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Safe In His Arms [PDF / Epub] ☄ Safe In His Arms By Joanna Blake – Sometimes risking your heart is the most dangerous gamble of all Long time Devil's Rider Donnie always has something funny to say That doesn't mean he hasn't seen his share of heartbreak With sparklin Sometimes risking your heart is the most dangerous gamble of all Long time Devil's Rider Donnie always has something funny to say That doesn't mean he hasn't seen his share of heartbreak With sparkling eyes and a ready wit he oozes charm and could have his pick of the ladies But he never sticks around for long Sally might just be a waitress at Mae's diner but she's got secrets A talented country Safe In PDF or singer and songwriter she had to abandon her career to escape her abusive ex She's determined to stay out of the spotlight and as far away from Donnie as she can She knows better than to trust a biker even though his teasing smile sends shivers through her body When her ex tracks her down Sally has to decide who to trust And who she can trust with her heart Excerpt He was walking down the hallway when he heard it Singing Not just singing Beautiful singing It sounded like an angel It was a sweet country song that he was sure he'd heard on the radio before but he couldn't uite place it Something about Sundays and maydays He followed the sound to the stock room where Sally was standing on a step stool stacking boxes of napkins He could hear her voice even better now He was practically frozen in place by the shock of it She should be singing professionally not waiting tables in a tiny place like this Incredible He stood there listening to her sing completely enraptured She was an amazing singer but it was than just that There was a sweet sadness in her voice that pierced him to the core He stood there mesmerized as she sung softly to herself and leaned forward to stack boxes of paper napkins on the shelf The other bonus was that he finally had a really good view of her legs They were good legs Really good He must have made a sound of appreciation because she turned suddenly and gasped Shit he hadn't meant to scare her Her eyes widened as she tottered back and forth on the stool Donnie realized she was about to fall a split second before she did He caught her against him and fell backwards against a stack of boxes knocking them over His arms were around her so she came with him landing suarely on top of him Dear God Donnie was in shock as he stared into the biggest green gold eyes he'd ever seen Hazel They were hazel How had he not noticed that And he finally had his answer about her body Phen fucking nominal He grinned at the girl lying sprawled on top of him Her big luscious breasts were crushed against his chest Her waist was tiny under his hands and he let them slide down a bit to feel her rounded hips and bottom Accidentally of course Jesus the woman was stacked You alright sweetheart She made a little sound of outrage and pushed against his chest Let me up He grinned and sueezed her waist What's your rush.

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  1. Bookloverme Bookloverme says:

    What a beautiful ending I loved it The story was about Devlin and Sally no age mentionedSally was running from her past She was a country singer and songwriter but she ran away to escape her abusive ex and she's in town for a year now as a waitress at the diner where Kaylie book1 h was also workingDonnie asked Kaylie to invite Sally to the barbeue She went there but Devlin book1 H announced something at the whole club without even Kaylie knowing so she took off with KaylieSally was so jumpy and scared but Donnie didn't know the reason and he was very patient with her even though she's pushing him away One day she ran away again from Donnie and went home Her ex was there and hit her again and again She was able to defend herself when Donnie came and he got distracted And yes Donnie won't let her ex get away that easilyFinally we had HEA for all three couples It was good to know what happened to all of them after two years and they're always there for each otherSAFETYview spoilerNo cheating No love triangle No OW drama There's her ex fiancé showing up near the end and hurt her again but she defended herself and Donnie with Devlin and Jack gave him what he deserved No sexual abuse mentioned but she was emotionally and physically abused by her ex There was pushing away by the h Both were not virgin She was celibate for a year or Nothing was mentioned when's the last time Donnie had sex but he slept around before No condom used between the Hh hide spoiler

  2. Deborah Deborah says:

    25The reviews for this book were so good after reading the previous two I decided to give this a go especially since I'd liked Donnie in the previous twoWhile I liked both Donnie and Sally I have to be honest and say this book didn't really work for me There was far too much repetition and I found myself annoyed than anythingIt also ends at 53% so it's half the book I was expectingJudging from the reviews it's definitely case of it's me not the book

