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Prodigal son [Download] ➾ Prodigal son ➹ Danielle Steel – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In doar cateva zile Peter McDowell pierde tot ceea ce a castigat muncind din greu – averea casa existenta sa de investitor bancar de succes Ca si cum asta nu ar fi fost de ajuns ceea ce urmeaza este In doar cateva zile Peter McDowell pierde tot ceea ce a castigat muncind din greu – averea casa existenta sa de investitor bancar de succes Ca si cum asta nu ar fi fost de ajuns ceea ce urmeaza este si mai rau Prabusirea bursei de valori nu doar ca il aduce pe Peter in situatia de a deveni somer ci provoaca o ruptura in casnicia lui pe care nu o poate repara Lipsit de orice mijloace materiale el are un singur loc in care sa se retraga o cabana aflata pe malul unui lac pe care a mostenit o de la parintii sai care i au lasat cea mai mare parte a averii lor modeste fratelui geaman al lui Peter Neavand alta alegere fiul risipitor se intoarce acasaMedic iubit intr un orasel familist devotat si stalp al comunitatii Michael McDowell ii ajuta pe ceilalti fara sa tina cont de castigul personal Insa numai Peter stie cum i a manipulat Michael pe parintii lor atunci cand baietii erau tineri fapt care a dus in cele din urma la plecarea lui Peter La inceput el se teme de intalnirea cu Michael dar spre surprinderea sa revederea lor este tandra si autentica Abia mai tarziu cand Peter examineaza jurnalele mamei sale adevarul iese la iveala iar intelegerea si panica incep sa si faca loc Cine este fratele lui geaman Este adevarata fatada pe care o afiseaza sau ceva infricosator se ascunde sub ea Este imaginatie sau o realitate prea inspaimantatoare pentru a fi crezutaIntr o cursa contracronometru Peter lasa la o parte orice prudenta pentru a afla adevarul Ceea ce descopera va schimba pentru totdeauna viata celor doi frati viata copiilor acestora si un oras intreg.

10 thoughts on “Prodigal son

  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    You know when you read a book and you anxiously turn pages with excitement ? This was missing at every step of the way and in every imaginable way So generic was this story and just in general very very disappointing I don’t at all aim to put authors down in my reviewing process but this was just plain bad I'm afraid to say Unrealistic is ok in fiction as often that’s what it’s all about most of the time but not when delivered with zero attempt of ‘anything’ it’s just simply a slap in the face of the reader We were told everything with no attempt at pizzaz or dressing up at the least I don’t know what happened here I can’t even attempt a uick synopsis I knew what was happening going to happen and what did happen This is not reading for pleasure I’m not sure diehard fans would even be happy with this Never mind Onwards and upwards Have to force my chin up

  2. Danita Brown Danita Brown says:

    Loved loved loved this book I've been a fan of Danielle Steel since the beginning of my book reading journey The Prodigal Son didn't disappoint She kept me on the edge of my seat from page 1 to page 318 The characters and the plot was on point And as always the villain in the story got their just do

  3. Coleen Mcconnell Coleen Mcconnell says:

    Typical Danielle Steel I always read her newest book and every time I say it's the last Ultra rich couple loses everything wife leaves hubby devastated Family issues but everything is always devastatingly difficult Peter is destitute but seems to have money to fly to London LA Spain etc Falls in love with his exSister in law who is tiny and beautiful and so delicately fragile yet strong Shall I go on? Every page is filled with such adjectives and she repeats previously stated facts over and over For awhile the story line had me but toward the final chapters you know how it will end Everyone is shockingly happy blah blah blah Can't wait for her next book

  4. Debbie Debbie says:

    Please someone at Delacorte Press edit Ms Steel's next book Her style of writing is ridiculously repetitive and I've taken to skipping over the endless restatements of the same darn thing Once again Ms Steel has created characters who live in a make believe world Yes the story had the potential to be interesting when the protagonist Peter loses his Wall Street job as a result of the financial market collapse Suddenly he's paying alimony and child support but he's still spending money Never seems to worry about the mundane side of being unemployed how will he pay for health insurance? How long can he survive without income? Hard to relate to his life; my heart just did not bleed And per usual the book has a very tidy ending as if the readers didn't see that one coming Had to laugh that she named 2 characters Maggie and Lisa I kept thinking she'd introduce someone named Bart Homer or Marge Think Ms Steel is a fan of 'The Simpsons'?

