Sergei Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Russian Music

Sergei Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Russian Music Studies ➷ Sergei Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Russian Music Studies Free ➭ Author Sergei Bertensson – Throughout his career as composer conductor and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873 1943 was an intensely private individual When Bertensson and Leyda's 1956 biography first appeared it lifted the veil f Throughout his A Lifetime PDF/EPUB ì career as composer conductor and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff was an intensely private individual When Bertensson and Leyda's biography first appeared it lifted the veil from Sergei Rachmaninoff Epub / several areas of Rachmaninoff's life especially the genesis of his compositions and how their critical reception affected himThe authors consulted a number of people who knew Rachmaninoff worked with him and Rachmaninoff A Lifetime Kindle Ò corresponded with him Even with the availabilty of such sources and full access to the Rachmaninoff Archive at the Library of Congress the authors were tireless in their pursuit of privately Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Epub / held documents in Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Epub / particular his correspondence Their labors masterfully incorporates primary materials into the narrative Almost half a century after it first appeared this volume remains essential reading.

  • Paperback
  • 520 pages
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Russian Music Studies
  • Sergei Bertensson
  • English
  • 05 July 2016
  • 9780253214218

10 thoughts on “Sergei Rachmaninoff A Lifetime in Music Russian Music Studies

  1. Genni Genni says:

    Rachmaninov is heavily involved in my earliest memory of aesthetic experience The experience was so strong that for any faults I may have discovered later in the composer I will never be able to view him negatively I have read much about him since that time and listened to almost all of his music many many times but surprisingly I have never owned a biography of him So this was the perfect Christmas gift to myselfBertensson and Leyda's work is solid It consists mainly of translations of various letters from Rachmaninov to close friends conductors etc interspersed with explanatory bridges Even as these letters talk about music they reveal very little about his sources of inspiration or theories though he was outspoken in his last years They also reveal little of his philosophy of life or anything else that might give us a clue what the driving forces of his life were He often mentions feeling “lazy” or “melancholy” but I get the feeling that this is simply an attempt to glide over or divert away from delving himself out to others But I may be way off here The only thing really missing from the biography was word of his daughterTatiana Rachmaninov was incredibly anxious about her during the war and in the biography I read of his distress without ever knowing if she survived though I know from outside sources that she did Anyway I think this would have been something very near to his heart and should have been included as it deeply concerned and affected him This particular edition also contains by way of introduction a very interesting history of the authors and why they were the perfect candidates for this workIf as Schonberg says understanding the music of a composer means attempting to understand the composer's mind then these letters are just about all we have to go on and as such are reuired reading for any one desiring to understand the music of Rachmaninov

  2. Becky Lu Becky Lu says:

    Ok i was looking for this book awhile back I read it for leisure and for papers as well I love this composer and know this book inside out This is an absolute must if you know who Rachmaninoff is I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight to listen to his Piano Concerto No2 in C Minor performed by a Korean pianist This book provided detailed events and accomplishments throughout the life of Sergei Rachmaninoff who I have followed closely throughout my years of studying music but not teaching because I can’t find a student that has reached the level of playing a Rachmaninoff piece just yet But all of his Piano Concerti work have been extremely relaxing to listen to especially the Rach 2 Rach 3 Aaah invest in this book if you’re a Rachmaninoff fan

  3. Nicole Nicole says:

    It took me a good while to get through this book It was so detailed I can’t believe how many letters and correspondence was gathered about his life I feel like I know Rachmaninov as a friend now What an incredible devotion to music he had Literally to his dying day it’s what kept him alive From a letter he wrote to an admirer who was sending him poems to set to music “And another thing; the mood should be rather sad than gay I’m not so lucky with bright tones I await your answerPS I write you nothing about myself I don’t know how and I don’t like to It was the truth and by no means a lie when someone told you that I am a most ordinary and uninteresting sort of person” I love that he knew himself so well and got a good laugh about his comment concerning “bright tones” Anyone who has played much Rach knows that bright tones don’t exist much in his music

  4. James Ruley James Ruley says:

    Sergei Rachmaninoff was a transitional Russian composer Briefly a student of Tchaikovsky he largely followed classical Russian styles in his compositions However following the start of the Russian Civil War he left the country and lived abroad during the remaining two and a half decades of his life This book provides an overview of his life a difficult task as he was an intensely private man who valued his solitude While this book does a good job presenting his own thoughts as found in his letters and public interviews it is in places disorganized and lacks structural analysis Regardless it was a good presentation of Rachmaninoff's life35

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    Important classic autobiographyFascinating biography composed of letters by Rachmaninoff family friends and close associates and it's cleverly woven together by the authors with explanatory material interwoven with the letters

  6. Eliza Eliza says:

    Beautiful story clearly told well researched

  7. John Zobolas John Zobolas says:

    A really great insight to the life and opinions of a great musician Worth reading for every human musician or not

  8. Norma Norma says:

    Excellent book with deep feeling

  9. Paula Paula says:

    This book is so powerful because it contains carefully translated original letters to and from the great Rachmaninov and his closest family musicians and critics It gives tremendous insights into his work ethic his struggles and doubts his great works and his adult adjustment to exile after the Bolshevik revolution

  10. Anna Katrīna Deņisova Anna Katrīna Deņisova says:

    Admiration and fan girling about Rachmaninoff has now grown to a deep deep love and understanding oh Seryozhenka

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