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10 thoughts on “Ecstasy to Agony

  1. C Voutsinas C Voutsinas says:

    Looked forward to reading this but did not enjoy the constant repetitive angst of 94 cancellation Enjoyed the recap of so many memories on the ballfield and even some I was not aware of from off the field

  2. Rob Rob says:

    This was a very well written account of the final decade of Expos baseball Very well researched and interesting to read As a diehard Expo fan who at 12 years old was so angry at MLB for cancelling the World Series wrote a letter to Bud Selig letting him know it was fun and sad to recapture the memories of those seasons Unlike many Expos fans I did follow the franchise to Washington even if the history did not for a large number of years So as sad as I was in 2004 when the Expos left I have made peace to an extent with it over the last 11 years Likely tempered by the two playoff appearances by the Nats and their grudging acceptance that they are the Expos not some relation to the SenatorsMy only uibble with the book is that the second half of the book reads like short newspapermagazine articles than a flowing story I realize that once the Expos were shuttled to Washington there were only dribs and drabs of baseball happenings in Montreal But I feel that it could have been tied together a little and woven a cohesive story That is what kept the book from being a 5 star read for meI still hold hope that one day the Expos will return and play in the NL East none of this stick them with the Jays in the AL garbage But for now I can wear my Expos hat to MLB ballparks and even if it is silly still chant Let's Go Expos with the knowledge that in my own small way I am telling MLB that Nos Amours are not dead and alive and well in this fan's heart

  3. Dan Lalande Dan Lalande says:

    A contextualized look at the ill fated Montreal Expos of 1994 whose shot at the World Series was curtailed by baseball's notorious labour dispute It's overlong hacky and sloppily presented but give it credit for shining light on the organization's unsung heroes paying close attention to the difficult area of labour relations and holding the team and the city in a loving embrace

  4. Mike Matson Mike Matson says:

    It was an interesting look into the factors that caused the team to move to Washington Also mentioned is the viability of Montreal to become a MLB city again

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Ecstasy to Agony ❰Read❯ ➲ Ecstasy to Agony Author Danny Gallagher – Ecstasy to Agony The 1994 Montreal Expos How the best team in baseball ended up in Washington ten years later traces the fortunes of the Expos from that day in 1989 when the organizations original own Ecstasy to Agony The Montreal Expos How the best team in baseball ended up in Washington ten years later traces the fortunes of the Expos from that day in when the organizations Ecstasy to PDF/EPUB or original owners Charles Bronfman decided to sell the team and step away from baseball through to the team's climb to glory in and then it's final decent into oblivion ten years later.