  5. Gayle Cappelluti Gayle Cappelluti says:

    I have not read a Danielle Steel book in a long time but I remember clearly always loving her writing I don't know what happened Either I grew up or she has lost her touch This obvious tale of twin brothers who are diametrically opposed in every way was predictable and so very slow But worse than that it was so repetitive I felt like pulling my hair out Doesn't she realize that she keeps saying the same things over and over? ANDher favorite word seems to be and She starts a sentence with it then makes it a compound sentence by joining two thoughts with the word and only to start the next sentence with the word andand and and it becomes so annoying it's distracting I resented this book I guess that's not fair However I actually had faith it would be an enjoyable read because of my prior experiences with this author's work but was completely disappointed by its amateur problems that repeatedly took my attention away from the story It went on far too long over 300 pages only to wrap up the climax in a few pages It held no surprises I just cannot recommend this book Do yourself a favor and stick to Ms Steele's earlier work In my opinion this one really misses the mark

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I had never read anything by Danielle Steel before and I was a little apprehensive about reading this one as a lot of the time when an author has a large number of books published there is generally a lower uality to the stories However I found Prodigal Son to be a very enjoyable readDanielle Steel has this really nice style of writing It just flows on really nicely and I found myself flicking happily through the pages and really enjoying the story that Danielle Steel was weavingThe story itself is pretty straight forward and the revelations just unravel and then the conseuences of those things get explored I have to say that I really did find the book enjoyable but the subject matter is a little bit on the heavy side but I feel like this is a softer novelThere were a couple of times where I wanted to yell at Peter because he was being so blind I think that was also kind of good because it matched with events in the book It's really hard to talk about some of the things because I don't want to give anything awayI really enjoyed Prodigal Son it was just such a nice story to read and not wanting to give anything away as the story progressed further it got so intense

  7. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    4 45 Highly intriguing A bit predictable but one hell of a story There was a very dark plot to this book featuring fraternal twins and their families and it unfolds very entertaining Really enjoyed this Steel book

  8. Dawn Dawn says:

    I feel that this book could have been fifty pages All the other pages in the book are just Danielle Steel repeating what she had previously stated It just blows my mind that so many people actually praised this book I feel that maybe if you have memory problems and you need things constantly repeated that you might find the book enjoyable or pleasurable to read I did not find this pleasurable only highly annoying I also found it painful that the first 50 pages of the book was about poor Peter and how he had such a horrible life because he was dyslexic and he had a mean twin brother I heard his sob story so many times because that is ALL Danielle Steel does is repeat repeat and repeat herself that I couldn't care less about his struggle I mean it's not like his mom was shooting up drugs and pimping him out It's obvious that Danielle Steel has a white upper class perspective on issues that people struggle with

  9. Suzy Suzy says:

    You're either a DS fan or you're not a DS fan You know what you're getting yourself into when you choose to read one of her books I am a fan I don't read books specifically to critiue them I read them because I enjoy fictional stories Yes Danielle Steel's earlier books may not be repetitive or other adjectives some other reviewers wrote when describing this particular book but her stories not all but most are good This one is no exception I thought it was dramatic interesting and had a nice twist I really liked it and would recommend to anyone who enjoys fiction

  10. Mike Mike says:

    Even though I did finish this novel somehow I am adding it to my tried to readdidn't like bookshelf It has been uite a while since I left a one star rating And it's not so much that this is a terrible novel its just not for me I'm sure there is an audience of readers who are just fine with being watered down with constant repetitiveness and reminders of nuggets that have no later revelation Not to mention a level of detail and background on granular items such as recipes and menus and clothing materials I am also sure that there are readers who are perfectly fine with a book that climaxes about 70% of the way through An unnoticed climax that does not offer any surprises or enticement for the reader and the remaining balance is the longest mundane epilogue known to literatureIt's just not for me I am going to have to follow this up with a violent espionage thriller in order to feel whole again

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