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10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Is Missing

  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    A 70 year old unsolved mystery lies at the heart of 'Elizabeth Is Missing' It's not your conventional crime novel but it certainly is compelling The main protagonist is an 82 year old lady suffering from dementia The way the author has dealt with the subject of dementia is uite remarkable She's captured brilliantly the anxiety the confusion and the fear associated with it so much so that it's hard to believe she's not yet thirty herself It's beautifully written hilarious at times heartbreakingly sad at others and it maintains its suspense right the way through Emma Healey is a wise intelligent and perceptive writer and this is a really good debut novel Can't wait to see what she has to offer in the future

  2. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Elizabeth is missingThis novel is uite creative and an unusual mix of several genres since while the mystery is the lead genre you also can find humor romance drama even horror maybe on this last one not as you can expected but certainly it has elements truly horrific and creepyElizabeth is mmh is mmh what was I saying?Trying to explain what you can expect here this is like Memento meets Manhattan Murder Mystery with some elements present on other films like The Lady Vanishes and any Mrs Marple type mystery BUT with a totally unexpected twist You won't see it comingAlso beside the strong mystery angle on the storyline Emma Healey the author was able to construct a wonderful portrait of the time when people reach old age they have memory troubles and after a whole life of being independent they need to rely on the help of others younger than them and even their offspring are giving them orders and telling them what they can do and where they can goIf younger people tend to critize and not being patient to their elders just try to be in their places and maybe you will understand better how they may be feeling about the whole situation of getting olderElizabeth is Missing Isn't she? Mmh who are you? Why are you reading my review? Why am I writing a review? Let me check my pockets it seems that I have some notes give me a momentA kinda downside point is that while is a uite short novel with like less than 250 pages even so I think that this story could work even better in a short story setting It's not like that each episode is boring or anything uite the contrary and even some side plots proved to be totally essential to the main storyline However even with the possitive impact left at the end of the reading I do believe that in a short story development this could be a real masterpiece worthy of 5 stars rating So I think that taking out a star from the rating is enough to show my feeling that this could be better as a short story regardless that it's still a narrow novelIf you decide to read it you won't regret it or forget it ;Elizabeth? Which Elizabeth are you talking about? I was here for a reason right? Was I writing something? Was it something about a book? Did I read a book? Really? I don't think so You must be confused If I'd read that novel Elizabeth is Missing that you are talking about I would remember it right?

  3. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at I’M GOING TO SPOIL SOME OF THIS ONE SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISKI finished Elizabeth Is Missing all the way back in September but never wrote a review Those of you who know me are already aware that I’m always behind when it comes to posting reviews but this one fell off the radar for a different reason A reason I like to call the “meh factor” ^^^^selfie of my reaction upon finishing this book^^^^However after having a conversation about this book earlier today I figured I might as well yak up some kind of nonsense to finally get this one off of the “read but not reviewed because I suck list”The synopsis is that Maud view spoilerMAUDE I LOVE MAUDE hide spoiler

  4. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Maude is 82 yrsold and no longer lives solely in the present day Her memories of the past and the disappearance of her sister Sukey have become confused with the disappearance of her friend in the present day Elizabeth Suffering from dementia her days have become a jumble of things images and thoughts that don't seem to fit I would imagine how challenging writing a book from the perspective of a woman suffering from this malady but the author has done a wonderful job At times humorous at times poignant one cannot help feeling so very sorry for Maude as a character she is very likable Her present is not all there and even her past becomes hard to hold on to so she relies and on her pocket full of sticky notes She has two recurring thoughts Elizabeth is missing and Where is the best place to grow summer suash Now you will have to read this to find out the answers You won't be sorryARC from publisher

  5. Mandy Mandy says:

    What in the hell did I just read? I feel lost much like Maud did in this bookThere's two stories going on here Maud an 82 year old woman who has dementia and then young Maud who is desperately searching for her sister who has just vanished I will say the author was spot on with dementia I worked with my grandmother for a full year before she passed this January and she acted a lot like Maud That's all I can say because it is still a touchy subject for me and the wound from grandma passing is still fresh The young Maud is close to her sister and then one day Sukey or Susan vanishes Her husband also goes awol but then reappears later in the story to ask where his wife was and Maud continues to look for her therefore overlapping into the older Maud who is searching for Elizabeth her friendThe two stories do intersect but I felt so confused at the end I guess I was expecting of a crazy ending than there wasNot the best book and I wish I would have uit but I wanted to find out what happened I wouldn't recommend Sorry Just a big let down for me

  6. F F says:

    I loved thisFunny and sad So different from that sort of perspective Really well done Loved Maud I knew there would be a connection between the 2 time line stories and I really liked the ending

