIS BOOK It's less than 8 on I am making my two oldest children read section 1 Everything beyond section 1 is basically just minutia on how to implement the electronic fast and she does have experiences with trouble shooting there but it's a simple enough premise The author does belabor certain other points and the book is overly long Really the message is simple and clear and could have been written in half the number of pages Perhaps because she is trying to win over our screen saturated society? But despite the repetitive nature of the book I read ALL of it and recommend EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME I guess I'm saying to Dr Victoria Dunckley You had me at 'Hello' Chapter 1 that is

  10. Denni Denni says:

    Very interesting read Page 110 benefits of removing screens Pg 112 how this effects right brain and left brain Pg 114 changes in children within days weeks and months of screen liberation Pg 120 changes in families Chapter 5 Getting ready for the screen fast Chapter 10 House rules and protective practises Pg 247 advocating smaller screens and using flux justgetfluxcom adding warmth to screens Pg 268 exposure to EMF electromagnetic fields and WiFi

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