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Blackness Tower [EPUB] ✹ Blackness Tower Author Lillian Stewart Carl – For years Lauren Reay has experienced vivid dreams of a castle keep and a chapel overlooking the sea Then she finds the real place a restored 16th century Blackness Tower on the coast of northern Scot For years Lauren Reay has experienced vivid dreams of a castle keep and a chapel overlooking the sea Then she finds the real place a restored th century Blackness Tower on the coast of northern Scotland Inside the tower owned by handsome but reclusive Douglas Sutherland she finds a th century portrait of a th century woman who has Lauren's face Blackness Tower holds strange powers and elemental presences that will change Lauren's life forever.

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  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    35 stars For years Lauren Reay had been haunted by a dream about a castle Then when her grandfather was on his deathbed he received a calendar that included a photograph of the castle and a note about its location causing Lauren to realize with a shock that her dream castle actually existed and was connected to her family Now her grandfather having passed away Lauren travels to the remote north of Scotland to see the castle Blackness Tower and to dig into the tragic family history that led her ancestor to leave the area long agoLauren soon learns that she’s a dead ringer for a scandalous woman who lived at Blackness Tower a century ago who was herself a dead ringer for another scandalous woman who lived there in the sixteenth century Blackness Tower is haunted and to cleanse it Lauren must unravel the mystery that ties all three women together Also delving into the Tower’s history are three men the new owner who has recently restored the castle an archaeologist excavating the nearby cemetery and a paranormal investigator looking for evidence of Blackness Tower’s ghosts Blackness Tower gets off to a slow start and some of the language can seem overly portentous lots of musings about fate and destiny It does help establish Lauren as a character who is imaginative and “away with the fairies” but it can also seem melodramatic especially when not much is happening yet I can pinpoint the exact moment when Blackness Tower hooked me when the excavations turned up something that was archaeologically impossible From that point on revelation follows uickly upon revelation and the story catches up with its ominous language Lillian Stewart Carl builds toward an otherworldly climax that is beautifully written moving and enchanting and made me late getting back from my lunch break the day I finished it because I just couldn’t stop in the middle of it The central factor in the novel’s resolution is not combat or even magic but the characters’ choices between healing and bitternessOverall I enjoyed Blackness Tower and am glad I read it The readers who will get the most out of Blackness Tower are those with a soft spot for Gothic romance andor ancient folklore of the British Isles

  2. Nora-adrienne Nora-adrienne says:

    Blackness TowerBy Lillian Stewart CarlCopyright May 2008Publisher Juno BooksBlackness Tower is a mystery at the edge of this world looking over the sea to the next Lonely haunted people are drawn to it to seek out its ancient riddles each looking for their own special answer in its stones Ewan Calder is an archaeologist looking for a galleon from the Spanish Armada which was rud to have been wrecked on the Scottish coast Magnus Anderson is a Television presenter who while looking for proof of the paranormal David Sutherland is the current owner doing restoration of the Tower and possibly his own life And finally we have Lauren Reay a young woman who has come from America looking for answers about her family’s mysterious past and her own compelling dreams All of these people have their own special reasons for gathering at this historic site and not all of them will be happy or satisfied with the outcomes of their visit Lauren’s family originated in the area around the Tower in fact her great great grandmother Susanna lived and worked in it She is hoping to find out the identity of the father of Susanna’s child and how she died The journey will be puzzle involving all the characters I’ve listed with twists turns and many lies overturned I was most interested in the budding romance between David and Lauren as they talk and interact on a daily basis Also the unraveling of secrets long held in the town and in her own local family Lillian Stewart Carl has a special gift when it comes to blending historic type events modern times and romance along with a small touch of the supernatural It leaves the reader feeling blessed for having been allowed to enter into the journey and lives of the books characters FTC Full Disclosure I received this book as a personal gift from the author and found it compelling enough to share my thoughts about it in this review Lillian Stewart Carl can be found at and wwwlillianstewartcarlcom

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book was ok It was kinda hard to get into once the story got going it wasn't too bad It just took forever to get moving and the author took forever to explain some things The story line itself was very interesting and had potential to be a really good read it just never really got there Overall it didn't suck but wasn't very good either

  4. Susan Susan says:

    The author rambles on a lot and the plot seems muddled almost as though she had an idea but couldn't uite fully capture it or explain it There are numerous references to the heroine's spine tingling but the book had no such effect on me

  5. Lisa Greer Lisa Greer says:

    Meh I've lost interest and I'm giving up on this one

  6. Lynn Calvin Lynn Calvin says:


  7. Anna Anna says:

    Lillian Stewart Carl is a superb writer and I enjoyed every page of this fascinating and complex tale

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