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The Lives of Stella Bain ❀ [EPUB] ✸ The Lives of Stella Bain By Anita Shreve ❤ – Neste envolvente drama Anita Shreve tece uma apaixonante história acerca do amor e da memória tendo como pano de fundo uma guerra ue devastou milhões de civis e deixou seuelas em todos aueles ue te Neste envolvente drama Anita of Stella MOBI ó Shreve tece uma apaixonante história acerca do amor e da memória tendo como pano de fundo uma guerra ue devastou milhões de civis e deixou seuelas em todos aueles ue testemunharam os seus horrores Um romance histórico inesuecível sério e surpreendenteFrança Uma mulher acorda na cama de um hospital de campanha em Marne sem ualuer recordação do seu passado ou de como ali chegaraIdentificou se como Stella mas sente ue esse não é o seu verdadeiro nome De repente uma palavra incita a a agir e Stella parte para Londres onde espera encontrar The Lives PDF/EPUB ² algumas respostas e abrir as portas para o seu passado.

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  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Seriously am I the only person who gets what Anita Shreve did here? I said it before when I read the last page of The Last Time They Met which I loved and I'll say it againANITA SHREVE IS A GENIUS If you are like me and are a huge fan of Anita Shreve and have read all of her books you should be able to figure this out If you are new to Anita Shreve this book is just as enjoyable but on a different levelIf you haven't read this book yet STOP HERE there are some small spoilersEarly on in the book I had a feeling of literary deja vu a few words one room cottage a man's name Van Tassel all sounded so familiar to me me I kept thinking how much this book reminded me of another of Anita Shreve's books One third of the way through the book I had a huge AH HA moment and then I couldn't put the book downand now I am officially obsessed with this bookAnd for those who think the book ended abruptly there's a clue at the end of this book about what happens to Stellaand as soon as I finished this book I pulled out AHEW and re read the last chapter As I said beforeGENIUS

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    I was excited to get this book stories about WWI being difficult to come by than those about WWII However this novel is not really about the war Stella who is not sure that Stella really is her name wakes up in a French army hospital and is not uite sure how she got there I assumed that she suffered from a concussion though it's later referred to as shell shock When someone mentions the Admiralty in London she becomes obsessed with traveling there sure that it holds the answers to her forgotten pastThis first portion of the book is told in an odd first person present tense style that I believe is meant to put the reader inside Stella's head where all she is certain of is this moment I found it choppy and distracting Once Stella is in London she meets the angelic Lily Bridge and her husband August who decides that he would like to try help Stella retrieve her memory and personality from wherever it has become buried The style of writing slowly changes to common past tense which was a reliefThe story was slow getting to this point and I thought the pace would pick up once Stella experienced her 'aha moment' but it didn't Instead we move into a strange disjointed stretch of the storytelling with letters to and from Stella and her visits with remembered family The reader also observes Stella's thoughts of those she has left behind in EuropeFinally the last portion of the book is taken up with a mundane custody hearing that I thought was covered in far too much detail for no real purpose Without giving away too much I will just say that the final plot twists and romances left a lot to be desiredOverall I found this story rather bland disconnected and with little substance that made me feel any emotion for or connection with the charactersI received this book through a Goodreads Firstread Giveaway The opinions expressed are my own

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I have read and enjoyed all of Anita Shreve's book I devour them uickly and wait patiently for the next one Each is different They are always engaging and well written Stella Bain is no exception The background story of serving as a nurse in the field hospitals of the First World War provides a fascinating context for Stella's story of misery guilt loss terror and amnesia Her recovery of her memory is handled well with suspense and interesting gradations of revelation The courtroom scenes detailing the child custody fight are also well done But when she returns to London to find Dr Bridge and Phillip everything moved too fast I felt the last chapters were truncated I wanted to read about her experiences with the shell shock expert and the revelations that might have come about concerning that condition I wanted her romance with Dr Bridge to be gradual even though I knew it was coming and her visits with Phillip and his revelations to be extended in time and detail as well So it was a good novel and I liked it very much but the ending was too hurried to wrap everything up neatly and uickly

  4. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    While this was not a bad book nor unenjoyable for a uick read I really can’t bring myself to rate it above two starsThe early chapters based in WWI French front were very interesting the descriptions of the conditions were deft and vivid and I enjoyed this part thoroughly The main character made intriguing by her amnesia and the ‘shell shock’ made for an interesting focus to view the situation from and in general I found it a pretty good story In retrospect I think that even at this early stage I could have done with detail about the war and fleshing out of the historical context however it was still interesting reading even if it was a bit ‘WWI Lite’ The slightly later chapters which dealt in detail with Stella's amnesia the condition then known as shell shock and the ‘new treatment’ were also interesting I enjoyed the use of her drawing and artwork throughout the story but in this section it was particularly effective as the bulk of this part of the book revolves around the subjective experiences of the main character More details of the era and the situation would have been nice but I was still uite enjoying the story even if it was a placid pleasure rather than the thrilling one it could have been if the war had featured stronglyThe latter part of the book when ‘Stella Bain’s’ memory comes back and we transition to America was well I can only say that I found it exceptionally tedious view spoiler She remembers she has kids and an abusive husband After that it is all about the kids and how devoted to them she is and her struggle to get them back I found this section bland unconvincing and forgettable the narrative seemed emotionally detached for the subject matter how on earth do you make sexual assault seem so very banal? The descriptions of her children and her efforts to reintegrate into their lives were forgettable in the extreme The trial was briefly interesting and then the whole thing was back to blandnessI also found the superficial dealing with Lily Bridge early on in the story as a deplorably predictable sign that she was going to die and leave the road clear in the most morally unprovocative way for the only two characters that got fully developed in the entire novel 'Stella' and August Due to this I found the romance section predictable and crammed in to the last chapters as it was both unconvincing and disappointing in every way hide spoiler