  3. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:


  4. CeCe CeCe says:

    25 StarsKaylie is a waitress who ran from her abusive boyfriend Devlin is part of an MC He has been coming to the restaurant where Kaylie works for over a year Kaylie purposely makes herself appear plan so that she is not noticed She already brought attention to herself once and it did not end well Devlin noticed Kaylie from the beginning but really has not said anything to her She always appears to hide when he is around until one day another waitress asks Kaylie to come to a party held at the MC club Devlin finally feels he has his chance to talk to Kaylie and from there the story begins I love waitress stories that involve waitresses and yes I know I am in the minority with this but I do like the shy mousy heroines I like when the heroine is strong but still needs saving so I thought this book would be perfect for me I bought this late at night desperate for a read that would not have an oversexed heroine etc I know I am in the minority with this too when I say I don't want a heroine that has sex with the hero the minute she lays eyes on him I spent 299 on it and now looking back kind of regret it The writing was simple as were the characters At time the verbiage was awkward The story was also written in multiple POVs Not a fan when the switch happens freuently I bought the book to read about Devlin and Kaylie but in this book you get another couple's side story This may work for you but for me the writing style did not work The book lost me a few times

  5. April Symes April Symes says:

    Sally and Donnie circle around each other for several months due to the intense chemistry because they want to see what will happen Donnie doesn’t know Sally is on the run from things from her past and is trying to stay under cover Sally was uite skittish and could be a bit silly in the beginning but she slowly seemed to thaw out She was abused by her ex who was also her manager and is hiding she is uite the singer who performed around the country in shows Donnie is very unaware at first of why Sally is so shy of him yet he keeps pursuing her Donnie beings to put the pieces together and realizes he needs to be careful around her and show her how different he is from her ex Yet it takes a while for Sally to realize what a good man she has in Donnie Donnie is a uiet man who is strong and alpha in his actions and I loved that about him He wasn’t overbearing but you knew you had a alpha male on your hands Sally was a sweet shy and broken woman when the story started and as the story goes on her interactions with Donnie shows her working on becoming not so broken yet she stays the sweet and kind woman she is There was the angsty anticipation of if Sally’s ex would show up and what would happen along with updates on the other couples and how this series finally wraps upThis is a good story and I loved this series overall You wont go wrong with this bookseries by Ms BlakeMy Rating 46 stars I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. Stories in Review Stories in Review says:

    Great story I loved it Fast read

  7. Stories in Review Stories in Review says:

    Great story I loved it Fast read

  8. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 Except for book #6 the complete Devil's Riders Series is free on today 3142020 🎁

  9. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    You could tell Sally had Donnie's balls in the palm of her hands and that's with their first few meetings so do you want a beer? She nodded shyly and he smiled feeling much at ease A beer He could get her a beer Sometimes Donnie's woman has to keep her man focused Donnie Not yet Donnie Not yet Donnie Take your pants off He lifted his head and stared at her his eyes dark with passionThere's some coaxing involved when it comes to getting his woman on his bike while she has coffee I'll get a coffee maker She clutched her coffee cup even tighter He sighed She was too cute I'll get it today Donnie is my favorite out of these men there was something about him that made him entertaining

  10. Rose Rose says:

    This series just keeps getting better I loved Sally and Donnie With everything that Sally has been through her fear of everything is totally understandable But she's a fighter She's not completely ready to give up on life And when Donnie finally makes his move she has to decide whether it's worth the risk to take a chance And when she finally does the worst happens But she's not the person she used to be She's ready to fight back and take her life backDonnie is a player He's determined not to end up like Dev and Jack led around by their women Until he sees Sally There's something about her that draws him in Can he convince her to give him a chance? And has he finally found the one woman that will make him change his ways?I really enjoyed this book And I'm loving the series My only complaint is it could use a good proofreader

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