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  1. John Bryan John Bryan says:

    Worth it to read the series? Yes It's like reading a diary or blog but the story is really enjoyable Read all 4; they're short

  2. Asbjørn Hansen Asbjørn Hansen says:

    I very much enjoyed the series however over the course of the books I felt a lot of the battles and tactical decisions came too easy The phrase Yes of course and derivatives hereof are thrown about a lot but it also felt like the book shifted its focus from the space battles towards the humans and the AI's which I very much liked so I it wasn't that big of an issue to meI loved the interaction between Shiloh and the AI's and I'd love to learn about the AI's and how they live and think Hopefully there will be future books within the universe which expand on this Will they be accepted as eual members in society? Will they start their own civilization or will they remain as military euipment?

  3. Andrew Lloyd Andrew Lloyd says:

    Big meh on the conclusion to this mediocre uadrilogy As I predicted the time travel cliche continues as a plot crutch This book turned into that Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow where the humans try something get destroyed go back in time and try it again And the ending was very anti climactic and predicable The only thing that I really enjoyed about this series was the creation development and social commentary on AI's and the impact on sentient non organic beings on society

  4. Aaron Byers Aaron Byers says:

    Books 1 and 2 were engaging and worthwhile Books 3 and 4 messed with time travel so humans won Deus ex machina at its worst When the series changed focus from Shiloh to the details of the war this series lost its way I finished the series but was disappointed with the final two books Overall the series should have ended with book 2 and an arc that hinted at the insecticides rather than leaving the initial Canine type aliens as vaguely destroyed

  5. Scott Holstad Scott Holstad says:

    ATTN I somehow bought this series as one single book and read it all the way through in one reading so I am just going to copy and paste this review for each of the four separate parts making up the whole of the book I readIt was pretty funny to read the reviews of this first part of the four part saga of Wehr's The Synchronicity War Everybody's bitching and moaning and giving one star reviews for how much it sucked how the plot is so terrible the writing so shoddy the characters so indefinable how it's terrible military sci fi can't compare to David Weber no one can when it comes to military sci fi although I thought Chris Bunch came close but I somehow bought this series as one single book and read it all the way through so I saw things differently so when I went on to read reviews for the next three books it was rather amusing at just how many people had changed their tunes Where were all of the hugely influential book critics? Those obviously so much better writers that they've churned out many commercially successful books than Wehr? The ones giving him one and two stars for the first book part? Um yeah they weren't trolling around any Instead for the next three books I saw very little but four and five star reviews with people seriously impressed not only with the military sci fi action but the hard sci fi the detailed scientific explanations of what makes THIS go THAT way etc and while people still thought characterization was weak and I guess that's not the strongest part of the series I still don't fully buy that as I became wholly invested in the characters human and mechanical and their personalities and relationships and yes he could have given us some detailed descriptions of what so and so looked like but the man was working on a four book Military Sci Fi series not a damn romance so cut him some slack Maybe he's not as good as Weber? No one is But I'll wager he's as good as Jack Campbell and most of the others certainly as ambitious And I think a fine writer with nothing to be ashamed of and plenty to be proud of This is an IDEA man He thinks of things that constantly blow me away His tactics are borderline brilliant sometimes just plain brilliant So why the first book hatred and then the irony of the Loooove over the next three books from you dear readers? Geez I don't know how many of you are writers out there but I've published 15 books of my own pre self publishing have ghost written two others and have had fiction poetry nonfiction journalism academic writing technical tutorials technical white papers and everything in between published over the past 28 years and sometimes it just takes the author awhile to set the tone to set the pace to get where he or she wants to be which may have been the case with Wehr I don't know but if everyone hated the first book but loved the final three it seems to me it just took awhile for him to set his universe up enough so that readers were adjusted to it and grew invested in it That's it that's all Sometimes some authors do that Not everyone can jump right into you're being invested in the plot from the second page That's a special kind of writer and usually a certain kind of book As for me while not necessarily as good as some of Weber's finer works this series blew me away and I loved it I loved the risks the author took with his characters and with his readers It strikes me as brave The books had my attention the whole way and while people pointed out that yes big bad aliens who were stronger technologically than humans and out to destroy us was nothing new the author's treatment of this plot device was IMO so I thought he handled it uite well Indeed the only disappointment I felt was in reading the final page and knowing I had come to the end After spending so much of my time in this universe It was a tough blow I would love to see Mr Wehr come out with some books although he does have another series which I've also read and enjoyed His name is not that well known I don't believe but I think it deserves to be In any event I loved this series and I strongly recommend it for all who love military sci fi hard sci fi or good sci fi in general

  6. Mike Haxton Mike Haxton says:

    Start with book oneI found myself staying up past 2am on several nights running to finish this seriesOccasionally I ran into places where I needed to go back and reread some random items But then again I was up half the night and may well have been a bit blearySuffice to say that alternate timelines are part of the deal here and this is a corking good storyI understand that my reviews have a few followers so to you I will emphasize that these are not standalone books You will need to read them in order And you will be happy with itGendotte clear

  7. LMW LMW says:

    The final book in the series and a very good one The initial plans to alter history works but fails again so another plan is put in place to save humanity You have to read it to find out how that fares Overall the author does a good job with character development plot flow and all the things that make for a good read If you like Sci fi even a little I would recommend this series

  8. Gary Davis Gary Davis says:

    Hmmmmmm I think I enjoyed reading his discussions at the end of each book as much as the book itself But I still am a little perplexed by his resorting to the idea as unproven as time travel Oh well still it's a series worth buying

  9. Laurence Laurence says:

    I don't like time paradoxes being used to solve everything so this is a disappointing finish I hoped it'd be realised that time travel couldn't solve the situation so it'd go down a different track

  10. Kyrshen Kyrshen says:

    Excellent series in general really enjoyed it

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