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The Devil (Sacrifice Me #5) ❮Reading❯ ➷ The Devil (Sacrifice Me #5) Author Sarra Cannon – Episode 5 of Sarra Cannon’s New Adult Paranormal Romance serial The longest and most surprising episode yet The entrance to Venom is in flames and Franki has no idea who survived and who didn't She Episode of Sarra Cannon’s New Adult Paranormal Romance serial The longest and most surprising episode yet The entrance to Venom is in flames and Franki has no idea who survived and who didn't She doesn’t have time to think though as her own life is in danger Lyla takes her to a safehouse Rend set up for emergencies but right now nowhere is safe for Franki Where will she go Who can she turn to And will she ever see Rend alive again Sacrifice Me is a serial new adult paranormal romance with twists and turns that will pull you in and keep you guessing until the last installment There are six episodes total The first four are available now The remaining episodes will release every two weeks Each episode is about words or pages.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 80 pages
  • The Devil (Sacrifice Me #5)
  • Sarra Cannon
  • English
  • 22 September 2014

10 thoughts on “The Devil (Sacrifice Me #5)

  1. Tara Neideffer Tara Neideffer says:

    What a fantastic episode Read it in one sitting and loved every minute of it This one was action packed with so many twists I loved the tie in with Peachville I'm definitely hooked and need episode 6 now

  2. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    These books are getting steadily better as we go along This time around we actually get to meet some of Franki's powerful family So also get to see some of Franki's powerful magical abilities whilst fighting dark vamps and other activities Things are looking up This book picks up where the last book left off as pretty much every book before this one has with the 'destruction' of Venom Franki's life is once again thrown upside down when Selena 'blows up' Venom in order to keep everyone safe from The Devil But Franki and Lyla are left on the wrong side of the portal and are now running for their lives from The Devil and his crew Along the way Franki will continue to be baffled by the kindnesses of others and their willingness to see her safe and alive even against their own safety Why are so many people willing to put her before themselves? Why are so many people risking their lives so that she might live? Who is she to deserve such efforts? All this and are uestioned in this fifth addition to the Sacrifice Me series

  3. Jennifer Rux Jennifer Rux says:

    Is it hot in here orNope that is just Rend and FrankiCannon has outdone herself yet again I read this episode in one day It was fast paced gripping and I didn't want it to stop The tie in with Peachville although I could have used just a tad bit Jackson and who Franki is related to is brilliant The heat between Rend and Franki wasoh boy I am not finding the right word to describe it but it is hot and sexy The ending was surprising and left the reader wanting the next episode now Another brilliant story from this author She has a fan for life

  4. Chrys Minter Chrys Minter says:

    BeautifulThis series is beautifully written The journey so far has been thrilling I never thought it would tie into Shadow Demons the way it has Awesome

  5. Bookphile Bookphile says:

    Slightly OT comment I really don't like the porn y covers of these episodes I don't think they're at all in keeping with what actually happens underneath the cover Yes there's some sex happening in them but this isn't eroticaWarning some spoilers aheadI've come to the conclusion that I really don't like the romance with Rend It's not that he's a bad character per se Instead the problem is that this is a pretty standard vampire romance story I don't think there's any real buildup to what's going on between Rend and Franki There's definite insta love here and they spend so little time together that I never got the sense that they were learning to love one another's personalities It's a classic case of you're hot no you're hot Who cares? Let's make out I don't dislike books that delve into the physical side of a relationship if it's relevant to the plot but I do like to see the character connecting on a mental level AND physical level I don't feel any of that hereYet I still do like the plot of these episodes and I am very interested in the world being created here I like how with each episode I learn about the world and about Franki's innate powers I'm really looking forward to seeing what she's capable of

  6. Marsha Marsha says:

    All of the episodes in the Sacrifice Me series has been leading up to this moment and The Devil is the best installment to dateWhile on a break with Lyla at Club Venom a strange man shows up and makes it clear just who he is the Devil He kills the guardian and Franki is immobilized due to shock The club is on fire and Frank fears Rend and the others at Venom are dead Lula whisk her away to a safe house Franki discovers the secrets of Venom and is relieved to know Rend is still alive He sends two of his friends to take the girls to safety but they must separate after a second attack Franki ends up in Peachville GA where she meets her cousin Mary Anne Harper and the rest of the girlsWhen Rend arrives they are relieved to see each other They go to a uniue location and soon find themselves sealing the 'deal'' so to speak Then the unthinkable happens Nope I won't say what it is This book was awesomesauce I am a little saddened that the next book will be the end of first season but I know that it will promise epic things for the season to follow

  7. J.D. Robinson J.D. Robinson says:

    I loved this serial Do you know those books that just devour you? Where you look at the page and instead of seeing words and descriptions the entire story plays in your mind like a movie? That’s how reading Sarra Cannon’s work is for me and Sacrifice Me was no exception Each episode was a uick read and took me about an hour to get through each one a perfect length for someone constantly on the go I LOVED the inclusion of the characters from Sarra’s previous series Peachville High Demons but as she states in the description you don’t have to have read any of that series to get the most of this one That being said I also had a great time guessing and figuring out how Franki’s story was connected the PHD seriesThis was my favorite book of the season I loved hearing the lore behind the vampires seeing Franki finally tap into her real powers and the ending with Rend and Franki cue dramatic swoon

  8. Yovana Yovana says:

    Frankie Rend How many times till you finally understood one another But dam why did she have to show up now at this moment I knew it was coming but dang I so want to say that she will totally be the one to betray her Like serious if she doesn't that's going to be such a plot twist Either way awesome story line and if was great to read about Harper and Jackson again

  9. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Loved itI absolutely love this seriesI read 3 of the books in one day I couldn't put them down Now I have to wait until July 7th to Finish itughthe wait is killing me already Every Book I have read from Mrs Cannon so far blew me awayShe's Amazing read all of her books u will Love them

  10. Sharon Stevenson Sharon Stevenson says:

    The 5th part of this serial is action packed links in with some characters in Cannon's Peachville Demons series and amps up the steam on the romance It's been a great journey so far and with one episode left until it's over I can't wait to see how it all ends Recommended for urban fantasy and PNR fans who like action packed plot lines

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