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Emilee (Phoenix Four, #1) [Read] ➳ Emilee (Phoenix Four, #1) ➯ Desiree Wilder – Book 1 in the Phoenix Four series follows Emilee in her uest for the only thing missing in her lifeEmilee had everything she thought she’d ever wanted when she turned 32; a college degree her own su Book in the Phoenix Four series follows Emilee in her uest for the only thing missing in her lifeEmilee had everything she thought she’d ever wanted when she turned ; a college degree her own successful restaurant a beautiful home in Paradise Valley and money in the bank As she sat on her couch three years later after sending her latest unfulfilling lover on his way with his tail between his legs she couldn’t help but wonder how differently things would’ve turned out if she’d been focused on her personal relationships and less on her financial goalsTired of the chase Emilee settles for a friends with benefits relationship while she takes a much needed break from the dating game Ben the gorgeous divorced investor uickly proves his willingness to learn how to please her and she can’t help but to look at him in a different light as things begin to go from being friends to something Unfortunately Ben has a different agenda and it doesn’t include EmileeHeartbroken and wounded Emilee travels home for Thanksgiving where she runs into Jack an annoyance from her past Disgusted by the fact that Jack looks like an overgrown caveman not to mention his aggravating personality; Emilee tries to avoid him As the snow falls and the avoidance fails she suddenly finds herself one on one with Jack and reconsidering everything she’d so recently assumedFunny honest and uninhibited her story will entertain you as she takes a hard look at her attitude relationships sex life and future in this tell all bookThe Phoenix Four series shares the lives of four amazing women who met in college and became sisters for life Emilee Shannon Cheryl and Deanna will make you laugh cry and maybe even see a bit of yourself in them as they confront life head on.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Emilee (Phoenix Four, #1)
  • Desiree Wilder
  • English
  • 07 July 2016

About the Author: Desiree Wilder

Desiree Wilder is a small town girl from South Dakota who daydreams a lot and writes it all down at the end of the day A nudge and one step in the right direction was all it took for her to discover that she could pull characters out of her head and make them say and do whatever she wanted them to on paper Her first series Losing Control published under Limitless Publishing was the beginning.

7 thoughts on “Emilee (Phoenix Four, #1)

  1. Shina Shina says:

    I won this book as a First Reads I loved it and cannot wait to read the rest in the series

  2. SandyL SandyL says:

    This was a fun interesting and sexy book Emilee has worked hard to realize her professional goals but not having a relationship has been the trade off The book begins with Emilee finally sleeping with her current man on their fifth date Emilee's 5 date rule When he fails to satisfy her she literally takes matters into her own hand and sends her date on his way But Ben doesn't give up that easily and convinces Emilee to teach him how to please her The story continues with us getting to know Emilee better along with her friends Cher Shan and Dee their books to come out later There were a lot of refreshing parts to this book not every guy is supersized her first real love was described as average size but he knocked her socks off and not every sexual encounter ends with the woman having multiple orgasms When Emilee's friends with benefits arrangement with Ben backfires on her her planned trip home to South Dakota is great timing to help her heal her wounds She runs into childhood nemesis Jack Bingham and her life really turns upside down There were things I really didn't like about Emilee she could be very selfish and narcissistic and her insults about Jack were downright mean and juvenile But I did like how she was so open with her friends and conversations with both Ben and Jack And the sex scenes were pretty hot I did like how the story ended and I'm looking forward to reading Dee and Vincent's book

  3. Nikki Costello ***Crazy Cajun Book Addicts Blog*** Nikki Costello ***Crazy Cajun Book Addicts Blog*** says:

    I became a fan of Desiree after reading her Total Control Series and was really looking forward to reading Emilee and let me tell you it didn't disappoint I loved it It's a story of falling in love with the person you least expect and a story of true friendship with lots of hot scenes thrown in I went through lots of emotions laughing one minute and wanting to cry the next definitely worthy of five stars and can't wait for Deanna and Vincent's story next

  4. Linda Gwiazdowski Linda Gwiazdowski says:

    i loved all the characters i love the fact that emilee could overcome her problemsvery sexy characters alleagerly awaiting the next booki read this book in two afternoonswould recomind this to my friends

  5. Jules Batemen Jules Batemen says:

    This book was amazing Very different from her other series but that's good ya gotta change it up a bit Couldn't put it down Totally recommend it

  6. deb22luvsbooks deb22luvsbooks says:

    This book was a fine read nothing too spectacular about it though I felt Emilee was uite callous and that annoyed me The other thing that bothered me about the writing in general was the constant use of the next morning and a week later and the following weeknot sure why this annoyed me so much but as a segue into the next thought or moment it was used too often in my opinion The use of Bonor instead of erection to me was a bit juvinile as well If you can overlook some of these minor things the story is good and entertaining

  7. Carissa Brown Carissa Brown says:

    I enjoyed the book in general but it didn't have anything that made it stand out from other books Also Emilee winks a lot and I found it very awkward

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