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Love and the Turning Seasons [Ebook] ➢ Love and the Turning Seasons By Andrew Schelling – For thousands of years the Indian subcontinent has proved a fertile ground for the world’s most captivating erotic love poetry and the genius of its devotional writing harnesses great energy and mys For thousands of years the the Turning PDF/EPUB » Indian subcontinent has proved a fertile ground for the world’s most captivating erotic love poetry and the genius of its devotional writing harnesses great energy and mystical insight It is in fact often hard to tell whether the poets are offering poems of spiritual longing using the garment of love poetry or writing erotic pieces in the guise of devotion perhaps in a land where erotic sculpture routinely ornaments its many temples and gods are known for their explosive sexuality Love and Epub / this uestion has little meaning to these remarkable writers In their devotional traditions eroticism and mysticism seem inseparableThis wonderful collection spans years and includes work originally sung or recited by India’s well known bards Kabir Mirabai Lal ded Vidyapati and Tagore There are also poems from the upanishads ancient sanskrit poetry and punjabi folk lyrics The poets have largely emerged from the ranks of the dispossessed leather workers refuse collectors maidservants women and orphans Their vision is of a democratic society in which all voices and the Turning eBook ´ count much like American gospel and blues shaker songs or the grand vision of Walt Whitman often they faced persecution for speaking candidly or daring to speak of spiritual matters at all The notes include profiles of these legendary lives several of these poets simply vanished absorbed into a deity or disappeared in a flash of purple lightning A few produced miracles—most of them are surrounded by clouds of mysteryAndrew Schelling has drawn on the work of twenty four other translators including ezra pound Robert Bly Ws Merwin Jane Hirschfield and denise Levertov to build the finest anthology of India’s erotic and spiritual poetry ever assembled for the general reader.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Love and the Turning Seasons
  • Andrew Schelling
  • 08 January 2016
  • 9781619024717

About the Author: Andrew Schelling

Andrew Schelling is a poet the Turning PDF/EPUB » essayist and translator of the poetry of India He has taught at Naropa University for twenty years and from – served as chair of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics founded by Alan Ginsburg and Anne Waldman His publications include Tea Shack Interior and The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry He lives in Boulder Colorado.

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  1. Bhaswati Bhaswati says:

    I left shame behindtook as an ornamentthe mockery of local folkUnswerving I lost my clevernessin the bewilderment of ecstasy— Manikkavacakar 9thcentury Tr AK RamanujanIn a lover’s enraptured world love is the breeze that strips one uite simply of the garment of shame In reading Love and the Turning Seasons the newest offering from Aleph Classics a series that aims to bring new translations of India’s literary heritage the reader is swept in that denuding breeze Edited by Andrew Schelling the collection of poems bears the slightly beguiling subtitle India’s Poetry of Spiritual Erotic Longing I say beguiling because it would seem like the poems could fall in either category – spiritual or erotic In reality as Manikkavacakar the ninth century Shiva devotee tells us the line between the two states is as diaphanous as air itself For in the “bewilderment of ecstasy” who is left to distinguish between the flesh and the spirit This seamless merging of the body and the soul is at the heart of this anthology of bhakti poetry translated by various poets and literary translatorsLove and the Turning Seasons alights upon the reader as a songbird to take her across time and space – from the sixth century barring the Isa Upanishad right up to the twentieth on an anticlockwise path beginning in the south of India and ending in the east Despite the multiplicity of expressions of the bhaktas or poet minstrels informed as they were by specific cultural and regional parlance what unifies them is their rejection of societal norms in their unwavering uest for the divine These were among the first true radicals in the Indian context repudiating with delightful contempt tradition and convention Gender bending caste subverting these individuals lived and even died on their own terms and sang of the divine with ariose abandonmentMost of the featured singer poets wrote or rather sang in the vernacular language of the region they came from The translations despite the obvious limitations of the exercise are sensitive lyrical and playful – same as one surmises – their creators intended them to beRead this book to be swept off your feet by the extraordinary wind of mystical love

  2. Parvathy Parvathy says:

    Bhakti poetry is probably the closest you could come to religion in its purest form pure faith shorn of any 'system' It is subversive and confrontational love taking on hierarchy and power The poems in this anthology cover the length and breadth of India taking in the Tiruppavai and the Veerashaivites from deep South Lal Ded from Kashmir Tukaram and others from Maharashtra Mira Kabir Surdas Jaidev and the other poets in the North the Bauls from the East All of them sing of longing for a lover of throwing away convention in the search of union with a personal god sometimes Siva sometimes Krishna sometimes Kali sometimes a god so local he combines characteristics of all of them Beautiful and powerful beyond measure Though it must be said a few are marred by translations that are less than ideal

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