  5. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 When she is found in a hospital camp in France without a memory she gives the nurses the name Stella Bain The Great War 1916 camps in France and England the horror of war and its effects on the psyches of those involved and a woman with a past that she must uncover Though it will take a while she will and this will lead to a court case and a new life while making peace with her oldThis is when shell shock was first being talked about and studied the talking cure proposed by Freud was beginning to be used in the treatment of this conditionWhat makes this book so different is that it recognizes the effects of shell shock on the nurses and the others in the camps who also saw horrible things and had to live with what they had seen A woman had few choices in this time period and remembering that it is easy to understand some of the decisions she made in her life The court case I am not sure about not sure if a judge would have been as fair to a woman as this one was but it might have helped that her husband was not at all a sympathetic person thinking he was above even the dictates of the courtA hopeful book about the rebuilding of a life Shreve treats her characters with a tenderness and a gentleness and brings them to life I think she must have liked her character Stella Bain uite a bit I did tooARC from NetGalley

  6. Cloda Cloda says:

    This book reminded me so much of one of my favorite books by this author All He Ever Wanted In fact it made me want to reread it one time So I went into my book archives to retrieve All He Ever Wanted only to discover that this is the wife's version of this story It has been years and years since I read the first book and now I get it I understand now how readers who didn't know of the first book would be disappointed with this as a stand alone I wanted to love Stella or rather Etna But she doesn't uite get me to warm up to her I admire the strength of her character and appreciate her uestionable choices but I didn't fall in love with this book like the preuel Yet and still This book delves into a journey of a time period without cell phones and Skype Importantly it touches upon the significance of Freudian therapy and the emergence of talk therapy Additionally it gives the reader insight into hysteria versus shell shock and how words and labels can harm or heal I wanted back story to Stella's marriage and conclusion at the end In All He Ever Wanted I felt like I was inside that sick man's head This was not the same Yet it gets four stars because I really wanted this explanation for so long and I got two thirds of all I ever wanted

  7. Amy Warrick Amy Warrick says:

    Here's the thing unlike many readers I loved 'The Last Time They Met' and keep reading Anita Shreve's books because of it So unlike many readers I keep getting disappointed Her books are never bad but they aren't great This one is no exception It's the tale of a WWI nurse although we meet her while she's an amnesiac so the first bit of the book is involved in unravelling her story Then we get on with her life It's never terribly compelling or vibrant just a story well told without oh I don't know a lot of life to it

  8. Heather K Veitch Heather K Veitch says:

    I am a huge Anita Shreve fan and have read everything she's previously written; therefore I was waiting for this novel with some anticipation I was a little worried because of its initial setting in WWI as I don't like war novels but I need not have worried; this section of the book is short and the whole story is mainly concerned with discovering the events that lead Stella to wartime France in the first place and the fallout of what happens there once she has lost her memory and strives to recover itWARNING SPOILER AHEAD I was pleasantly surprised though I had a few suspicions to find that Stella is actually a character from a previous Shreve novel All He Ever Wanted This was intriguing to me as I had not enjoyed All He Ever Wanted on my first read of it but will now probably go back and re read it now I know of what happens to this character and her story It was in my mind all very nicely done and as I say has inspired me to return to this first book at some point soon Also neatly done was the nod to the location of the beach cottages which have featured in so many of Shreve's previous novels eg Bodysurfing Fortune's Rocks The Pilot's Wife and Sea Glass As always Shreve's writing style is sparse but filled with meaning; she has a delicate yet deep touch on human emotion and the reasons people actreact the way they do Despite the fact that actual wartime scenes are limited within the novel the events of WWI give a haunting melancholy beneath the actions and dialogue which permeates the entire novel The characters themselves are likeable and I found myself drawn into the intrigue surrounding Stella's memory loss and also upon rediscovering her identity her journey from where we first meet her in All He Ever Wanted through to this point where we pick up her story again in The Lives of Stella Bain Everything is framed through Stella's experiences which initially can seem shallow or disjointed due to the fact that she effectively has no history no framework or context to apply to her situation In some ways this makes her experiences of war even harrowing I surprised myself with how uickly I read this book and I did enjoy it than I thought I would I certainly enjoyed it than say All He Ever Wanted or A Change in Altitude but not as much as Bodysurfing or The Last Time They Met which are my favouritesRoll on Anita Shreve I can't wait for the next one

  9. Whitney Whitney says:

    I received this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads Program I was interested in this book because it was about a woman serving as a nurse in World War I that ends up loosing her memory from shell shock I was excited to read about a woman experiencing this I was disappointed in this book The book was about her family issues than it was about her service It still highlighted issues women faced at the time but it wasn't what I was expecting to read aboutI had a hard time engaging with the story It lacked depth and plausibility There were also uite a few errors that will hopefully be taken care of in the final draft of the book I note this because it interrupted the flow of the bookI would recommend finding a different book about women serving in World War I if that is what you are interested in It was a good idea for a book but this one didn't satisfy me

  10. Carol Carol says:

    This book lacked plausibility in several ways for me and did not measure up to past reads by Anita Shreve The premise seemed to have great potential but it didn't come together as I had hoped I would not be able to recommend it and I have enjoyed most of this author's books in one way or another

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