  7. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    My Cuban mother — God bless her soul — used to lament “Ivonne ¡llegar a viejo es lo último” Ivonne getting old is the absolute worst Still in my 30s I nodded sympathetically but I really had no idea at all Emma Healey’s Elizabeth Is Missing brought those memories back for me — rather ironic for a novel about the gradual fading of memory Elizabeth Is Missing ostensibly recounts how Maud Horsham a tenacious 80 plus year old Englishwoman battling dementia tries to investigate the abrupt disappearance of her longtime best friend Elizabeth Markham But it was a very very different novel to what I imagined To say any would be to spoil it However I can say that this bittersweet novel in addition to examine Maud’s obsession to the very end with finding Elizabeth unblinkingly examines the indignities small frights embarrassments patronizing remarks and attitudes and limitations that come with aging Whether humorous cringe worthy or poignant these episodes ring so true to life This exploration of the fragility of memory and identity coupled with two fabulous mysteries will keep you glued to Healey’s amazing debut novel Maud calls Elizabeth repeatedly then repeatedly visits Elizabeth’s home then visits her church and Maud keeps on relentlessly investigating Recognizing her slipping mind Maud scrupulously jots down her every discovery and clue on slips of paper she suirrels away in her purseAlthough her daughter Helen granddaughter Katie caregiver Carla and just about everyone else presumes that Maud is merely indulging a senile obsession Maud knows that something has gone terribly wrong — no matter what Peter Elizabeth’s tightfisted unpleasant foul mouthed son tells the world As Maud investigates Elizabeth’s disappearance she finds herself increasingly thinking about another disappearance nearly 70 years ago when her beloved older sister Susan “Sukey” Gerard vanished in the autumn of 1946 Both cases contain remarkable parallels Investigating one disappearance reopens that earlier case in Elizabeth’s mind which she re examines in a fresh light As the novel progresses Maud remembers less and less about the now and and about thenReaders will find themselves embracing proud vulnerable Maud who writes herself notes on the case for when her memory fails They’ll also find themselves sympathizing with Maud’s beleaguered daughter Helen and enjoying Maud’s cheerful bohemian teenage granddaughter Katie A loyal friend to the end Maud doesn’t want to let go until she gets to the truth — and you’ll find you can’t let go of Maud Horsham long after you’ve devoured the last page and unraveled both mysteries the new and the old

  8. Jessi Jessi says:

    Did I read the same book as other reviewers??? This book was horrible annoying repetitive and wayyyyyy too drawn out I love a good mystery and found myself not even caring what happens to Elizabeth or Sukey or ANY character in this book because this book was just boring I read the whole thing waiting for the aha moment that just never came Thought this book told from the view point of an elderly women with dementia would be uniue but I just found it frustrating

  9. Dem Dem says:

    Elizabeth is missing was an emotional story about an elderly lady who is living with dementiaI liked the story as I found it extremely effective at highlighting how difficult the illness is on family members; I found the character of Helen so real in this story and I am sure there are daughters and sisters and family out there reading this book and can identity with the character of Helen as she tries to look after and understand the world in which her mother finds herself struck in Interestingly we don't get the story from Helen's prospective and yet I sympathised so much with her character and I think the reason for this was that I became Helen and Maud became my mother while reading the novel I found the author's use of language very effective throughout the book and her descriptions of situations very real Maud is such a convincing character in this novel and I could have rated it 5 stars alone for how well Maud's voice stands out in this story I did however find many holes in the plot and the book became rather repetitive half ways through I didn't find it a compelling psychological thriller as it was described but I did find it and emotional and interesting read and it really did highlight how difficult life is for families living with Alzheimer's or any form of memory loss

  10. Annet Annet says:

    Lovely book And of course sad

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Elizabeth Is Missing[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Elizabeth Is Missing ✈ Emma Healey – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In this darkly riveting debut novel a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also a heartbreakingly honest meditation on memory identity and aging an elderly woman descending into dementia embark In this darkly riveting debut novel a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also a heartbreakingly honest meditation on Elizabeth Is PDF or memory identity and aging an elderly woman descending into dementia embarks on a desperate uest to find the best friend she believes has disappeared and her search for the truth will go back decades and have shattering conseuencesMaud an aging grandmother is slowly losing her memory and her grip on everyday life Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabeth whom she is convinced is missing and in terrible dangerBut no one will listen to Maud not her frustrated daughter Helen not her caretakers not the police and especially not Elizabeth's mercurial son Peter Armed with handwritten notes she leaves for herself and an overwhelming feeling that Elizabeth needs her help Maud resolves to discover the truth and save her beloved friendThis singular obsession forms a cornerstone of Maud's rapidly dissolving present But the clues she discovers seem only to lead her deeper into her past to another unsolved disappearance her sister Sukey who vanished shortly after World War IIAs vivid memories of a tragedy that occurred years ago come flooding back Maud discovers new momentum in her search for her friend Could the mystery of Sukey's disappearance hold the key to finding ElizabethListening Length hours and minutes.

About the Author: Emma Healey

Emma Healey grew up in London where she studied for her first degree in bookbinding She then worked Elizabeth Is PDF or for two libraries two bookshops two art galleries and two universities before completing an MA in Creative Writing at the University East Anglia Her first novel Elizabeth is Missing was published to critical acclaim in became a Sunday Times bestseller and won the Costa First Novel Award.