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Foreign and Domestic [Reading] ➸ Foreign and Domestic Author Anthony J. Tata – One year ago Captain Jake Mahegan led a Delta Force team into Afghanistan to capture an American traitor working for the Taliban The mission ended in tragedy The team was infiltrated and decimated by One year ago Captain Jake Mahegan led a Delta Force team into Afghanistan to capture an American traitor working for the Taliban The mission ended in tragedy The team was infiltrated and decimated by a bomb An enemy prisoner was killed Mahegan was dismissed from service—dishonored forever Now haunted by the incident Mahegan is determined to clear his name The military wants him to stand down But when the American Taliban returns to domestic soil—headed by the traitor who ruined his life—Mahegan is the only man who knows how to stop him Outside the law Foreign and PDF or Under the radar Out for vengeance.

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  1. TJ TJ says:

    Great suspensethriller Loved the character of Jake The storyline was enthralling and the edge of your seat action was non stop The only drawback was the female lead’s character Her actions just didn’t line up in a believable way For instance would a seasoned FBI agent jump into bed with a complete stranger an unkept drifter to boot within 24 hours after introduction seriously?

  2. mike casper sr mike casper sr says:

    Really a good book very relevant to the world today with terrorism

  3. Ben Ben says:

    FOREIGN and DOMESTIC by AJ TATAI received a free paperback copy of this book for reviewFD is a mostly enjoyable military special ops thriller along the lines of those written by Vince Flynn and Brad Thor It is however not up to that uality of workmanshipFD has all of the reuired ingredients for the genre 1 A highly trained SpecOps soldier in this Case one Jake Mahegan former Army captain whose last mission went horribly bad resulting in mission failure and the death of most of his suad He retired from the service cloud over his head and with a need for the answers to what went wrong2 A nasty Islamic terrorist American born with high tech weapons that evade detection and the eagerness to use them in the USA3 A beautiful mysterious babe4 An ambitious unscrupulous Army general who wants to be Chief of Staff and views making Mahegan as an incompetent leader or worse a traitor as the key to the General's upward move5 A shadowy evil corporation making money from soldiers' bloodAll the ingredients are present but the result is so soAJ TATA is a retired army general himself so when he writes about combat his story is at its best He has a clearly stated contempt for Pentagon Princes who fight from behind a deskHe has a clear understanding of the threat from Islamic jihadists But his plot has just too many elements that do not meld well The initial terror attacks are precisely plotted and described in all their horrifyingly real effects but the massive main attack plan was to me at least unbelievable in its complexity Not to mention that it takes one super heroic op to bring it all downThe book is about a 100 pages too long The mysterious beautiful babe who is an actress marine engineer pirate treasure hunter a descendant of one of the first colonists a deputy sheriff and yes a bit no spoiler here seemed out of place Even as a plot device she provides help to Mahegan and a bit of uh recreation her role was overwrittenSpeaking of writing Tata tends to repeat himself maybe he had to remind himself where this book was heading and where it had been and sometimes seems to be penning an after action report; using mil speak like personnel instead of people or vehicle rather than car for example Military jargon abounds for fans weapons secret communication and night vision devices are in fact better described than the characters Well verisimilitude rules in these casesNote lots of killing precisely and economically done by the hero massively and horrifically done by the terrorists Mild sex scene And of course an encounter with a few Rednecks who are as usual barely able to stay out of the way of their own tobacco spit Three stars for fans

  4. Ric Ulloa Ric Ulloa says:

    A fun read once which I thought would not end well surprised me The main character is really good and he's easy to cheer for I also enjoy the loose premise that he's kinda working for the government and kinda not so much though he clearly his The story is really well presented and relatable even though I'm not from the area it kept my interest throughout Very well put together

  5. Michael Michael says:

    Brigadier General A J Tata is a retired US commander of combat units with duty in Afghanistan and writes with an intricate knowledge of his subjectHis novel Foreign and Domestic is a complex story of Capt Jake Mahegan's search for what really happened in a failed mission in AfghanistanThere are so many stories to be told of brave Americans in battle and this is one of themJake led a Delta Force team into Afghanistan to capture an American traitor working for the Taliban Something happens and the mission ends in tragedy taking the life of Jake's best friend Sgt Colgate and the men with him The bomb that killed Jake's friend was made in the US and Jake wants to learn But before he can he's accused of killing a prisoner and given a dishonorable dischargeJake returns to the US and is in the process of getting information about the dealings of Copperhead Inc a private military contractor that had something do do with the bomb that killed his friend He meets an attractive young woman Lindy Locklear who has been doing some historical research in the Roanoke Island area of North CarolinaNot to reveal plot but an ambitious three star general orders Jake to the Pentagon for certain reasons and as the story continues the reader watches the current terrorism activities of the American TalibanJake is an intriguing character with Native American background that made me think of past heroes of Louis L'Amour He's independent and when he sees a wrong he wants to correct it His character is well described and the reader will want him to succeed in his actionsThe complexity of the plot did confuse me at times but the action was smooth and suspenseful There are a number of surprises that keep the plot interesting and spark the reader's interestI received a free book in return for my honest review

  6. Susan Moore Susan Moore says:

    Fairly deep and detailed storyOne true warrior physically and spiritually against some of the worst villainous characters I've read about ever not including nonfiction characters There are traitors murderers slaves good and bad military characters and a group of evil military contractors worse by far than anything ever done by Black Ops Then there is the secondary character a beautiful and intelligent undercover federal agent who also has ancestral ties similar to Jake's in the Roanoke tribal area that she has been researching as a hobby It would appear that Jake and Elizabeth are destined to be together Ah but not yet because Jake still has work to do for a General and his own fallen family of soldiersI liked the intrigue but I did skip some chapters because of too much detail Otherwise I would have given it five stars

  7. Ryan Hillis Ryan Hillis says:

    The American Taliban is coming to America It is up to Delta Force Captain Jake Mahegan to stop them

  8. Frank Williams Frank Williams says:

    This was an action packed and enjoyable read The lead character Jake Mahegan brought real emotions and passions to the story

  9. Russell Lay Russell Lay says:

    The Tom Clancy of North Carolina spymilitary thrillers This one is set on the Outer Banks Read it You'll love it if this is your genre

  10. Kimberly Greenwald Kimberly Greenwald says:

    I excellent military thriller The first book in this series Can't wait to read the rest Will be a great movie too

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